Register to Attend & Bid at APG's 2021 Sales


COVID-19 has impacted all Australians, presenting an ever changing landscape of movement restrictions and social distancing requirements.

As a national operator, APG has directors, staff and contractors spread across multiple states, which offers both opportunities and challenges during the COVID pandemic.

APG would like to assure all industry participants that we are working tirelessly to deliver a national round of yearling sales that provides vendors and their yearlings with the greatest possible exposure and provides buyers with the best possible information and access to the yearlings to enable them to make informed buying decisions.

APG’s strong preference and solid intention is to press ahead with live sales at each of our venues, whilst maintaining compliance with any state and/or venue restrictions that may exist with regards to social distancing, contact tracing and the like.


COVID & Sales Registration Requirements for APG's 2021 Yearling Sales

Naturally, all attendees will be required to comply with any state government legislated COVID-Safe check-in requirements that may apply at each of APG's sales, which will typically require attendees to check-in upon arrival at the sales each day via a state government QR code check-in system.

In addition, attendees will need to comply with any other state government legislated COVID-Safe measures (e.g. wearing masks in indoor areas), as well as other venue-related requirements (e.g. maximum occupancy restrictions in the sales day office).

As the rules in each State continue to evolve, we ask participants to take note of any government announcements regarding any further restrictions or relaxations in their particular state.

As part of APG's COVID-Safe plan, APG is seeking to minimise sales office crowding and close interactions by requiring all potential bidders to pre-register for our 2021 sales by completing the relevant forms which are available for download below.

Form & Download Link Who Should Complete
Bidder Registration Must be fully completed & returned by all participants that may be contemplating bidding at the Sales.
Trading Account Application

Must be fully completed and returned by any bidder that will not be settling their account in full by cash, cheque, credit card or internet bank transfer on the day of the sale.

Importantly, following the appointment of Belinda Richardson (0402 290 708) as APG’s full-time Accounts Manager, all existing Trading Accounts have been cancelled and we are asking any former (or potentially new) trading account holders to re-apply using the attached form.


Agent Authorisation Only to be completed by those potential buyers that will be unable to attend one or more APG Sales in person, but who wish to appoint a representative to bid on their behalf at the relevant sales.

This may be particularly useful for potential interstate buyers impacted by COVID-related travel restrictions.

Due Date for Forms:

Potential bidders must fully complete and return any of the above forms that are relevant to their circumstances by no later than 72 hours prior to the relevant APG Sale.

All forms must be returned by scanning & e-mailing the fully completed forms to with the subject heading "APG Sales Registration Forms".


COVID-related Initiatives Undertaken by APG to Assist Buyers

In recognition of the fact that some states may have travel bans or quarantine requirements in place that may make it impossible or impractical for buyers to attend the sales in person, APG has already made a number of preparations to better service interstate buyers:

  • APG’s world class online bidding system (as used by both Inglis & Magic Millions) is already accepting registrations for all of APG’s 2021 Sales – To learn more or to register for online bidding go to
  • APG is working with vendors and videographers to provide potential buyers with video footage of 100% of Brisbane Sale and APTS yearlings and over 80% of Melbourne and Sydney Sale yearlings. 

    The Brisbane Sale videos will be launched as a 45 minute package on Facebook Live on Monday, 18 January (refer to APG website for details closer to the release date) and will also feature in our Brisbane online guide which will be available on the APG website from Wednesday, 20 January.

    The APTS and Melbourne Sale videos will be available in APG’s Online guides for each sale which will be available to viewers on the APG website from Wednesday, 27 January.

    The Sydney Sale videos will be available in APG’s Online guides for each sale which will be available to viewers on the APG website from Wednesday, 24 February.
  • APG has arranged for Garrards Equine Vets to be on hand with X-Ray equipment at all East Coast Sales.  All buyers (including any interstate buyers that may be unable to attend the sales) will have the opportunity to engage a Garrards veterinarian to undertake pre-sale inspection of horses, including joint X-rays where appropriate.

    Buyers interested in engaging the Garrards veterinarian to perform any pre-sale inspections are encouraged to make their arrangements as early as possible by phoning Garrards Equine Practice on 1300 791 688.
  • John Coffey will be available for potential buyers who wish to discuss any potential sales prospects.  John has viewed the majority of East Coast horses and (subject to any COVID restrictions) will also be on-site at all the sales to assist any buyers that may be unable to attend the sales to inspect the horses in person. 

    John can be contacted on 0418 500 211.