Small Ownership Opportunities

The Concept:

As part of an initiative to make it easy for new owners to enter sport and provide them with an outstanding ownership experience, APG is looking at opportunities to work with leading trainers to put together multi-owner partnerships, with up to 40 x 2.5% shares available in each package.

By selecting wisely, and keeping costs to a minimum, we will be looking to make buying into these partnerships extremely affordable, making it possible for owners to buy into two or more partnerships.  This allows partnership members to double their racing opportunities, double their fun, and double their chances of landing a really high quality horse. 

The yearlings will be selected and trained by leading trainers with a proven track record for selecting and training juvenile Group One winners and who place an emphasis on providing a premium ownership experience for their clients.

All yearlings will be fully insured for mortality, including coverage for emergency life saving surgery, and will be fully paid up for a selection of leading juvenile big-money races, which may include:

  • APG Race Series ($350,000 2yo Finals & $210,000 3yo Finals)    
  • Vicbred, Westbred &/or NSW Breeders Challenge ($100,000+ 2yo & 3yo Finals)
  • Breeders Crown ($290,000 2yo Finals & $195,000 3yo Finals)        
  • Bathurst Gold Crown ($100,000 2yo Finals & $100,000 3yo Finals)  

The Benefits:  

Partnership members will experience the excitement of owning a piece of one or more horses purchased from Australia’s leading standardbred sales company.  

The partnerships will be managed with the key objectives of providing outstanding communication & memorable experiences for syndicate members.  Syndicate members will benefit from:

  • regular written and video updates on the progress of the syndicate horses;
  • invitations to member events at our trainers’ properties to see the horses progress through their education;
  • invitations to member events at major race days; and
  • other race day privileges.  

Whilst there can never be any guarantees regarding the ability of the horses, it is reassuring to know that for the graduates of APG’s 2008 thru 2015 Melbourne & Sydney Sales that sold in the $25,000 to $40,000 price range (which is the target price range for the partnership horses), the average winning graduate has already recorded 8 wins from 49 starts, with earnings, excluding bonuses, exceeding $75,000.

The Costs:  

A document outlining the horse details, trainer details, partnership costs and benefits will be prepared for each proposed partnership horse following the purchase of the horses, and will be made available to all interested investors to evaluate prior to making their decision to buy into the horses.  

However, as a guide, members can expect to pay in the ball park of $1,500 to $2,000 per 2.5% share for each partnership that they join, which will cover the initial purchase price of the horse, plus the anticipated expenses thru to the end of the year.  

Once the new year rolls around, members can expect to budget for monthly costs of roughly $50 per 2.5% share per month for ongoing costs..  

Separate bank accounts will be maintained by the promoters to account for all partnership earnings and expenses.

Get Involved

To register your interest in the proposed partnership(s) and to ensure you are included on our mailing list to receive further information, please complete the form below and we will contact you as further information becomes available.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact APG on 03 5275 1999 and we will be happy to assist.