Sustainers & Payment Dates

Check to see if your yearling is sustained for the race series!

Please Note: If you believe that your horse has been sustained, but is missing from the lists below, please contact APG immediately on (03) 5275 1999.

Series 27 (2016 sales)


Series 28 (2017 sales)

Please note that in addition to the Non Sale entries listed in the Series 28, 2017 Ladbrokes APG Sales Catalogue, the following three horses are also Non Sale Entries which were incorrectly catalogued as entries for the Melbourne Autumn Sale:

Lot Sire Dam Sex
590 All Speed Hanover USA Hotlips Bromac NZ Filly
598 All Speed Hanover USA Kamwood Lena Colt
638 All Speed Hanover USA Alkaliner Colt


To view the due date for upcoming sustaining payments, click here