Credit Applications

How to Apply for a Credit Account with APG

APG provides short-term credit (7 to 28 days) to approved buyers that have a signed credit agreement with APG.

Traditionally, any purchasers seeking credit were required to apply on a year-by-year basis.  However, recent software upgrades now enable us to establish a credit limit with customers that will stay with them on an ongoing basis, or until such time as APG writes to customers to notify them of a change to their Credit Agreement.

This should make life easier for APG's customers in the long terms as successful Applicants will not need to re-apply for Credit on a year-by-year basis. 

However, as part of the implementation of APG's new Credit Agreements, all customers seeking credit will be required to complete our new Credit Application form (at the bottom of this page) which also details the Terms & Conditions that apply to the Credit Agreement.

Important Notes re Credit Applications:

  • The Directors of APG want to make it very clear to prospective purchasers that APG is not in the business of providing long-term finance for horses, and it is essential that buyers pay their accounts in full within the terms of their credit agreement.
  • For any Applicants that do not have an extended history with APG, it is essential that when returning your credit application, you also provide a copy of a recent bank statement / term deposit statement or other evidence of net worth (e.g. share portfolio statement) as evidence of your ability to pay.
  • In most instances, Applicants requesting credit for over 7 days will need to pay a deposit on sales day as a sign of good faith.  For Credit Accounts up to $50,000 the deposit amount will be a minimum of 10%, while 25% deposits will generally be required on larger Credit Accounts except with prior approval. 
  • For Applicants that request more than 7 days credit (or buyers that fail to pay within their 7 day terms), it will be a requirement of the Credit Agreement that the purchaser will take out insurance coverage for the horse.  APG's Insurance partner, HQ Insurance, offer a very affordable 30 Day cover for those buyers that do not wish to take out 12 month coverage.  APG may take out that coverage on the purchaser's behalf if the purchaser fails to provide evidence that the horse is covered.
  • Interest at the rate of 15% per annum, compounded monthly, will be charged on all overdue account balances.
  • All Credit Applications lodged in the name of a Company or Trust must be personally guaranteed by the person completing the Application.
  • All horses purchased pursuant to a credit policy must be sustained for the APG Race Series while the Applicants account retains an unpaid balance.
  • Applicants must provide APG with credit card details and an authority for APG to charge their credit card in the event that they fail to meet their repayment obligations (this is included on page 4 of the application form)
  • Applicants must also provide APG with a letter authorising the various state harness racing authorities to pay the Applicant's  stake run payments directly to APG in the event that Applicants fail to meet their repayment obligations (this is included on page 5 of the application form).

Credit Forms

To apply for a Credit Account with APG, please select the appropriate Credit Application below and complete it in full, including pages 4 and 5.  In addition, anyone wishing to register to bid at this year''s APG Sales will also need to complete a Buyer Registration form (below). 

Applicants that do not have a long trading history with APG are also required to provide APG with proof of assets via a copy of a recent bank statement, term deposit statement, or other suitable evidence (e.g. share portfolio statement).

Completed Credit Applications should be scanned and e-mailed to with a subject heading "Credit Application".  Original signed copies of the completed Credit Applications should then be either posted to APG at PO Box 217, CORIO, VIC, 3214 or brought to the sales and handed in at the Sales Day Office.

Finally, in the event that APG customers with successfully approved Credit Accounts are unable to attend the sales, but wish to appoint a third party (e.g. trainer) to bid on their behalf, this can be easily arranged by completing and returning the "Agent - Bidder Authorisation Form" below and returning it as per the above instructions.