The most famous U20 Stallion of all Rocknroll Hanover



When I think about a person that’s a true inspiration with real authority, respect with extensive or specialised knowledge about a breeding standardbred horses, one name comes to mind.

Former University of Perth Professor Ron Groves.

In late 2009, Ron Groves, released his first e book “The American Standardbred” (his second e book was The Australian and New Zealand Trotter and Pacer). The book traced the history of sire lines and maternal families. In 2012 it won Best Book in the Harness Racing Australia Joseph Coulter Media Awards. Ron Groves conceived and developed the international harness racing database “Classic Families” (CF) and its maternal family numbering system (details of team behind CF are found under Help/About tab).

Both books provide an historical analysis of the rise and demise of sire lines and maternal families that have created contemporary champions of both gaits in respective regions. The books set out to measure success in the standardbred.

Speed and earnings have been the normal measures used for comparing performances but this is inconclusive when judged over differing time periods. The measure of a champion is to win races against the best competitors of their era. Ron Groves describes this as :

“The very best of the champions are those that consistently beat their contemporaries as two and three year olds then continue to do so throughout their racing careers. These are the horses that refuse to be beaten and dig deep under all conditions. The champion standardbred sires and maternal families are those that consistently produce such horses. So how can race success as well as speed record and earnings be compared?”

Ron along with his long time friends at Sea Horse Racing Stables have engaged the services of Lisa Adams to prepare Lot 160, an Always B Miki colt out the amazing U20 family. Other family members include:

Real Desire 1998 M U20 $3,159,814
Riyadh 1990 M U20 $2,763,527
Rocknroll Hanover 2002 M U20 $2,754,038
Four Starzzz Shark 1998 M U20 $2,537,267
Bettors Edge 2009 G U20 $2,202,327
Royalflush Hanover 1996 G U20 $2,153,893
Grinfromeartoear 1996 M U20 $1,746,009
Jimmy Freight 2015 M U20 $1,636,816
Badlands Nitro 2005 M U20 $1,597,638
Tell All 2004 M U20 $1,509,227
Catch The Fire 2017 M U20 $1,494,434
American History 2015 M U20 $1,441,634
Image of Dawn 1999 M U20 $1,248,536
Armbro Proposal 1994 M U20 $1,185,664
Bettors Up 2014 F U20 $1,073,702
Vegas Vacation 2010 G U20 $1,068,243
Mcerlean 2009 M U20 $1,033,541

In addition to Lot 160, Lisa will also be looking after Lot 173. This very special colt is out of the U1 family, regarded as the greatest of all in NA, other members are:

McWicked 2011 M U1 $4,930,967
Wiggle It Jiggleit 2012 G U1 $3,945,839
Anndrovette 2007 F U1 $3,544,930
Put on a Show 2007 F U1 $2,406,628
Dragon Again 1995 M U1 $2,343,428
My Little Dragon 2003 F U1 $2,318,623
If I Can Dream 2006 M U1 $1,990,276
Krispy Apple 2008 F U1 $1,905,676
Dial or Nodial 2006 G U1 $1,774,600
Royal Mattjesty 1999 M U1 $1,652,730
Sanabelle Island 1994 F U1 $1,641,676
Artiscape 1995 M U1 $1,469,461
Cambest 1988 M U1 $1,444,835
Dali 2005 M U1 $1,410,714
Stienams Place 1994 F U1 $1,402,301
Betting Line 2013 M U1 $1,383,505
Boston Red Rocks 2013 M U1 $1,370,016
Stienam 1982 F U1 $1,355,474
Stay Hungry 2015 M U1 $1,303,709
Georgia Pacific 2001 G U1 $1,299,889
Docs Fella 1978 M U1 $1,267,059
Western Shore 2003 M U1 $1,247,985
Bythemissal 2019 G U1 $1,168,925
Western Terror 2001 M U1 $1,164,174
Mr Dalrae 1979 M U1 $1,150,807
Art Director 2001 M U1 $1,123,734
Sushi Sushi 2007 M U1 $1,103,327
Alexie Mattosie 2006 G U1 $1,096,520
Dragons Lair 1982 M U1 $1,085,317
Delinquent Account 1987 F U1 $1,038,997
His Mattjesty 1994 M U1 $1,038,861
Nickle Bag 2010 G U1 $1,032,497
Masterofhisdomain 1996 G U1 $1,026,907
Treacherous Dragon 2019 F U1 $1,017,447
Armbro Operative 1993 M U1 $1,012,712
Dr No 2001 M U1 $1,002,498
Strike an Attitude 2008 F U1 $1,000,870

Buying a yearling  from the APG Perth sale will be a very astute investment for some, that will see $125,000 for each 2yo division and $100,000 for each 3yo division.

Check out all of the lots that will be on site at the  Magic Millions Sales Complex, 2/56 Dale Road, Middle Swan, WA on March 5

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