Sale Summary

78 of 111 Lots Sold

Sale Total: $2,007,000 | Clearance Rate: 70.27%

Average Lot Price: $25,731 | Top Lot Price: $210,000

Filly Summary

37 of 57 Lots Sold

Sale Total: $555,000

Clearance Rate: 64.91%

Colt Summary

40 of 51 Lots Sold

Sale Total: $1,407,000

Clearance Rate: 78.43%

Gelding Summary

0 of 2 Lots Sold

Sale Total: $0

Clearance Rate: 0.00%

101Always B Miki USAVouvrayColtCavalli SuperioriWITHDRAWN$0
102Tall Dark Stranger (US)Vouvray BeachColtJamie Cockshutt & Barry CooperSOLD$50,000John McLeish
103Always B Miki USAWinehouseColtMatthew & Kym MartinSOLD$18,000K Parry
104Bold Eagle (FRA)Yankee StellaColtMichelle WardlePASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
105VincentYarrawonga LassieFillyDJ & LJ GaleSOLD$8,000ABR Summit Bloodstock Pty Ltd
106Sweet Lou USAYmbro TotoFillyHampton FarmsSOLD$14,000D Reilly
107Helpisontheway (US)Aldebaran Turnpike USAFillyOxley FarmSOLD$15,000J Davies
108Lather UpAlicia KeysColtLesley McAliecePASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
109Fear The Dragon (US)Amitys GirlColtOakbank EstateSOLD$20,000Buckland Park Homestead
110Ride HighArakbellGeldingSusan MainePASSED IN (reserve $18,000)
111American Ideal USAAriveeColtGlenn & Christine Taylor, Ryan & Judith EdenSOLD$24,000S Watt
112Captaintreacherous (US)Art De TriompheColtCahillio Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $60,000)
113Sweet Lou USAArt In ParisFillyBalmain Lodge Racing StablesWITHDRAWN$0
114Downbytheseaside USAArterial WayFillyAtworthy Park GroupSOLD$40,000Goozdolphin Racing
115Sweet Lou USAArts ImageColtS C Bloodstock Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $40,000)
116Metropolitan USAAtomic CatColtTourello Standardbreds StudWITHDRAWN$0
117A Rocknroll DanceBallandella BabyFillyR C Viney, J A Viney, R L EelesSOLD$13,000S Eeles
118Downbytheseaside USABella ShineFillyAtworthy Park GroupPASSED IN (reserve $45,000)
119Captaintreacherous (US)BelliciouslipsFillyJamie Cockshutt & Barry CooperPASSED IN (reserve $75,000)
120Stay Hungry (US)Bettors CommandColtR C Viney, J A Viney, R L EelesSOLD$30,000T Samatidis
121Art Major USABonny LenaFillyMaxfield Standardbreds Tasmania Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
122Sweet Lou USABronski GorgeousFillyJ Laker & C MifsudCANCELLED$0J Watson
123Always B Miki USABrowngirlintherain NZColtAshdon Valley Harness RacingSOLD$10,000Ros Rolfe
124Sweet Lou USABronski MacarenaColtRob CarusoSOLD$45,000Tracey Purcell
125Art Major USAClassic MalibuFillySandra & Peter BryantPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
126Betting Line USACee Cee SheffieldFillyDenis PangrazioSOLD$6,000Brayden Drake
127Poster BoyCraving A SmileFillyOakbankWITHDRAWN$0
128Lazarus NZComekissmequick NZColtCahillio Pty LtdSOLD$35,000W Potter
129Stay Hungry (US)Cut From RockFillyLloyd Whish-WilsonSOLD$8,000Joe D'Orazio
130TennotrumpDeltasuFillyStaffordshire ParkWITHDRAWN$0
131Tell All USADynamic CatColtTourello Standardbreds StudWITHDRAWN$0
132Muscle M Up USAEscandoloFillyGlengarry FarmWITHDRAWN$0
133Captain Crunch USAFashion SharkFillyJohn GilmorePASSED IN (reserve $70,000)
134Dawn of a New Day USAFeelinkindasportyFillyTourello Standardbreds StudSOLD$8,000Tim Maine
135Elite StrideForeign InvasionFillyStaffordshire ParkSOLD$11,000N Cahir
136A Rocknroll Dance USAFrisky Risky RitaColtHomestead FarmsSOLD$11,000J Laker
137Tell All USAFromtheothersideFillyTourello Standardbreds StudPASSED IN (reserve $6,000)
138Lather Up USAGone Too FarFillyLP Collins GP CollinsSOLD$8,000M Horsnell
139Bettors Wish USAGoodtime GraceFillyGoodtime BreedingSOLD$60,000Marc Hanover & Gordon Banks
140Lazarus NZGrace AnatomyColtTravis JudeSOLD$16,000L Dunne
141Always B Miki USAGoodtime MelodyFillyGoodtime BreedingPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
142Captain Crunch USAGrand Times USAColtTourello Standardbreds StudSOLD$7,000J Sant
143Captain Crunch USAGrumpy SallyFillyAshdon Valley Harness RacingSOLD$16,000P Nixon
144Sweet Lou USAHabaneroColtAtworthy Park GroupSOLD$60,000M Boots
145Tell All USAHayley Franco NZFillyTourello Standardbreds StudSOLD$4,500M Schembri
146Ride HighHear No Secret NZColtBack Bolac Standardbreds GroupSOLD$22,000E Tormey
147Andover Hall (US)Hilary HillFillyStaffordshire ParkSOLD$11,000R Caruso
148Love You (FRA)Hills AboveColtLang BloodstockSOLD$46,000J Laker
149Lincoln Royal NZHonky Tonk Bromac NZFillyTourello Standardbreds StudSOLD$6,000E Jepsen
150Art Major USAIdeal TaxesFillyAshdon Valley Harness RacingPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
151Art Major USAIm HavinaballColtHomestead FarmsPASSED IN (reserve $35,000)
152What The Hill CAIm Princess SophieFillyLevarg Racing GroupSOLD$4,000Craig Turnbull
153Capt Midnight USAJets GirlFillyMichelle WardleSOLD$22,000A Ashwood
154GuaranteedJilliby DaphneColtLevarg Racing GroupPASSED IN (reserve $12,000)
155A Rocknroll Dance USAJilliby PleasureColtTourello Standardbreds StudSOLD$5,500Georgina Wood
156Captain Crunch USAJuliette Bromac NZFillyHampton FarmsSOLD$8,000W Potter
157Captain Crunch USAKateesharColtKevin ClarkSOLD$32,000Roly And Jackie Wilson
158Stay Hungry (US)Keayang HayleyBayOxley FarmSOLD$45,000Sandy Lodge
159The Storm InsideKerry SheffieldFillyStaffordshire ParkSOLD$10,500Joe Fenech And Emma Windle
160Yankee RockstarLa SpiritozaFillyGoodtime BreedingPASSED IN (reserve $12,000)
161Bettors Delight USALeft For DeadColtRampant Pty LtdSOLD$210,000M Boots
162Sweet Lou USALets Jazz It Up NZFillyJM Breen & AM BrownSOLD$29,000Patrick O'Boyle
163Lazarus NZLittle FibColtTravis JudeSOLD$9,000M Bibby
164Lochinvar ArtLively LunaColtLevarg Racing GroupWITHDRAWN$0
165Ride HighLucilla Franco NZFillyTeela ParkPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
166Bettors Wish USALynniemachFillyMichael MaxfieldSOLD$15,000C Maggs
167Rock N Roll Heaven USAMacray AmoreFillyMacray LodgeSOLD$10,000D Borrett
168Captaintreacherous (US)Madison LouiseColtOakbank EstateSOLD$72,500J Davies
169Aldebaran Eagle USAMacray MaoriColtMacray LodgeSOLD$4,000T French
170American Ideal USAMagical Mocca NZColtAshdon Valley Harness RacingPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
171Poster BoyMajor SeaFillyStaffordshire ParkSOLD$15,000F Borg
172Skyvalley NZMangoniqueFillyDenis PangrazioSOLD$11,000Munro & Associates Conveyancing
173American Ideal USAMary JoyceFillyHeath BourkePASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
174Rock N Roll World USAMelinkaFillyA Russo & J WeberSOLD$10,000B & A TINDALE HARNESS RACING
175Rock N Roll Heaven USAMelody StrideColtK McEvoy & S O'BrienSOLD$30,000Sharryn O'Brien
176Captain Crunch USAMendelicoColtHarvey DelmenicoPASSED IN (reserve $40,000)
177Captaintreacherous (US)MetromintFillyHeath BourkePASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
178VincentMilanaFillyHarvey DelmenicoSOLD$8,000R Essex
179VincentMiss SkeeterFillyJohn BrownSOLD$10,000C Gusman
180Stay Hungry (US)Miss DreaminFillyBalmain Lodge Racing StablesSOLD$14,000M Panton
181Love You (FRA)Miss Warbucks NZFillyLang BloodstockSOLD$38,000All Stars Racing Stables
182Tell All USAMy Tupelo Honey NZFillyTourello Standardbreds StudWITHDRAWN$0
183Jilliby Kung FuNonnas CoraggioFillyLevarg Racing GroupSOLD$4,000G Lucas
184Ride HighOur Front Page NZColtDyanna ThommenySOLD$25,000APG As Agent
185A Rocknroll Dance USAOne And Sixpence NZColtTourello Standardbreds StudPASSED IN (reserve $5,000)
186Soho TribecaOur Star DustColtGrenada ParkSOLD$11,000A Ward
187Lincoln Royal NZParfait Bromac NZFillyTourello Standardbreds StudWITHDRAWN$0
188Captain Crunch USAParfait Amour ColtJason BussenschuttSOLD$15,000Lucky Lodge Pty Ltd
189Downbytheseaside USAPark LifeColtMelfield EstateSOLD$40,000A Dunn
190Elite StridePinevale MonnaieColtTeela ParkSOLD$24,000W Ross
191Sweet Lou USAPiece Of My Heart NZFillyMichelle WardleSOLD$12,000B & A TINDALE HARNESS RACING
192Pastor Stephen USAPrincess MilaFillyGlengarry FarmSOLD$28,000R Davis
193Always B Miki USARaven RosieColtJason BussenschuttSOLD$20,000N Hollingworth
194Sweet Lou USARed Hot RitaColtHomestead FarmsPASSED IN (reserve $38,000)
195Tall Dark Stranger (US)Riri Rihanna NZColtOakbank EstateSOLD$40,000M Busch
196Art Major USARock SetterFillySandra & Peter BryantPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
197Captaintreacherous (US)Rocknroll RamaFillyS C Bloodstock Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $50,000)
198American Ideal USARocktheniteawayColtHomestead FarmsWITHDRAWN$0
199Sweet Lou USARosharniFillyHeath BourkeSOLD$17,000R Bartley
200Downbytheseaside USASahara SunriseColtBruce Paul & Peter WatkinsonSOLD$160,000N Jack
201Sweet Lou USARythm Of The PrideFillyHeath BourkePASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
202Art Major USASahara MissColtBruce Paul & Peter WatkinsonSOLD$100,000K Gordon
203Stay Hungry (US)Serenity Franco NZColtCahillio Pty LtdSOLD$12,000S Ewen
204Pastor Stephen USASevere StormColtLouise PangrazioSOLD$20,000F Spiteri
205Rock N Roll Heaven USASexy LadyColtCahillo Pty LtdSOLD$9,000T O'Brien
206LennythesharkShowgirl ShereColtStaffordshire ParkSOLD$4,000M Schembri
207Sweet Lou USAShake It MamaFillyJohn GilmorePASSED IN (reserve $90,000)
208LennythesharkSignorina MacrayFillyMacray LodgeSOLD$5,000J Wall
209Capt Midnight USAShes OfflimitsFillyGrenada ParkSOLD$25,000Mark Pitt
210Cardigan Boko SWESilver Spur NZFillyGoodtime BreedingPASSED IN (reserve $12,000)
211Pastor Stephen USASister RaFillyLeroy O'BrienWITHDRAWN$0
212Art Major USASmyrna Duruisseau USAColtMichelle WardleSOLD$65,000APG As Agent
213Captain Crunch USASpirited Storm USAColtBalmain Lodge Racing StablesSOLD$16,000J Laker
214Tall Dark Stranger (US)Sparkling Tachyon NZFillyCahillo Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $35,000)
215Skyvalley NZSweetasayColtMichael J PangrazioSOLD$28,000M Horsnell
216Stay Hungry (US)That Chill DivineFillyCahillo Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
217Stay Hungry (US)The Black QueenColtLevarg Racing GroupPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
218American Ideal USAThe Heat Is OnFillyHomestead FarmsSOLD$16,000C Jamieson
219Art Major USAThe WaratahColtA, H & R GangeSOLD$22,000Paul Cavallaro
220VincentTisu HollyGeldingSusan MainePASSED IN (reserve $18,000)
221McWicked USATPS Girl NZColtKevin ClarkSOLD$19,000Dj Cole
222Poster BoyTreading WaterFillyMelfield EstateSOLD$15,000T Conte
223Dawn of a New Day USATrish BromacFillyTourello Standardbreds StudWITHDRAWN$0
224Art Major USATrulyawork Of Art USAColtCavalli SuperioriSOLD$20,000Clinton Livingston
225Art Major USAWhatacorkaColtTourello Standardbreds StudWITHDRAWN$0
226Majestic Son CAFear The YankeeFillyHomestead FarmsWITHDRAWN$0