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Lot Sire Dam Sex
601 Majestic Son CA Wairakei Miss NZ Filly
602 Majestic Son CA Flight Rainbow Colt
603 Skyvalley NZ Brite N Rosie NZ Filly
604 Majestic Son CA Miss Maori Rainbow Colt
605 Well Said USA Unreal Jan Colt
606 Fear The Dragon (US) Very Chic NZ Colt
607 American Ideal USA Watch The Blues Filly
608 American Ideal USA Workout Rocky Filly
609 American Ideal USA Westgate Chick NZ Colt
610 Art Major USA Zagami NZ Colt
611 Captaintreacherous (US) Abettorrose Colt
612 Warrawee Needy CA Warrawee Flare CA Filly
613 Betting Line USA Annatto NZ Colt
614 Four Starzzz Shark CA Aintshegreat Filly
615 Somebeachsomewhere USA Aqui A Mi Lado NZ Colt
616 Art Major USA Ark De Jeanne Colt
617 Huntsville USA Art Mistress Filly
618 Tintin In America NZ Artistic Wish Colt
619 Sweet Lou USA Bang Bang Molly Colt
620 Captaintreacherous (US) Behappysam NZ Colt
621 Captaintreacherous (US) Beilharz Filly
622 Vincent Bondi Miss Colt
623 Courage Under Fire NZ Bella Fortuna Filly
624 Bettors Delight USA Bollinger Baby NZ Filly
625 Highview Tommy NZ Brigade Queen Filly
626 Betting Line USA Bulgari Rose NZ Filly
627 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Burn Back Colt
628 Art Major USA Celibacy Filly
629 Huntsville USA Chalondra Filly
630 Tintin In America NZ Change The Talk NZ Colt
631 Vincent Chance NZ Colt
632 Sweet Lou USA Christian Party NZ Colt
633 Warrawee Needy CA Classic Counsel NZ Colt
634 For A Reason Contessa Stride NZ Colt
635 Vincent Cracker Three NZ Colt
636 Tintin In America NZ Corleone Filly
637 Betting Line USA Cullpepper Colt
638 Bettors Delight USA Cyclone Charlie NZ Colt
639 Captaintreacherous (US) Delightfullybettor Colt
640 Roll With Joe USA Death And Taxes Colt
641 Captaintreacherous (US) Distant Memory Filly
642 Warrawee Needy CA Elizabeth Kelly Colt
643 Betting Line USA Essaouira Filly
644 American Ideal USA Fan Tays Ya Colt
645 Warrawee Needy CA Espeshlimade Lombo Colt
646 Four Starzzz Shark CA Fromelles Colt
647 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Fourstarzsolataire Colt
648 Captaintreacherous (US) Freedom Is NZ Filly
649 American Ideal USA Gifted Bliss Filly
650 Huntsville USA Girls Go Racing Filly
651 Huntsville USA Give Me Twenty NZ Filly
652 Captaintreacherous (US) Glenferrie Boom Colt
653 Hes Watching USA Holly Robyn NZ Filly
654 Huntsville USA Halcyon Franco NZ Filly
655 Captaintreacherous (US) Hexham Heartbeat Filly
656 Tintin In America NZ Im Ballgown Heaven NZ Colt
657 Huntsville USA Highview Aria NZ Colt
658 Sweet Lou USA Ideal Lover NZ Colt
659 Million Dollar Cam USA Im Making Waves NZ Colt
660 Sunshine Beach USA Janbob Filly
661 American Ideal USA Jolene Franco NZ Colt
662 Art Major USA Its Girl Power Filly
663 Fear The Dragon (US) Ivys Faith Colt
664 Always B Miki USA Kirra Kid NZ Colt
665 Tintin In America NZ La Litote Filly
666 Warrawee Needy CA La Saint Colt
667 Modern Art USA Lillylane Colt
668 Hes Watching USA Lifes Expression Colt
669 Vincent Lettuce Go Pippa Filly
670 Captaintreacherous (US) Libertybelle Midfrew NZ Filly
671 Lincoln Royal NZ Light In Every Day Colt
672 Roll With Joe USA Lettucedance Colt
673 Art Major USA Lincoln Room USA Colt
674 American Ideal USA Lombo Newsy Scoop Filly
675 Tintin In America NZ Lettucegrin Colt
676 Huntsville USA Luminous Energy Colt
677 Sweet Lou USA Luvin Miss Molly Colt
678 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Machthreewishes Filly
679 Warrawee Needy CA Mainland Banner NZ Colt
680 Hes Watching USA Majordreams Filly
681 Art Major USA Makes Every Scents Colt
682 Always B Miki USA Medusa Joy Filly
683 Art Major USA Mio Christisimo Filly
684 Warrawee Needy CA Miss Mini Lombo Filly
685 A Rocknroll Dance USA Maudie Mombassa Colt
686 Bling It On Miss Real Colt
687 Bettors Delight USA My Littledreamgirl Colt
688 Huntsville USA My Pacific Rainbow Colt
689 American Ideal USA Miss Zo Zo Colt
690 Art Major USA My Platinum Belle NZ Colt
691 Tintin In America NZ Northern Velocity NZ Filly
692 Four Starzzz Shark CA Nykea Jane Filly
693 Betting Line USA Obahma Joy Filly
694 Bettors Delight USA Our Chateau Lafite Colt
695 Tintin In America NZ Our Classical Art NZ Filly
696 Art Major USA Partyontheboulevard NZ Filly
697 Captaintreacherous (US) Our Lissome NZ Filly
698 Well Said USA Our Pocketfullofdreams NZ Filly
699 Vincent Pacific Cullen Filly
700 Betting Line USA Parklane Royal NZ Colt
701 Lennytheshark Pinktastic Colt
702 American Ideal USA Perfect Penny Colt
703 Well Said USA Perfezione Filly
704 Always B Miki USA Pin Up Pony NZ Colt
705 Warrawee Needy CA Prestigious Lombo Filly
706 Yankee Rockstar Pretty Inpink Filly
707 Bling It On Priority Pass Filly
708 American Ideal USA Priceless Gem Colt
709 Art Major USA Racketeer Reactor NZ Filly
710 Tintin In America NZ Redbank Lisamaree Filly
711 Huntsville USA Rise To The Top Colt
712 Captaintreacherous (US) Scarlett Finn NZ Colt
713 Warrawee Needy CA Rockin Lu Lu Filly
714 Vincent Shards Secret NZ Colt
715 Sweet Lou USA Serenas Delight Colt
716 Tintin In America NZ Rupeeno Cullen NZ Colt
717 Huntsville USA Sky Rainbow Colt
718 Vincent Sharm El Luli Colt
719 Warrawee Needy CA Shez Ryans Colt
720 Captaintreacherous (US) Smooth Pink NZ Colt
721 American Ideal USA Soho Leigh Filly
722 Sweet Lou USA Shezacullen NZ Colt
723 American Ideal USA Starry Rainbow Colt
724 Sweet Lou USA Tact Hayleys Delight NZ Colt
725 Captaintreacherous (US) The Blue Lotus NZ Filly
726 Sweet Lou USA The Crystal Star NZ Colt
727 Rock N Roll Heaven USA The Final Frontier Colt
728 Huntsville USA The Peace Rose NZ Colt
729 Betting Line USA Themajors Daughter Colt
730 Art Major USA To The Machx Filly