Sale Summary

56 of 83 Lots Sold

Sale Total: $1,305,000 | Clearance Rate: 67.47%

Average Lot Price: $23,304 | Top Lot Price: $90,000

Filly Summary

26 of 41 Lots Sold

Sale Total: $517,500

Clearance Rate: 63.41%

Colt Summary

30 of 42 Lots Sold

Sale Total: $787,500

Clearance Rate: 71.43%

1Tintin In America NZVersace Woman NZFillyBayMonarch FarmSOLD$20,000Goozdolphin Racing
2McWicked USAVictree BetteColtBrownLindsay & Mary VaggSOLD$22,000S Hewitt
3A Rocknroll Dance USAWhen To HoldColtBayMonarch FarmPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
4Captain Crunch USAAllsparkColtBayTraxion Management Services Pty LtdSOLD$25,000N Jenkin
5American Ideal USAAqua MissFillyBrownSolid Earth Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $70,000)
6Art Major USAAlmost A VeganFillyBayTraxion Management Services Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
7Downbytheseaside USAArt MistressColtBayDaniel CordinaSOLD$37,000Noel Watson
8Rock N Roll World USABlackberry CherryColtBay/BrownCobbity Equine FarmSOLD$8,000Phoebe Betts
9Always B Miki USABest Of WineColtBayJM StandardbredsPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
10McWicked USABlue RulesFillyBayTrotters AustraliaPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
11Lather Up USABondi MissColtBayDaniel CordinaSOLD$24,000Goodtime Breeding
12Capt Midnight USABridget Blue Chip NZFillyBayBrittany GrahamSOLD$46,000N Jenkin
13Ohoka Punter NZCant Afford HerColtBayTraxion Management Services Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
14Ultimate Machete NZCharlyse NZColtBayChris Garrard OAM & Chris EssexSOLD$8,000JM Standardbreds
15Tall Dark Stranger (US)Chevrons Reward NZColtBayTraxion Management Services Pty LtdCANCELLED$0APG As Agent
16American Ideal USAChika MattgregorFillyBrownBurwood StudSOLD$28,000Nathan Rothwell
17American Ideal USAClearwater BlueFillyBayTraxion Management Services Pty LtdSOLD$22,000Wally Mann
18Ultimate Machete NZCome CullectColtBayBurwood StudSOLD$12,000A Self
19Bling It OnCrazy Mach NZFillyBayMonarch FarmSOLD$11,000L Wanless
20Franco Nelson NZCouldntellya NZFillyBayDaren GarrardSOLD$17,000M Harding
21Bling It OnDuhamelFillyBayCobbity Equine FarmPASSED IN (reserve $12,000)
22Art Major USADivinia Bellezza NZColtBayMonarch FarmSOLD$30,000K Marshall
23Soho TribecaCountry ChangeFillyBay/BrownBurwood StudSOLD$18,000A Whitecross
24Fear The Dragon (US)Dolly Mach LomboFillyBayMonarch FarmSOLD$4,000Michelle Smith
25McWicked USAEvelyn DeeFillyBayCameron SpencerSOLD$12,000Jason Carkeet
26Sweet Lou USAFeel Like DancinFillyChestnutBrendan SippelSOLD$28,000S Graham
27Always B Miki USAFire One NZColtBay/BrownSolid Earth Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $80,000)
28Rock N Roll Heaven USAFoolish KissColtBrownTraxion Management Services Pty LtdSOLD$29,500Jamie Laker
29Rock N Roll Heaven USAGirls Are Bettor NZFillyBayArbit Each Way Pty LtdSOLD$34,000Goozdolphin Racing
30Capt Midnight USAHalcyon Franco NZColtBayBurwood StudSOLD$12,000Shane Graham
31Ride HighGleniss Mama NZFillyBayJoanne Andersen & Dyanna ThommenySOLD$20,000M Boots
32Changeover NZHold Me CloserColtBay/BrownGayle GarrardSOLD$5,000N Loader
33Stay Hungry (US)Horizon Bromac NZFillyBayLindsay & Mary VaggSOLD$22,500B Sippel
34American Ideal USAHughies Sister NZColtBayWayne HonanSOLD$52,500Sanzaro Racing
35Sweet Lou USAIdeal Ava NZFillyBrown/BlackTraxion Management Services Pty LtdSOLD$22,000C McMullen
36Capt Midnight USAIdle SpiritColtBayJohn PolsonSOLD$18,000Taylah Osmond
37American Ideal USAIm Off Limits NZColtBayTraxion Management Services Pty LtdSOLD$28,500I Slater
38Downbytheseaside USAIm Sugar CoatedFillyBayLindsay & Mary VaggSOLD$20,000ABR Summit Bloodstock TSR
39Bling It OnIndigenous ArtColtBayWayne ComerfordSOLD$15,000APG As Agent
40Rock N Roll World USAJayne TeeFillyBayMonarch FarmPASSED IN (reserve $12,000)
41Poster BoyJive NZFillyBayLindsay & Mary VaggPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
42Always B Miki USAJoannes A Delight NZColtBaySomerset FarmsSOLD$21,000Manuel Viray
43Rock N Roll World USAJoannie PonyFillyBayWayne LoaderPASSED IN (reserve $35,000)
44A Rocknroll Dance USAKamwood Blue Chip NZFillyBay/BrownBurwood StudSOLD$21,000D Graham
45Bling It OnKidaboutColtBayMonarch FarmSOLD$15,000G Dixon
46Sweet Lou USALaughing Lilly NZColtBayGemma HewittPASSED IN (reserve $100,000)
47Sweet Lou USALaura Madison NZFillyBay/BrownGreg DeckerSOLD$12,000Burchill Bloodstock
48Sweet Lou USALets Go One Bettor NZColtBayBrittany GrahamSOLD$60,000M Boots
49McWicked USALindsey EffectColtBay/BrownCobbity Equine FarmSOLD$12,000L Wanless
50Stay Hungry (US)Magenta RoseColtBaySomerset FarmsSOLD$20,000R Alchin
51American Ideal USAMajor FashionColtBayTraxion Management Services Pty LtdSOLD$20,000Gemma Hewitt
52For A ReasonMathilda DiventaColtBayDaren Garrard & Chris Garrard OAMSOLD$56,000K Gordon
53Rock N Roll Heaven USAMakin BickiesColtBayTraxion Management Services Pty LtdSOLD$26,000ABR Summit Bloodstock TSR
54American Ideal USAMight And MainColtBayTrevor & Louise O'ReillyPASSED IN (reserve $40,000)
55Rock N Roll Heaven USAMasey MachColtBayTrotters AustraliaSOLD$23,000ABR Summit Bloodstock TSR
56Stay Hungry (US)Millwood Tilly NZFillyBayChantal McMullenPASSED IN (reserve $80,000)
57Ultimate Machete NZMontana TessColtBayDaren Garrard & Gayle GarrardWITHDRAWN$0
58Downbytheseaside USAMy Kind Of GirlColtBayMonarch FarmPASSED IN (reserve $12,000)
59Soho TribecaMoonlight Spirit NZFillyBayJonathon & Megan DenningSOLD$20,000L Wanless
60Downbytheseaside USANew York FashionColtBayTraxion Management Services Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $60,000)
61Hes Watching USANova Time NZColtBayDaren Garrard & Gayle GarrardPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
62Art Major USAOh So HippeFillyBayWayne ComerfordSOLD$30,000ABR Summit Bloodstock TSR
63Downbytheseaside USAOur Bettor DancerFillyBayMonarch FarmSOLD$13,000R Essex
64Captain Crunch USAOur Sweet MelodyColtBayTrotters AustraliaSOLD$90,000W Loader
65Soho TribecaOur Ultimate KatieFillyBayGayle GarrardSOLD$12,000R Pike
66Always B Miki USAParis HighlightsFillyBayMonarch FarmSOLD$20,000N Loader
67Heston Blue Chip USAPolly DelwinColtBayAlan JW BoydSOLD$20,000M Dwyer
68Art Major USAPresidents Doll NZFillyBayTraxion Management Services Pty LtdSOLD$27,000Goodtime Breeding
69American Ideal USAPrivate BronskiColtBay/BrownRavelyn Pty LtdWITHDRAWN$0
70Lather Up USAProud TrickFillyBayTraxion Management Services Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
71The Storm InsideRomancing Ashley USAColtBrownBurwood StudWITHDRAWN$0
72Tall Dark Stranger (US)Reaza Grunter NZColtBayTraxion Management Services Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $60,000)
73Sweet Lou USAShelbyville NZColtBaySomerset FarmsSOLD$47,500Gillys Lodge Pty Ltd
74McWicked USARock On GirlfriendFillyBayTrotters AustraliaSOLD$5,000S Hewitt
75Jilliby Kung FuShes A LeftyFillyBayCobbity Equine FarmPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
76Downbytheseaside USAShez SmashingColtBayMonarch FarmPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
77Rock N Roll World USAShezagagaFillyBayRicky & Sharon ThurlowPASSED IN (reserve $11,000)
78American Ideal USASomethings SizzlinFillyBayTraxion Management Services Pty LtdSOLD$25,000M Butler
79McWicked USASome BerriesFillyBayCobbity Equine FarmSOLD$8,000S Hewitt
80Bettors Delight USASophie SteningFillyBayBrittany GrahamPASSED IN (reserve $40,000)
81Southwind Frank (US)Swede Dreams SWEColtBayJanice BryantSOLD$18,000Darren Wilson
82Sweet Lou USATori ArtistFillyBay/BrownTraxion Management Services Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
83Fear The Dragon (US)Thats BettorColtBayMonarch FarmSOLD$5,000J Hutchinson
84Captain Crunch USATori MayFillyBayTraxion Management Services Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $40,000)
85Warrawee Needy CAPresidential NightColtBayRobert BrummSOLD$27,500M Dwyer
86American Ideal USALis Tureen NZFillyBayTraxion Management ServicesPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)