Melbourne Sale

Lot Sire Dam Sex
51 A Rocknroll Dance USA Alashell Colt
52 Somebeachsomewhere USA Aldebaran Bromac NZ Colt
53 Betterthancheddar USA All Mystique Colt
54 Art Major USA All Eyes On Me Filly
55 Somebeachsomewhere USA Arterial Way Filly
56 Art Major USA Awesome Powers Filly
57 American Ideal USA Alldatglittersisgold NZ Colt
58 A Rocknroll Dance USA Articulate Castle Colt
59 Somebeachsomewhere USA Bella Joy Colt
60 Art Major USA Annas Innocent Colt
61 Mach Three CA Behappysam NZ Colt
62 Heston Blue Chip USA Beloka Diamond Filly
63 Art Major USA Arctic Fire NZ Colt
64 Art Major USA Bettor Charm Filly
65 Mach Three CA Bettor Give It NZ Colt
66 Well Said US Beninjurd Colt
67 Somebeachsomewhere USA Bit Of A Babe Colt
68 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Blazeaway Macray Colt
69 Roll With Joe USA Arivee Colt
70 Somebeachsomewhere USA Blue Seelster Colt
71 Sunshine Beach USA Bonton Lady Colt
72 Art Major USA Arkabar Filly
73 Somebeachsomewhere USA Bring Her Back Colt
74 Bettors Delight USA Breeze On Bronski Colt
75 Sunshine Beach USA Bridget Franco NZ Colt
76 Mach Three CA Art De Triomphe Filly
77 Heston Blue Chip USA Catapult USA Filly
78 Bettors Delight USA Chalondra Filly
79 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Charm Thee NZ Filly
80 Roll With Joe USA Classy Sheila Filly
81 Bettors Delight USA Chemical Romance Filly
82 Four Starzzz Shark CA Cherie Mctago Colt
83 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Contrapan USA Filly
84 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Coriacea Colt
85 Sportswriter USA Cosmic Delight Colt
86 Western Terror USA Cracker Three NZ Colt
87 Western Terror USA Cold Outside Colt
88 Roll With Joe USA Currynroses Colt
89 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Cyclone Betty Colt
90 Art Major USA Dazed And Confused Filly
91 Sweet Lou USA Diamonds A Blaze Filly
92 Art Major USA Eye Like Candy Colt
93 Art Major USA Earth Angel Colt
94 Western Terror USA Ezee Duzit Lombo Colt
95 Heston Blue Chip USA Four Zoe Colt
96 Art Major USA Flying Mcpocket NZ Gelding
97 Somebeachsomewhere USA Gabriella Rocks Filly
98 Mach Three CA Gee R We There Yet NZ Filly
99 Art Major USA Getya Wings Out Colt
100 Art Major USA Glenferrie Alexis NZ Colt
101 Well Said US Glenferrie Shuffle NZ Filly
102 A Rocknroll Dance USA Gold Castle Colt
103 Pet Rock USA Gold Liner Colt
104 We Will See USA Golden Illusion Filly
105 Art Major USA Gone Walkabout Colt
106 Restrepo Graces Beach Colt
107 A Rocknroll Dance USA Grumpy Sally Colt
108 Pet Rock USA Gwenda Baker Colt
109 American Ideal USA Hectic NZ Filly
110 Bettors Delight USA Hawiian Hottie USA Filly
111 Art Major USA Heavenly Bread Filly
112 Somebeachsomewhere USA Henin Hardenne NZ Filly
113 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Im Smouldering Colt
114 Modern Art USA Hotgossip Colt
115 Somebeachsomewhere USA Illawong Kath Filly
116 Hes Watching USA Illustrator Colt
117 Shadow Play USA Im Living The Dream Filly
118 Somebeachsomewhere USA Indigenous Art Colt
119 Art Major USA Ima Spicey Lombo Colt
120 Courage Under Fire NZ Indigenous Colt
121 Mach Three CA Indigo Breeze NZ Filly
122 Roll With Joe USA Intrude Colt
123 Art Major USA Its Girl Power Filly
124 Art Major USA Kabbalah Karen B CA Filly
125 Courage Under Fire NZ Jazz Opera Colt
126 Roll With Joe USA Jazzy Malone Filly
127 Mach Three CA Jasper Jo Filly
128 Art Major USA Jodi Lindenny NZ Colt
129 Art Major USA Kalypso Colt
130 Shadow Play USA Karamea Dreamin Filly
131 Mach Three CA Kateeshar Colt
132 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Kensington Palace Filly
133 Art Major USA Kirrilee Joy Colt
134 Four Starzzz Shark CA Led Suitcase Colt
135 Roll With Joe USA Legal Art Colt
136 Western Terror USA Lets Go Baby Colt
137 Shadow Play USA Lady Of My Life NZ Colt
138 Mach Three CA Light In Every Day Colt
139 Bettors Delight USA Left In Paris Colt
140 Art Major USA Lincoln Beach Girl Filly
141 Art Major USA Localize Filly
142 Four Starzzz Shark CA Lombo Luvbird Colt
143 Art Major USA Lombo Rapida Filly
144 Sweet Lou USA Loving You Filly
145 Art Major USA Lucilla Franco NZ Filly
146 Shadow Play USA Macray Soiree Filly
147 Hes Watching USA Magic Grin Colt
148 Somebeachsomewhere USA Maid For You Lombo Filly
149 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Major Joy Filly
150 Art Major USA Make Mine Cullen Filly
151 Sportswriter USA Margot Macray Colt
152 Art Major USA Marissima NZ Filly
153 Bettors Delight USA Melisandre Colt
154 Hes Watching USA Massimo Miss Filly
155 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Mayhappen Filly
156 Sportswriter USA Mendelico Colt
157 Roll With Joe USA Miss Astronomical Filly
158 Well Said US Miss Cool Falcon Filly
159 Mach Three CA Mint Julep Colt
160 Art Major USA Miss Madoff NZ Colt
161 Somebeachsomewhere USA Mollys Lucky Star USA Filly
162 Art Major USA Modern Girl Filly
163 Sportswriter USA Molly Pitcher Colt
164 Hes Watching USA More Than Alright Colt
165 Shadow Play USA Miss Saxony Colt
166 Western Terror USA Mother Courage Colt
167 Roll With Joe USA Mystic Jewel Colt
168 Bettors Delight USA My Barbie Doll NZ Colt
169 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Mystery Moment NZ Filly
170 Roll With Joe USA Motu Lady Cullen NZ Colt
171 Betterthancheddar USA Miss Mach Kana NZ Colt
172 Mach Three CA My Lishi Colt
173 Rock N Roll Heaven USA My Little Black Dress NZ Filly
174 Shadow Play USA Nats Survival Gelding
175 Art Major USA Nightshade Franco NZ Filly
176 Art Major USA Numismatic Colt
177 Art Major USA O Narutac Bella USA Filly
178 Somebeachsomewhere USA Obahma Joy Filly
179 American Ideal USA Our Awesome Lover NZ Filly
180 Pet Rock USA Our Christine Cullen NZ Colt
181 Bettors Delight USA Our Femme Fatale Colt
182 Somebeachsomewhere USA Our Little Artist Colt
183 Art Major USA Our Pocketfullofdreams NZ Colt
184 Somebeachsomewhere USA Ourbellabro Filly
185 A Rocknroll Dance USA Passions Promise Filly
186 A Rocknroll Dance USA Penultimate Colt
187 Bettors Delight USA Perfectly Poised Colt
188 Bettors Delight USA Pembrook CAesar NZ Filly
189 Shadow Play USA Petite Alto Filly
190 Art Major USA Pleasing Package Colt
191 Sportswriter USA Precious Macray Colt
192 Somebeachsomewhere USA Pride Kept Me Colt
193 Mach Three CA Pure Velvet Filly
194 Auckland Reactor NZ Queen Of Promise Colt
195 Sunshine Beach USA Quick Jet Colt
196 Art Major USA Radical Storm Colt
197 Art Major USA Rhodium Castle Colt
198 Art Major USA Rockin Tammy Filly
199 Art Major USA Rocknroll Magic Colt
200 Bettors Delight USA Rocknroll Rama Colt
201 A Rocknroll Dance USA Rocky Bay Lass NZ Filly
202 Shadow Play USA Rooftop Fairy Colt
203 Somebeachsomewhere USA Rubeelee Colt
204 Courage Under Fire NZ Rythm Of The Pride Colt
205 Somebeachsomewhere USA Saabette Colt
206 Art Major USA Salix Filly
207 Somebeachsomewhere USA San Sophia USA Filly
208 Sweet Lou USA Sancerre Filly
209 Bettors Delight USA Sapphire Lil NZ Filly
210 Sportswriter USA Scottish Glamour NZ Colt
211 Roll With Joe USA Shake It Up Baby NZ Filly
212 Pet Rock USA Shes Got It All NZ Colt
213 Roll With Joe USA Shiraz Shannon Colt
214 Somebeachsomewhere USA Slip Slop Slap Filly
215 Pet Rock USA Smiley Ella Filly
216 Art Major USA Shezacullen NZ Colt
217 Art Major USA Sneaknup Colt
218 Western Terror USA So Surreal Filly
219 Betterthancheddar USA Soho Socialize Filly
220 Pet Rock USA Spirited Storm USA Filly
221 Art Major USA Sophies Ideal Colt
222 Art Major USA Spitfire Shadow Colt
223 Art Major USA Smyrna Duruisseau USA Filly
224 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Still In Denial Colt
225 Courage Under Fire NZ Talk Safely NZ Filly
226 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Tamara Hall USA Colt
227 Sunshine Beach USA Tanabi Colt
228 Hes Watching USA Thats My Secret NZ Filly
229 Mr Feelgood USA The Princess Poet Colt
230 Art Major USA The Waratah Colt
231 Hes Watching USA Three Secrets Filly
232 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Trend Setter Filly
233 A Rocknroll Dance USA Tipsy Gambler NZ Filly
234 Sweet Lou USA Trammell Filly
235 Roll With Joe USA Trebla Trebla Filly
236 Hes Watching USA Uncork NZ Colt
237 Pet Rock USA Trojan Fire Colt
238 Art Major USA Ultimate Cc NZ Colt
239 Western Terror USA Vickymurphy Filly
240 Sunshine Beach USA Vista Bella Filly
241 Four Starzzz Shark CA Whatacorka Colt
242 Somebeachsomewhere USA Wandjina Girl Colt
243 Roll With Joe USA Weona Miss Timed Filly
244 Roll With Joe USA Western Jazz Filly
245 Hurrikane Kingcole USA Whatahottie NZ Filly
246 Art Major USA Whisper Jet NZ Filly
247 Art Major USA Whispering Lass Colt
248 American Ideal USA Wya Mya Macray Colt
249 Mach Three CA Wyperfeld Colt
250 Art Major USA Ymbro Wicked Filly