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Lot Sire Dam Sex
201 Captaintreacherous (US) Garden Gate Tina CA Filly
202 Vincent Golden Valour Filly
203 Downbytheseaside USA Gotta Go Electobet NZ Filly
204 Always B Miki USA Grumpy Sally Colt
205 Betting Line USA Here Comes Zoe Colt
206 Captaintreacherous (US) Heavens Trend Colt
207 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Ideal Taxes Colt
208 Bettors Delight USA Ideal Priority USA Filly
209 American Ideal USA Indigenous Filly
210 Sunshine Beach USA In The Louvre NZ Filly
211 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Illustrator Colt
212 Captaintreacherous (US) Indigo Breeze NZ Filly
213 Hes Watching USA Jadore Bromac NZ Colt
214 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Insidious Charm Colt
215 Huntsville USA Jasmine Sheffield Colt
216 Bettors Delight USA Kateeshar Colt
217 Lennytheshark Kerry Sheffield Colt
218 Huntsville USA Libbiemack NZ Filly
219 Bettors Delight USA Life Inthefastlane Filly
220 Betting Line USA Lots A Blue Colt
221 Huntsville USA Lucilla Franco NZ Colt
222 Betting Line USA Lynniemach Filly
223 Sportswriter USA Magical Mocca NZ Colt
224 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Mendelico Colt
225 Shadow Play USA Macray Avenue Colt
226 Art Major USA Moon Ovr Manhattan Colt
227 Betting Line USA Modern Mistress Filly
228 Hes Watching USA Modern Velocity Filly
229 Captaintreacherous (US) Mollys Ideal Filly
230 Huntsville USA Moremi Miss Colt
231 Lennytheshark Mystic Jewel Filly
232 Sweet Lou USA Murganella Colt
233 Shadow Play USA Macray Tempest Colt
234 Art Major USA Nosotros Filly
235 Well Said USA Nats Survival Colt
236 Hes Watching USA On Fifth NZ Filly
237 A Rocknroll Dance USA Parfait Bromac NZ Filly
238 Betterthancheddar USA Paris Angel Colt
239 Sunshine Beach USA Pastels Filly
240 Sweet Lou USA Pleione Filly
241 Always B Miki USA Pelicanrama Colt
242 Art Major USA Proud Trick Filly
243 American Ideal USA Red Hot Rita Colt
244 Hes Watching USA Romancing Bromac NZ Filly
245 Sweet Lou USA Rock Setter Filly
246 American Ideal USA Riccarton Lass Colt
247 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Ruby Slippers Colt
248 Sweet Lou USA Rock Two Times Filly
249 Shadow Play USA Schonbrunn Filly
250 Huntsville USA Self Denial Filly
251 Bettors Delight USA Rockin Tammy Filly
252 Sportswriter USA Show Me Amber Colt
253 Lennytheshark Showgirl Shere Filly
254 Bettors Delight USA Sparkling Tachyon NZ Filly
255 Captaintreacherous (US) Soho Bordeaux Colt
256 Huntsville USA Suenos Dulces Colt
257 Captaintreacherous (US) Spirit Of Fun Colt
258 Always B Miki USA Tamara Hall USA Filly
259 Rock N Roll Heaven USA The Blushing Bride Colt
260 A Rocknroll Dance USA The Dreamtime Filly
261 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Tiabamba Colt
262 Hes Watching USA The Baggy Green Filly
263 A Rocknroll Dance USA The Waratah Colt
264 Captaintreacherous (US) Trojan Fire Filly
265 Sweet Lou USA The Heat Is On Filly
266 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Ultimate Cc NZ Colt
267 Bettors Delight USA Trulyawork Of Art USA Colt
268 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Transparency Rules Colt
269 Four Starzzz Shark CA Unique Desire Filly
270 Sunshine Beach USA Wattabout A Smile Colt
271 Art Major USA Vinland NZ Filly
272 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Whatahottie NZ Colt
273 Sweet Lou USA Without Guile Colt
274 Downbytheseaside USA A Few Dollars More Filly
275 Art Major USA Acaptivatingeagle Filly
276 Well Said USA Another Day CA Colt
277 Lincoln Royal NZ Art In Paris Filly
278 Captaintreacherous (US) Art De Triomphe Colt
279 A Rocknroll Dance USA Artful Lombo Colt
280 Betting Line USA Aunty Daph Filly
281 Yankee Rockstar Beach Box Colt
282 Hes Watching USA Big Girl Grin Colt
283 Sweet Lou USA Bettor Downunder Filly
284 Vincent Bonton Lady Filly
285 Bettors Delight USA Breeze On Bronski Colt
286 A Rocknroll Dance USA Browngirlintherain NZ Colt
287 A Rocknroll Dance USA Calico Cat Filly
288 American Ideal USA Catapult USA Colt
289 Well Said USA Chloe Sheffield Colt
290 Always B Miki USA Chrissy Styx NZ Colt
291 Metropolitan USA Celtic Cat Colt
292 Art Major USA Cinco Amigos NZ Colt
293 Art Major USA Classic Malibu Colt
294 Betterthancheddar USA Coast Patrol Colt
295 Downbytheseaside USA Contrapan USA Filly
296 Bettors Delight USA Comekissmequick NZ Colt
297 A Rocknroll Dance USA Danamite Lass Colt
298 Jilliby Kung Fu Dream Bonus Filly
299 Vincent De Lovely Rose NZ Colt
300 Sweet Lou USA Dressedforsuccess Colt
301 Captaintreacherous (US) Ebonyallstarzzz Filly