Melbourne Sale

Lot Sire Dam Sex
1 Somebeachsomewhere USA Radical Calza Filly
2 Live Or Die USA Rebecca Sheffield Filly
3 Bettors Delight USA Red Hot Rita Colt
4 Bettors Delight USA Repelem Colt
5 Mach Three CA Rigaleto Franco NZ Filly
6 Betterthancheddar USA Rosalee Hanover Colt
7 Art Major USA Rubeelee Colt
8 Village Jolt CA Radical Storm Colt
9 Art Major USA Saabette Colt
10 A Rocknroll Dance USA Sancerre Colt
11 Art Major USA Saved A Corka Colt
12 Art Major USA Secret Life Colt
13 Mach Three CA Serenity Franco NZ Colt
14 Bettors Delight USA Shes Artistic Colt
15 Auckland Reactor NZ Shes Elegant Filly
16 American Ideal USA Say Yes Josephine Filly
17 Art Major USA Shes Got It All NZ Colt
18 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Shezacullen NZ Filly
19 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Shezahighlander NZ Filly
20 Four Starzzz Shark CA Sibling Rivalry Filly
21 Western Ideal (US) Sign Logic Filly
22 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Slip Slop Slap Colt
23 Betterthancheddar USA Smiling Angel Colt
24 Well Said (US) Sur La Plage Filly
25 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Soho Cannes Colt
26 Mach Three CA Soho Winslet Filly
27 Somebeachsomewhere USA Spirited Storm USA Colt
28 Art Major USA Stylish Jasper Filly
29 Bettors Delight USA Soho Paris Filly
30 Bettors Delight USA Tamara Hall USA Filly
31 Modern Art USA Tee Time USA Colt
32 Million Dollar Cam USA Tess Finnegan Colt
33 Bettors Delight USA Sokys Courage NZ Colt
34 Art Major USA Spitfire Shadow Filly
35 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Thats My Secret NZ Filly
36 American Ideal USA Three Eagles Colt
37 A Rocknroll Dance USA Three Secrets Colt
38 Courage Under Fire NZ Tiz Herself Colt
39 Art Major USA The Good Times Colt
40 Bettors Delight USA Top Tempo NZ Colt
41 Sportswriter USA Trammell Colt
42 A Rocknroll Dance USA Trebla Trebla Filly
43 Artistic Fella USA Trojan Fire Colt
44 Art Major USA Tigress Franco NZ Filly
45 Life Sign USA Trulyawork Of Art USA Colt
46 American Ideal USA Ultimate Cc NZ Colt
47 Art Major USA Vista Bella Colt
48 Sportswriter USA Von Rita Colt
49 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Wattabout A Smile Colt
50 Art Major USA Well Hello Dolly Colt
51 Western Terror USA Whitleys Scooter USA Colt
52 Auckland Reactor NZ Whos Sorry Now USA Colt
53 Well Said (US) Without Guile Filly
54 American Ideal USA Zoeyzoey Colt
55 Mach Three CA Aldebaran Bromac NZ Colt
56 Mach Three CA Aleppo Heiress Colt
57 Mach Three CA All Mystique Colt
58 Bettors Delight USA Alashell Filly
59 Mach Three CA Ally Mcblossom Filly
60 Art Major USA Alta Calypso NZ Colt
61 Art Major USA Angela Patron NZ Colt
62 American Ideal USA All Eyes On Me Filly
63 Pet Rock USA Art Shadow Colt
64 Well Said (US) Arterial Way Colt
65 Mach Three CA Articulate Castle Colt
66 Mach Three CA Artificial Colt
67 American Ideal USA Alldatglittersisgold NZ Colt
68 Well Said (US) Artistic Gal Colt
69 Roll With Joe USA As It Is In Heaven Colt
70 Mach Three CA Aston Villa USA Colt
71 Betterthancheddar USA Atlarak Filly
72 Art Major USA Arctic Fire NZ Filly
73 Art Major USA Atworthy Maid Filly
74 Western Terror USA Awesome Powers Colt
75 Auckland Reactor NZ Bella Paloma Filly
76 Pet Rock USA Beloka Diamond Colt
77 Mach Three CA Art De Triomphe Filly
78 Bettors Delight USA Benjor Maddy Lombo Colt
79 Pet Rock USA Bonton Lady Colt
80 Art Major USA Bella Shine Colt
81 Modern Art USA Bring Her Back Filly
82 American Ideal USA Beninjurd Colt
83 Western Terror USA Bute Sister NZ Colt
84 Sportswriter USA Canugrinforme NZ Filly
85 Western Terror USA Career Artist USA Filly
86 Betterthancheddar USA Charlotte Church NZ Colt
87 Sportswriter USA Bennies Daughter Colt
88 Art Major USA Charm Thee NZ Colt
89 Bettors Delight USA Chip And Gale Filly
90 Bettors Delight USA Chrissy Sheffield Filly
91 Western Ideal (US) Christa Colt
92 Bettors Delight USA Catapult USA Colt
93 Village Jolt CA Christmas Cullen Filly
94 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Classic Cathy Colt
95 A Rocknroll Dance USA Coco Cullen Colt
96 Four Starzzz Shark CA Cold Outside Filly
97 Bettors Delight USA Coppagoodone NZ Filly
98 Pet Rock USA Cosmic Delight Colt
99 Art Major USA Country Change Filly
100 Art Major USA Cyclone Betty Colt
101 Art Major USA Connetic Score NZ Filly
102 Auckland Reactor NZ Coriacea Colt
103 Pet Rock USA Double Justice Filly
104 Art Major USA Duel Castle Colt
105 Art Major USA Easton All Action NZ Filly
106 Big Jim USA Cyclone Dora Colt
107 Betterthancheddar USA Elixir Colt
108 Art Major USA Elizabeth Kelly Colt
109 Grinfromeartoear USA Flamingo Rose NZ Colt
110 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Fun On The Run Filly
111 Western Terror USA Galleons Bud NZ Colt
112 Mach Three CA Garden Gate Tina CA Filly
113 Somebeachsomewhere USA Gee R We There Yet NZ Colt
114 Bettors Delight USA Ghadas Koala Colt
115 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Glenferrie Alexis NZ Filly
116 Art Major USA Espeshlimade Lombo Colt
117 Bettors Delight USA Glenferrie Shuffle NZ Filly
118 A Rocknroll Dance USA Glitterazzi NZ Filly
119 Mach Three CA Gold Castle Filly
120 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Gwenda Baker Filly
121 Art Major USA Hannah Isabella Filly
122 Art Major USA Hear No Secret NZ Colt
123 A Rocknroll Dance USA Henin Hardenne NZ Colt
124 Bettors Delight USA Hexham Heartbeat Filly
125 Sportswriter USA Holdthatdream Colt
126 Bettors Delight USA Hotinthecitytonite NZ Filly
127 A Rocknroll Dance USA Heavenly Beauty USA Filly
128 Sportswriter USA Idle Spirit Filly
129 Four Starzzz Shark CA Illustrator Colt
130 Alta Christiano NZ Ima Ritzi Lombo Colt
131 Art Major USA Incendio NZ Filly
132 American Ideal USA Indigenous Colt
133 A Rocknroll Dance USA Indigo Breeze NZ Colt
134 Well Said (US) Kensington Palace Filly
135 Sportswriter USA Just Look At Me Colt
136 Art Major USA Jasmine Sheffield Filly
137 Roll With Joe USA Jazzy Malone Filly
138 Mach Three CA Jo Louleonie Filly
139 Art Major USA Jodi Lindenny NZ Filly
140 Courage Under Fire NZ Kaleigh Filly
141 Gotta Go Cullect NZ Karamea Dreamin Colt
142 Bettors Delight USA Left In Paris Colt
143 Mcardle USA Keep Watching Me Colt
144 Sportswriter USA Laura Madison NZ Filly
145 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Kateeshar Colt
146 Art Major USA Led Suitcase Filly
147 Art Major USA Left Her Mark Filly
148 A Rocknroll Dance USA Legal Art Filly
149 Mach Three CA Leilani Lombo Colt
150 Art Major USA Limerick Star NZ Colt
151 Art Major USA Lady Of My Life NZ Colt
152 Well Said (US) Lets Go Baby Filly
153 Western Terror USA Libbiemack NZ Filly
154 Western Terror USA Lifes Destiny Filly
155 Mach Three CA Lincoln Beach Girl Colt
156 Roll With Joe USA Little Miss Voodoo Filly
157 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Lindsey Leigh USA Filly
158 Art Major USA Lisa Lombo Filly
159 A Rocknroll Dance USA Lombo Anastasia Filly
160 Bettors Delight USA Lughnasadh NZ Filly
161 Courage Under Fire NZ Lombo Socialite Colt
162 Art Major USA Machabiba NZ Filly
163 Betterthancheddar USA Machane Colt
164 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Magic Z Tam USA Colt
165 Sportswriter USA Listen To The Rhythm NZ Colt
166 Western Terror USA Mae Hays Colt
167 Art Major USA Mendelico Colt
168 A Rocknroll Dance (USA) Maheer Melody NZ Filly
169 Western Terror USA Majeur Le Crest Filly
170 Pet Rock USA Major Love Filly
171 Mach Three CA Mattys Best Colt
172 Mach Three CA Mint Julep Filly
173 Sportswriter USA Missy Elliott NZ Colt
174 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Miss Galvinator Filly
175 Betterthancheddar USA Miss Holmes Colt
176 Art Major USA Miss Trickin Lombo Colt
177 Mach Three CA Miss Fantastic NZ Colt
178 American Ideal USA Mollys Lucky Star USA Colt
179 Well Said (US) Musical Delight Colt
180 Pet Rock USA My Little Black Dress NZ Colt
181 A Rocknroll Dance USA Mystery Moment NZ Filly
182 Bettors Delight USA My Prerogative Colt
183 Art Major USA Morgan Abby Colt
184 Bettors Delight USA My Double Dream NZ Colt
185 Presidential Ball USA North American Honey NZ Colt
186 Pet Rock USA On Fifth NZ Colt
187 Art Major USA Nightshade Franco NZ Colt
188 Art Major USA Peaceful Dreams Filly
189 Mach Three CA Operative Miss Colt
190 Art Major USA Our Awesome Lover NZ Filly
191 Mach Three CA O Narutac Bella USA Colt
192 A Rocknroll Dance USA Perfect Lignum Colt
193 Bettors Delight USA Philtra Girl Colt
194 Mach Three CA Placid Castle Filly
195 Mach Three CA Pole Dancer Filly
196 Pet Rock USA Out Swing N NZ Colt
197 Western Terror USA Presidential Night Filly
198 Art Major USA Pride Kept Me Filly
199 Changeover NZ Princess Sandel Filly
200 Art Major USA Quick Comment Colt