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Lot Sire Dam Sex
401 Fly Like An Eagle Our Lady Starlight Filly
402 Huntsville USA Party Date Filly
403 Huntsville USA Racy Lacy NZ Filly
404 Follow The Stars Selkie NZ Gelding
405 Fly Like An Eagle Return To Texas Filly
406 American Ideal USA Prix De Whitby Filly
407 Fly Like An Eagle Shades Of Art Colt
408 Highview Tommy NZ Secret Dragon Colt
409 Bonavista Bay Sheez Da Bomb Filly
410 Fly Like An Eagle Shes All Gold Filly
411 Huntsville USA Smiling Angel Colt
412 Bonavista Bay Shonteleeshar Filly
413 Follow The Stars She Likes Gold Colt
414 Captaintreacherous (US) Sounds Bettor Filly
415 Follow The Stars Sister Madonna Filly
416 Betting Line USA Terrifying Colt
417 Foreclosure (NZ) Terra Into The West NZ Filly
418 Follow The Stars Stride To Themax Filly
419 Huntsville USA Topless Beach Girl Colt
420 Captaintreacherous (US) Thats The Spirit NZ Filly
421 Captaintreacherous (US) Whitbys Blue Iris Colt
422 P Forty Seven USA White Water Bay Filly
423 Control The Moment (US) Where Dreams Grow Filly
424 Sweet Lou USA Ymbro Coco Colt
425 Betting Line USA Zerina Whitby Colt
426 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Adaptability Colt
427 Foreclosure (NZ) All About Pink Filly
428 Pet Rock USA Allthewaytothebank Colt
429 Follow The Stars Arkndeliver Colt
430 Vincent Anna Faye NZ Colt
431 Sunshine Beach USA Apache Delight Colt
432 Follow The Stars Artistic Touch Filly
433 Vincent Auctioneers Elsu Filly
434 Sweet Lou USA Benjor Maddy Lombo Colt
435 Control The Moment (US) Betshes Precious Colt
436 Fly Like An Eagle Bignightout Colt
437 Hurrikane Kingcole USA Burn The Boys Filly
438 Fly Like An Eagle Call Me Paris Filly
439 Betting Line USA Chemical Romance Colt
440 Control The Moment (US) Cleopatra Filly
441 Betting Line USA Cool Adda Colt
442 Always B Miki USA Coopers Beach NZ Colt
443 Art Major USA Courage On Fire NZ Colt
444 Follow The Stars Cullen Class Colt
445 Sunshine Beach USA Dontgetmeruffled Colt
446 Foreclosure (NZ) Double E NZ Colt
447 Art Major USA Elite Angel Colt
448 Advance Attack NZ Eastern Jet Colt
449 Sweet Lou USA Endless Journey Colt
450 Betting Line USA Firth Of Tay Colt
451 Rich And Spoilt Front Paige Adda Colt
452 Foreclosure (NZ) Generally Outspoken NZ Colt
453 Huntsville USA Gabriella Rocks Colt
454 Hurrikane Kingcole USA Gaylees Delight NZ Filly
455 Follow The Stars Heaven And Hell Colt
456 Sweet Lou USA Glenferrie Clan Colt
457 Sweet Lou USA Harriet Elisabeth Colt
458 Follow The Stars Hemispherical Filly
459 Sweet Lou USA Here For The Money Filly
460 Hes Watching USA I Am Special Filly
461 Always B Miki USA Im For Real Colt
462 American Ideal USA Hunter Victoria NZ Colt
463 Bonavista Bay In The Magic Den Colt
464 Fly Like An Eagle Just Like Jess Colt
465 Control The Moment (US) Just Visiting Colt
466 Bonavista Bay Jet Blue Filly
467 Follow The Stars Just Remarkable Colt
468 Control The Moment (US) Keepsgettingbettor Filly
469 Renaissance Man Kanata Queen Filly
470 Huntsville USA Karen Elizabeth Colt
471 Downbytheseaside USA Kiwi Rose USA Filly
472 Shadow Play USA Keep Grinning Colt
473 Huntsville USA Kristina Adele Colt
474 Sweet Lou USA Kotare Ash NZ Filly
475 Follow The Stars Lady Bhutan Colt
476 Captaintreacherous (US) Lavra Florence NZ Colt
477 Bonavista Bay Lady Glamazon NZ Colt
478 Follow The Stars Lillian Jeffries Colt
479 American Ideal USA Leilani Lombo Filly
480 Follow The Stars Lorinda Bay Filly
481 Sweet Lou USA Lola Mae Colt
482 Art Major USA Lilianna Beauty USA Colt
483 Fly Like An Eagle Lucky Stride Colt
484 American Ideal USA Lottie Belle Filly
485 Foreclosure (NZ) Lindennys Buttercup NZ Colt
486 Vincent Louise Jade Colt
487 Follow The Stars Luvatipple Beejay Colt
488 Captaintreacherous (US) Luck Has It Colt
489 Sunshine Beach USA Major Cover Lover Filly
490 Follow The Stars Maia Maguire NZ Colt
491 American Ideal USA Lughnasadh NZ Filly
492 Bonavista Bay Maybe A Corka Colt
493 Fly Like An Eagle Millwood Daisy NZ Colt
494 Sunshine Beach USA Major Flirt Filly
495 Bonavista Bay Million More Filly
496 Follow The Stars Money Time Milly Colt
497 A Rocknroll Dance USA Miss Worthy Whitby Colt
498 Renaissance Man My Mississippi Rose NZ Filly
499 Fly Like An Eagle Nightwatch Lady Filly
500 Captaintreacherous (US) My Samantha Jane NZ Filly
501 Fly Like An Eagle Not Now Delilah Colt
502 Follow The Stars Noneshallpass Colt