Welcome to The APG National Mixed Sale, an online auction where sellers have the opportunity to showcase their finest standardbreds to a discerning audience of buyers. Join us in promoting the future of the standardbred industry!




Online Entries Go Live – 4pm AEST, Wednesday, 22nd May 2024
For those that have sold with us before, you should have an existing account to log into when creating your entries.
For those that have not sold with us before you will need to register as a new user. This is a short process to ensure you have an account set up in our system

Online Entries Close – 11:59pm AEST, Wednesday, 12th of June 2024

Online Entry Fee – Entries Before 11:59pm AEST, Sunday 2nd of June – $275.00 (GST inc) EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT
Online Entry Fee Entries After 11:59pm AEST, Sunday 2nd of June – $330.00 (GST inc)

Photo’s & Videos of horses due for online catalogue – Sunday, 16th of June 2024

Please ensure you have read the Terms & Conditions of Sale before submitting your entry form.


All lots will open together at 12pm AEST Friday the 2nd of August and remain open until Bidding Closing Commences.

Lots are initially set-up to close at 1 minute intervals (e.g. Lot 1 will close at 5pm, Lot 2 will close at 5:01pm, etc.)

However, the “closing time” on any individual lot will extend for a further 5 minutes each time someone places a bid on that particular lot during the final 5 minutes of bidding from the time when the bid was placed.

When a bid is received in the final five minutes, it extends the closing time only for the particular Lot that received the bid.  Therefore, if someone placed a bid on Lot 1 at 4:59pm on the final day, the closing time for Lot 1 would extend to 5:04pm.  However, the closing time for Lot 2 would remain 5:01pm unless it too received a last minute bid.

The sale will not close until at least 5 minutes has passed on the final bid on all Lots.


Online Buyers Registration Opens 12pm AEST, Monday, 1st July 2024

Online Catalogue Available 12pm AEST, Monday, 1st July 2024

Online Auction Commences – 12pm AEST, Friday, 2nd August 2024

Bidding Closing Commences  From 5pm AEST, Sunday, 4th  August 2024


Join us as we set the stage for the future of standardbreds! Whether you’re seeking the next champion or enhancing your breeding program, The APG National Mixed Sale is your premier destination. Explore, bid, and elevate your standardbred investments with us! Bidder Registration will open on the 1st of July 2024.

The Bidding Registration Process requires you to:

  1. First register as an online bidder (only if you have never previously registered as an online bidder). If you have previously registered as an online bidde at a previous APG Sale you should skip this step and go to step two (below).
  2. Log in and request approval to bid at APG National Mixed Sale. At this stage, you will need to request a maximum credit limit for the sale, and you will need to provide two credit referees if you haven’t previously had dealings with APG.

Click the button below to go the the APG Bidder Registration page to find out more information.