Perth Sale

Lot Sire Dam Sex
451 Rich And Spoilt No Bucks Filly
452 Changeover NZ Nowuseemenowudont NZ Colt
453 Big Jim USA Our Cloudy Dawn NZ Colt
454 Sweet Lou USA Our Lady Luxury NZ Filly
455 Hurrikane Kingcole USA Pleasedontstop Colt
456 Western Terror USA Prix De Whitby Filly
457 Rich And Spoilt Pocket Wash NZ Colt
458 Mr Feelgood USA Requested Filly
459 Courage Under Fire NZ Red Hot Date Filly
460 Somebeachsomewhere USA Our Copper Art Colt
461 Mr Feelgood USA Return To Texas Colt
462 Hes Watching USA River Valley Dream NZ Filly
463 Hes Watching USA Rich Life Filly
464 Pet Rock USA Sierra Gem Filly
465 Allamerican Ingot USA Royal Showgirl Colt
466 Roll With Joe USA Shes Innocent Filly
467 Auckland Reactor NZ Premium Copper Colt
468 A Rocknroll Dance USA Royal Inheritance Colt
469 Lincoln Royal NZ Sheeza Hula Girl Filly
470 American Ideal USA Sienna Filly
471 Sunshine Beach USA Smiling Angel Colt
472 Sweet Lou USA Smile With Me NZ Colt
473 Shadow Play USA Soho Diaz Filly
474 Auckland Reactor NZ Sanderella Filly
475 Betterthancheddar USA Pure Empathy NZ Filly
476 Mr Feelgood USA Stars Aligned Filly
477 Sportswriter USA Stephanie Rose Colt
478 Rich And Spoilt Southern Smile Filly
479 Follow The Stars Teen Queen Lombo Colt
480 Auckland Reactor NZ Shez El De Rosa NZ Filly
481 Sunshine Beach USA Whitbys Blue Iris Filly
482 Shadow Play USA Secret Operative Colt
483 Pet Rock USA Winter Strike NZ Colt
484 Jet Laag USA Alba Carta Colt
485 Heston Blue Chip USA Adda Rising Star Filly
486 American Ideal USA Soho Paris Filly
487 Lombo Mandingo Aleta Anvil NZ Filly
488 Auckland Reactor NZ Smiling Bluff Filly
489 Renaissance Man All In Baby Filly
490 Shadow Play USA Annies Witness Filly
491 Rich And Spoilt Arconite NZ Colt
492 Tintin In America NZ Sokys Courage NZ Colt
493 Follow The Stars Art Force Colt
494 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Foxy Cleo Colt
495 Heston Blue Chip USA Vancelot Lady Colt
496 Alta Christiano NZ Aussie Operative Colt
497 Renaissance Man Bruisedandbattered Colt
498 Tintin In America NZ Thats The Spirit NZ Colt
499 Sportswriter USA Champagne Shooters Colt
500 Artistic Fella USA Belturbet NZ Colt
501 Betterthancheddar USA Brave Attempt Filly
502 Bettors Delight USA Benjor Maddy Lombo Filly
503 Art Major USA Gaetana Nicole Colt
504 Mr Feelgood USA Ace Of Cards NZ Colt
505 Roll With Joe USA Cano Cristales Colt
506 Pet Rock USA Coco Chanel Colt
507 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Chelsea Diamond Filly
508 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Christy Whitby Filly
509 Mr Feelgood USA Call Me Kinky Colt
510 Tintin In America NZ Broadway Sensation Filly
511 Roll With Joe USA Grace Elle Filly
512 Renaissance Man Dial A Taxi Colt
513 Heston Blue Chip USA Dee Jay Dana Filly
514 A Rocknroll Dance USA Dontgetmeruffled Filly
515 Rich And Spoilt Cool Adda Colt
516 Sportswriter USA Flylika Bird Lombo Filly
517 Art Major USA Hannah Isabella Filly
518 Shadyshark Hanover USA Eastern Jet Colt
519 Alta Christiano NZ Its Karma Colt
520 Renaissance Man Elegant Demon Colt
521 Allamerican Ingot USA First Class Only Colt
522 Follow The Stars Highlights Gamble Filly
523 Sweet Lou USA Here For The Money Filly
524 Somebeachsomewhere USA Harper Grace Filly
525 Art Major USA Jelina Majic Filly
526 Art Major USA Jacinta Jones NZ Colt
527 Courage Under Fire NZ Elegant Eyes Filly
528 Sweet Lou USA Highview Ebony NZ Colt
529 Auckland Reactor NZ Light Of My Life Filly
530 Heston Blue Chip USA Heather Mary Colt
531 Follow The Stars Kashmir Filly
532 Renaissance Man Ellas Valiente Colt
533 P Forty Seven USA Kaluga NZ Colt
534 Mr Feelgood USA Kelty Star NZ Colt
535 Renaissance Man Kanata Queen Filly
536 Sunshine Beach USA Keep Grinning Filly
537 Well Said US Isabella Jane Filly
538 Parsons Den USA Lady Cointreau Colt
539 Mr Feelgood USA Loose Lips Filly
540 Auckland Reactor NZ Lindennys Buttercup NZ Colt
541 Well Said US Le Chambon Colt
542 A Rocknroll Dance USA Made Of Dreams Filly
543 Art Major USA Lil Blue Eyes Filly
544 Art Major USA Isti Colt
545 Mr Feelgood USA Luvya Maddy Lombo Colt
546 Somebeachsomewhere USA Luck Has It Filly
547 Bettors Delight USA Maddy White Filly
548 Roll With Joe USA Major Flirt Filly
549 Somebeachsomewhere USA Miss Mystique Filly
550 Alta Christiano NZ Maple Valley NZ Colt
551 Heston Blue Chip USA Lisa Filly
552 Roll With Joe USA Magical Mary NZ Filly
553 Sportswriter USA Margareta Mobster Filly
554 Western Terror USA Merry Mary Whitby Filly
555 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Miss Anaconda NZ Colt
556 Rich And Spoilt My Lady Of The Night NZ Filly
557 Allamerican Ingot USA My Royalty Filly
558 Renaissance Man Mystery Oro Colt