Melbourne Sale

1Somebeachsomewhere USARadical CalzaFilly
2Live Or Die USARebecca SheffieldFilly
3Bettors Delight USARed Hot RitaColt
4Bettors Delight USARepelemColt
5Mach Three CARigaleto Franco NZFilly
6Betterthancheddar USARosalee HanoverColt
7Art Major USARubeeleeColt
8Village Jolt CARadical StormColt
9Art Major USASaabetteColt
10A Rocknroll Dance USASancerreColt
11Art Major USASaved A CorkaColt
12Art Major USASecret LifeColt
13Mach Three CASerenity Franco NZColt
14Bettors Delight USAShes ArtisticColt
15Auckland Reactor NZShes ElegantFilly
16American Ideal USASay Yes JosephineFilly
17Art Major USAShes Got It All NZColt
18Rock N Roll Heaven USAShezacullen NZFilly
19Rock N Roll Heaven USAShezahighlander NZFilly
20Four Starzzz Shark CASibling RivalryFilly
21Western Ideal (US)Sign LogicFilly
22Rock N Roll Heaven USASlip Slop SlapColt
23Betterthancheddar USASmiling AngelColt
24Well Said (US)Sur La PlageFilly
25Rock N Roll Heaven USASoho CannesColt
26Mach Three CASoho WinsletFilly
27Somebeachsomewhere USASpirited Storm USAColt
28Art Major USAStylish JasperFilly
29Bettors Delight USASoho ParisFilly
30Bettors Delight USATamara Hall USAFilly
31Modern Art USATee Time USAColt
32Million Dollar Cam USATess FinneganColt
33Bettors Delight USASokys Courage NZColt
34Art Major USASpitfire ShadowFilly
35Rock N Roll Heaven USAThats My Secret NZFilly
36American Ideal USAThree EaglesColt
37A Rocknroll Dance USAThree SecretsColt
38Courage Under Fire NZTiz HerselfColt
39Art Major USAThe Good TimesColt
40Bettors Delight USATop Tempo NZColt
41Sportswriter USATrammellColt
42A Rocknroll Dance USATrebla TreblaFilly
43Artistic Fella USATrojan FireColt
44Art Major USATigress Franco NZFilly
45Life Sign USATrulyawork Of Art USAColt
46American Ideal USAUltimate Cc NZColt
47Art Major USAVista BellaColt
48Sportswriter USAVon RitaColt
49Rock N Roll Heaven USAWattabout A SmileColt
50Art Major USAWell Hello DollyColt
51Western Terror USAWhitleys Scooter USAColt
52Auckland Reactor NZWhos Sorry Now USAColt
53Well Said (US)Without GuileFilly
54American Ideal USAZoeyzoeyColt
55Mach Three CAAldebaran Bromac NZColt
56Mach Three CAAleppo HeiressColt
57Mach Three CAAll MystiqueColt
58Bettors Delight USAAlashellFilly
59Mach Three CAAlly McblossomFilly
60Art Major USAAlta Calypso NZColt
61Art Major USAAngela Patron NZColt
62American Ideal USAAll Eyes On MeFilly
63Pet Rock USAArt ShadowColt
64Well Said (US)Arterial WayColt
65Mach Three CAArticulate CastleColt
66Mach Three CAArtificialColt
67American Ideal USAAlldatglittersisgold NZColt
68Well Said (US)Artistic GalColt
69Roll With Joe USAAs It Is In HeavenColt
70Mach Three CAAston Villa USAColt
71Betterthancheddar USAAtlarakFilly
72Art Major USAArctic Fire NZFilly
73Art Major USAAtworthy MaidFilly
74Western Terror USAAwesome PowersColt
75Auckland Reactor NZBella PalomaFilly
76Pet Rock USABeloka DiamondColt
77Mach Three CAArt De TriompheFilly
78Bettors Delight USABenjor Maddy LomboColt
79Pet Rock USABonton LadyColt
80Art Major USABella ShineColt
81Modern Art USABring Her BackFilly
82American Ideal USABeninjurdColt
83Western Terror USABute Sister NZColt
84Sportswriter USACanugrinforme NZFilly
85Western Terror USACareer Artist USAFilly
86Betterthancheddar USACharlotte Church NZColt
87Sportswriter USABennies DaughterColt
88Art Major USACharm Thee NZColt
89Bettors Delight USAChip And GaleFilly
90Bettors Delight USAChrissy SheffieldFilly
91Western Ideal (US)ChristaColt
92Bettors Delight USACatapult USAColt
93Village Jolt CAChristmas CullenFilly
94Rock N Roll Heaven USAClassic CathyColt
95A Rocknroll Dance USACoco CullenColt
96Four Starzzz Shark CACold OutsideFilly
97Bettors Delight USACoppagoodone NZFilly
98Pet Rock USACosmic DelightColt
99Art Major USACountry ChangeFilly
100Art Major USACyclone BettyColt
101Art Major USAConnetic Score NZFilly
102Auckland Reactor NZCoriaceaColt
103Pet Rock USADouble JusticeFilly
104Art Major USADuel CastleColt
105Art Major USAEaston All Action NZFilly
106Big Jim USACyclone DoraColt
107Betterthancheddar USAElixirColt
108Art Major USAElizabeth KellyColt
109Grinfromeartoear USAFlamingo Rose NZColt
110Rock N Roll Heaven USAFun On The RunFilly
111Western Terror USAGalleons Bud NZColt
112Mach Three CAGarden Gate Tina CAFilly
113Somebeachsomewhere USAGee R We There Yet NZColt
114Bettors Delight USAGhadas KoalaColt
115Rock N Roll Heaven USAGlenferrie Alexis NZFilly
116Art Major USAEspeshlimade LomboColt
117Bettors Delight USAGlenferrie Shuffle NZFilly
118A Rocknroll Dance USAGlitterazzi NZFilly
119Mach Three CAGold CastleFilly
120Rock N Roll Heaven USAGwenda BakerFilly
121Art Major USAHannah IsabellaFilly
122Art Major USAHear No Secret NZColt
123A Rocknroll Dance USAHenin Hardenne NZColt
124Bettors Delight USAHexham HeartbeatFilly
125Sportswriter USAHoldthatdreamColt
126Bettors Delight USAHotinthecitytonite NZFilly
127A Rocknroll Dance USAHeavenly Beauty USAFilly
128Sportswriter USAIdle SpiritFilly
129Four Starzzz Shark CAIllustratorColt
130Alta Christiano NZIma Ritzi LomboColt
131Art Major USAIncendio NZFilly
132American Ideal USAIndigenousColt
133A Rocknroll Dance USAIndigo Breeze NZColt
134Well Said (US)Kensington PalaceFilly
135Sportswriter USAJust Look At MeColt
136Art Major USAJasmine SheffieldFilly
137Roll With Joe USAJazzy MaloneFilly
138Mach Three CAJo LouleonieFilly
139Art Major USAJodi Lindenny NZFilly
140Courage Under Fire NZKaleighFilly
141Gotta Go Cullect NZKaramea DreaminColt
142Bettors Delight USALeft In ParisColt
143Mcardle USAKeep Watching MeColt
144Sportswriter USALaura Madison NZFilly
145Rock N Roll Heaven USAKateesharColt
146Art Major USALed SuitcaseFilly
147Art Major USALeft Her MarkFilly
148A Rocknroll Dance USALegal ArtFilly
149Mach Three CALeilani LomboColt
150Art Major USALimerick Star NZColt
151Art Major USALady Of My Life NZColt
152Well Said (US)Lets Go BabyFilly
153Western Terror USALibbiemack NZFilly
154Western Terror USALifes DestinyFilly
155Mach Three CALincoln Beach GirlColt
156Roll With Joe USALittle Miss VoodooFilly
157Rock N Roll Heaven USALindsey Leigh USAFilly
158Art Major USALisa LomboFilly
159A Rocknroll Dance USALombo AnastasiaFilly
160Bettors Delight USALughnasadh NZFilly
161Courage Under Fire NZLombo SocialiteColt
162Art Major USAMachabiba NZFilly
163Betterthancheddar USAMachaneColt
164Rock N Roll Heaven USAMagic Z Tam USAColt
165Sportswriter USAListen To The Rhythm NZColt
166Western Terror USAMae HaysColt
167Art Major USAMendelicoColt
168A Rocknroll Dance (USA)Maheer Melody NZFilly
169Western Terror USAMajeur Le CrestFilly
170Pet Rock USAMajor LoveFilly
171Mach Three CAMattys BestColt
172Mach Three CAMint JulepFilly
173Sportswriter USAMissy Elliott NZColt
174Rock N Roll Heaven USAMiss GalvinatorFilly
175Betterthancheddar USAMiss HolmesColt
176Art Major USAMiss Trickin LomboColt
177Mach Three CAMiss Fantastic NZColt
178American Ideal USAMollys Lucky Star USAColt
179Well Said (US)Musical DelightColt
180Pet Rock USAMy Little Black Dress NZColt
181A Rocknroll Dance USAMystery Moment NZFilly
182Bettors Delight USAMy PrerogativeColt
183Art Major USAMorgan AbbyColt
184Bettors Delight USAMy Double Dream NZColt
185Presidential Ball USANorth American Honey NZColt
186Pet Rock USAOn Fifth NZColt
187Art Major USANightshade Franco NZColt
188Art Major USAPeaceful DreamsFilly
189Mach Three CAOperative MissColt
190Art Major USAOur Awesome Lover NZFilly
191Mach Three CAO Narutac Bella USAColt
192A Rocknroll Dance USAPerfect LignumColt
193Bettors Delight USAPhiltra GirlColt
194Mach Three CAPlacid CastleFilly
195Mach Three CAPole DancerFilly
196Pet Rock USAOut Swing N NZColt
197Western Terror USAPresidential NightFilly
198Art Major USAPride Kept MeFilly
199Changeover NZPrincess SandelFilly
200Art Major USAQuick CommentColt