Lot 148 – Fly Like An Eagle – She Like Diamonds – Royal Mattjesty

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There are several reasons why harness racing in Western Australia is considered to be of an exceptionally high standard:

Strong breeding programs: Western Australia has a strong breeding program that produces high-quality standardbred horses with excellent racing abilities. The outstanding WA breeders focuses on breeding horses to the best stallions available that produce tough, sound, competitive horses with high speed.

Quality racecourses and facilities: Western Australia has some of the best harness racing facilities in Australia , including Gloucester Park and Pinjarra. These racecourses have excellent tracks, lighting, and spectator facilities, making them popular with both horse owners and racing enthusiasts.

Skilled trainers and drivers: Western Australia has a massive pool of highly skilled and experienced trainers and drivers who have a deep understanding of the sport and the horses they work with. These trainers and drivers work hard to develop the physical and mental abilities of their horses, helping them to perform at their best.

Supportive industry: The harness racing industry in Western Australia is well-supported, with a strong fan base, financial backing, and government support. This has helped to attract and retain top-quality horses, trainers, and drivers.

Overall, the combination of strong breeding programs, high-quality facilities, skilled trainers and drivers, and a supportive industry has helped to make harness racing in Western Australia highly competitive and enjoyable for both participants and spectators.

Why people should consider supporting Australian Pacing Gold (APG) Perth Sale ( the industry-owned not-for-profit sales company) ?

Supports the harness racing industry: APG is dedicated to supporting and promoting the harness racing industry in Australia. By purchasing horses through the APG sales, owners are contributing to the growth and development of the industry, which provides opportunities for trainers, drivers, breeders, and other participants.

High-quality horses: APG sales offer a wide range of high-quality standardbred horses that have been carefully bred, reared, and prepared for racing. The company’s rigorous selection process ensures that only the best horses are offered for sale, which helps to maintain the overall quality of the industry.

Fair and transparent sales process: APG is committed to a fair and transparent sales process that benefits both buyers and sellers. The company’s online bidding system ensures that all buyers have an equal opportunity to purchase the horses they want, and APG provides comprehensive information about each horse, including its breeding, history, and health.

Accessible to all: APG sales are open to everyone, from seasoned owners to new enthusiasts. The company provides a range of flexible payment options, to help make horse ownership more accessible and affordable.

Industry reinvestment: APG is a not-for-profit company, which means that any profits generated from sales are reinvested back into the industry. This helps to fund the greatest race series the sport has ever seen. In fact, APG eligible horses have now won more than 60 million dollars in APG races over the last 34 years.

By supporting the  APG Perth Sale, people are not only purchasing high-quality horses but also contributing to the growth and development of the harness racing industry in Australia. Additionally, the company’s fair and transparent sales process, accessibility, and reinvestment in the industry make it an attractive option for both experienced owners and new enthusiasts.

This is your invitation  to be at the  Magic Millions Sales Complex, 2/56 Dale Road, Middle Swan, WA on March 5.

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