Important Credit Information

APG is delighted to announce that National Finance And Loans ("NFAL") has been appointed as APG’s Official Finance Partner for the 2019 APG Yearling Sales.

APG’s partnership with National Finance And Loans will offer buyers (particularly trainers and/or other ABN holders) the opportunity to access more flexible finance packages with extended payment terms, giving buyers the opportunity to purchase horses without the immediate pressure to make payment for their purchases within 28 days of sale.

What This Means for Buyers

For the most part, APG will cease to offer any credit beyond its basic seven day trading terms. Buyers seeking more than seven days credit must, prior to the APG Sales, either:

  • lodge a credit application with NFAL, or
  • arrange their own finance via their own provider,or
  • contact APG on (03) 5275 1999 to discuss alternative options

Note: For the coming 2019 Sales, in limited circumstances, APG may offer up to 28 day terms for regular buyers with an excellent payment history, subject to them contacting APG at least 72 hours prior to the relevant APG Sale, and subject to the following provisos:

  • APG will require buyers to take out 28 day horse insurance with HQ Insurance (unless the buyer provides proof within 1 hr of sale that they have their own insurance coverage):
    • As per APG's Trading Terms, the buyer authorises APG to take out this coverage on their behalf (at APG's option) and authorises APG to add the cost of the insurance to the buyer's APG account.
    • This insurance coverage is optional (but highly recommended) if the buyer obtains their finance from NFAL.
  • Buyers that do not settle their accounts with APG within their 28 day terms will immediately incur a late fee equal to 1.25% of their outstanding balance, and will incur further late payment fees of 1.25% for each additional month that their account remains outstanding.

    In contrast, buyers who obtain their finance via NFAL will receive the first 28 days interest free thanks to an arrangement that APG has in place with NFAL which means that loans will not settle until 28 days post sale.
  • If clients exceed their 28 day terms with APG, APG will immediately commence enforcement action to recover its debt, which may include any or all mechanisms included in the Terms of Trade signed by purchasers.


Advantages to Buyers of obtaining credit via National Finance And Loans:

  • Extended payment terms are available compared to those previously offered by APG:
    • Allows gradual repayment of purchase price over 6 - 24 months (for ABN holders) or up to 60 months for personal loans
    • Provides trainers with more time to syndicate their purchases
  • Knowledgeable finance staff can work with buyers to tailor a finance package that best suits their individual circumstances.
  • The application process is quick and easy, particularly for ABN holders.
  • APG will work with NFAL to ensure that all Finance Agreements are settled 28 days post-sale, meaning that buyers will not incur any interest charges for the first 28 days post-sale and any payments made by the buyer in the first 28 days can be used to reduce the value of the final loan amount.
  • Buyers will receive transfer of ownership papers for their purchases immediately upon NFAL making payment to APG (28 days post sale).
  • First repayment under any Finance Agreement brokered by NFAL will not fall due until a little short of 60 days post sale.
  • Pre-Approval is available at zero cost and with no commitment to proceed.


For further information about National Finance And Loans, or to begin the application process, please click the button below.