While Harness Racing has thrown up some true champions of people and some real characters over the journey, one unforgettable passionate harness racing personality has had a massive impact on the team at APG.  His name is Steven Alexandra Clements of Brisbane Pastoral Company.

Steve is currently building a new and very exciting multimillion dollar business and with time and other restrictions has made the very sad and difficult decision to have a total dispersal of all his horses.

Steve has been an outstanding long term APG client and we are honored that Steve has entrusted us to handle his much loved horses in the 2021 APG NATIONAL MIXED SALE . The sale starts this Friday 16th of July  and will finish Sunday the 18th of July) in their quest to find a new home.

Steve has more stories than anyone I’ve ever met in the sport and most couldn’t be repeated on this platform.  That said, here is a small sample of this man’s journey in the sport.

Steve had owned ,bred or been a partner in over 120 individual horses that have gone on to win more than $100,000 on the track.

He owned Advanced Debra (the dam of Courage Under Fire) for a short period of time.

He purchased the U2 Star Pacific Fella that died of a massive heart attack during his first semen collection after arriving in New Zealand. This was a massive setback for Steve’s harness racing stallion operation in its first month in business on NZ soil.

However, sadly his greatest loss of all was when the great “Rob Roy Mattgregor “ passed away at Burwood.  Steve still has a massive framed photo of the much loved U7 stallion in his bedroom and it’s a loss that still hurts to this day.

Below is only a small sample of Steve’s horses in the sale and I’m sure we will see lots of winners from these families going forward:

Horse Dam Sire Sex Family Joined To
Unnamed Yearling Quick Draw Lombo Hes Watching USA Filly N24
Unnamed Weanling Chika Mattgregor Rock N Roll Heaven USA Filly N16
Unnamed Weanling Leila Rainbow Betterthancheddar USA Colt N107
Unnamed Weanling Romancing Ashley USA Roll With Joe USA Filly U7
Unnamed Weanling Gold Currency Rock N Roll World USA Colt U559
Unnamed Weanling Connie Mattgregor Rock N Roll World USA Colt N21
Unnamed Weanling Robs Sheila Hes Watching USA Filly N15
Unnamed Weanling Our Queen Of Aces NZ Rock N Roll Heaven USA Filly N37
Somegirlsomewhere Nothing Else Matters NZ Somebeachsomewhere USA Mare U30
Riverboat Diamond NZ Like A Diamond (NZ) Riverboat King USA Mare N14
Leila Rainbow Hay Sharon In The Pocket USA Mare N107
Barbie Mattgregor NZ My Barbie Doll NZ Rob Roy Mattgregor USA Mare U30
Romancing Ashley USA Hugmeifyouloveme (US) Life Sign USA Mare U7 American Ideal USA
Missy Bromac NZ Missy Matao (NZ) Red River Hanover USA Mare N8 Downbytheseaside USA
Bute Sister NZ Te Phyno (NZ) Artiscape USA Mare n56 Hes Watching USA
Tralee Bromac NZ Timpany Franco (NZ) Royal Mattjesty USA Mare N16 McWicked USA
Robs Sheila NZ Reiki Franco NZ Rob Roy Mattgregor USA Mare N15 McWicked USA
Our Queen Of Aces NZ My Classical Bell NZ Riverboat King USA Mare N37 McWicked USA
Connie Mattgregor NZ Kaipara Jewel (NZ) Rob Roy Mattgregor USA Mare N21 McWicked USA
Belmont Rose NZ Nells Rose Presidential Ball USA Mare N88 McWicked USA


Please click on the link below to check out the additional photos we added last night.


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