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Lot Sire Dam Sex
351 Alta Christiano NZ Falcons Gem NZ Filly
352 Betting Line USA Generally Outspoken NZ Colt
353 Betterthancheddar USA Gaetana Nicole Filly
354 Shadow Play USA Gaylees Delight NZ Colt
355 Betting Line USA Glenferrie Clan Colt
356 A Rocknroll Dance USA Gota Good Lookadda Colt
357 Sunshine Beach USA Four Heartbeats Filly
358 Fly Like An Eagle Has The Looks Filly
359 Captaintreacherous (US) Hearty Franco NZ Colt
360 Sunshine Beach USA Hannah Isabella Colt
361 Bling It On Highview Ebony NZ Filly
362 Follow The Stars Hemispherical Colt
363 Betting Line USA Hunter Victoria NZ Colt
364 A Rocknroll Dance USA Harper Grace Colt
365 Fly Like An Eagle Honorable Daughter Colt
366 Auckland Reactor NZ Hilmore Disco Colt
367 Western Edition USA Hindu Sari Colt
368 Sportswriter USA Just Visiting Filly
369 Fly Like An Eagle Hugmeifuluvme Colt
370 Always B Miki USA Harriet Elisabeth Colt
371 Sunshine Beach USA Im For Real Colt
372 American Ideal USA Kelty Star NZ Colt
373 Fly Like An Eagle Just Like Gina Filly
374 Western Edition USA Hindu Shefali Colt
375 Always B Miki USA Honey And Joy Filly
376 Rich And Spoilt Im Unforgettable NZ Filly
377 Mach Three CA Leilani Lombo Colt
378 Betterthancheddar USA Louise Jade Filly
379 Follow The Stars Kin Of Queens Filly
380 Captaintreacherous (US) Lavra Florence NZ Filly
381 Betterthancheddar USA Imogen Colt
382 Art Major USA Lindennys Buttercup NZ Filly
383 Bettors Delight USA Katesplace NZ Filly
384 Follow The Stars Lillian Jeffries Filly
385 Sportswriter USA Maddy White Colt
386 Racing Hill CA Living Hei Filly
387 Bettors Delight USA Isabella Jane Colt
388 Follow The Stars Lilyann Joy Filly
389 Sweet Lou USA My Killarney Miss NZ Filly
390 Somebeachsomewhere USA Miss Madoff NZ Filly
391 Always B Miki USA Karen Elizabeth Filly
392 Follow The Stars Music Row Colt
393 Rich And Spoilt Love In The Dark NZ Filly
394 Bettors Delight USA Motu Lady Cullen NZ Filly
395 Fly Like An Eagle Luvya Maddy Lombo Colt
396 Sunshine Beach USA Our Cloudy Dawn NZ Filly
397 Fly Like An Eagle Not Now Delilah Filly
398 Always B Miki USA Our Lady Luxury NZ Filly
399 Always B Miki USA Kendall Nicole Colt
400 Alta Christiano NZ Montel NZ Colt
401 Betting Line USA Promising Gift Filly
402 Well Said USA Our Copper Art Colt
403 Rich And Spoilt My West End Girl NZ Filly
404 Fly Like An Eagle Our Lady Starlight Colt
405 Sweet Lou USA Racy Lacy NZ Filly
406 Alta Christiano NZ Premium Copper Colt
407 Bonavista Bay Our Tabletop Dancer NZ Colt
408 Sportswriter USA Requested Colt
409 Follow The Stars Righteous Ann Filly
410 Sunshine Beach USA Pure Empathy NZ Filly
411 Shadow Play USA She Has Passion USA Filly
412 Fly Like An Eagle Save On Me Filly
413 A Rocknroll Dance USA Riverboat Ning NZ Colt
414 Bettors Delight USA Rocknrollsal Colt
415 Follow The Stars She Likes Gold Colt
416 Alta Christiano NZ Shez Lockets Rocket NZ Filly
417 American Ideal USA Shes Innocent Colt
418 Racing Hill CA Shez Saul Good Colt
419 Follow The Stars Shes All Gold Colt
420 Alta Christiano NZ Smart By Design NZ Filly
421 Follow The Stars Sierra Gem Filly
422 Captaintreacherous (US) Sokys Courage NZ Filly
423 Modern Art USA Soho Diaz Filly
424 Follow The Stars Supreme Royalty Colt
425 Art Major USA The Boulevard NZ Filly
426 Somebeachsomewhere USA Sounds Bettor Filly
427 Betting Line USA Stars Aligned Filly
428 Fly Like An Eagle Teen Queen Lombo Filly
429 Sportswriter USA Tiffany Twisted Colt
430 Four Starzzz Shark CA Thats The Spirit NZ Colt
431 Always B Miki USA Topless Beach Girl Colt
432 Fly Like An Eagle Urban Graffiti Colt
433 Pet Rock USA Theladyisabomb NZ Filly
434 Alta Christiano NZ Twisted Art Filly
435 Alta Christiano NZ Under The Tower Colt
436 Fly Like An Eagle What A Card NZ Colt
437 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Where Dreams Grow Filly
438 Sunshine Beach USA Winter Strike NZ Colt
439 Fly Like An Eagle A Drop Of Moet Colt
440 Sportswriter USA Ace Of Cards NZ Filly
441 Racing Hill CA Adda Rising Star Filly
442 Always B Miki USA All American Dream Filly
443 A Rocknroll Dance USA All About Pink Filly
444 Heston Blue Chip USA Allthewaytothebank Colt
445 Fly Like An Eagle Arkareena Colt
446 Sunshine Beach USA Another Cover Lover NZ Colt
447 Rich And Spoilt Arconite NZ Filly
448 Fly Like An Eagle Arkndeliver Colt
449 Highview Tommy NZ Art Force Gelding
450 Sunshine Beach USA Baby She Rocks Filly
451 P Forty Seven USA Beautiful Day Colt
452 Sweet Lou USA Brush With Courage Filly
453 Fly Like An Eagle Artistic Glow Colt
454 Sweet Lou USA Bettor Whitby Colt
455 Alta Christiano NZ Bettors Gem Colt
456 Betterthancheddar USA Bootscootngirl Colt
457 A Rocknroll Dance USA Boys Lie Colt
458 Sunshine Beach USA Cleopatra Colt
459 Hurrikane Kingcole USA Brave Attempt Filly
460 Follow The Stars Beauteous Maximus Colt
461 Follow The Stars Call Me Paris Filly
462 Follow The Stars Double E NZ Filly
463 Sportswriter USA Centrefold Angel Colt
464 Sunshine Beach USA Call Me Kinky Gelding
465 Follow The Stars Casual Fling Colt
466 Betting Line USA Chemical Romance Filly
467 Renaissance Man Classy And Smart Filly
468 Advance Attack NZ Eastern Jet Colt
469 Western Edition USA Embrace Me Whitby Filly
470 Follow The Stars Elite Angel Colt