Sale Summary

48 of 77 Lots Sold

Sale Total: $787,250 | Clearance Rate: 62.34%

Average Lot Price: $16,401 | Top Lot Price: $70,000

1Love You (FRA)La Tonneralla NZB.Yorkshire Park StandardbredsSOLD$31,000Buckland park Homestaed
2Love You (FRA)Le ChabanaisCh.Nick Hooper & Paul GraydonSOLD$20,000B Dalton
3Love You (FRA)LeavemeinBaySheron Park Pty LtdWITHDRAWN$0
4Great Success USALucky KentuckyChestnutHopetoun Park StudSOLD$7,000J Meade
5Bacardi Lindy USALydia HatboxDJ & MB KennedySOLD$11,000G Holt
6Andover Hall (US)Aldebaran MaoriBrownAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
7Father Patrick (US)Lindys Two Step USABayMartin & Kaye HartnettSOLD$16,000KPC Racing
8Dream Vacation (US)Meredith CAstleBrownLorraine & Geoff barnesSOLD$29,000T Williams
9Love You (FRA)Miss Adelade NZBayMichael TaylorSOLD$35,000KPC Racing
10Andover Hall (US)Maori RoadBayAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdSOLD$17,000M Whittle
11Bacardi Lindy USAModern PegasusBayJoan & Malcolm Shaw & Louise PangrazioWITHDRAWN$0
12Great Success USAMisty GiftGreyHopetoun Park StudWITHDRAWN$0
13Love You (FRA)MoyabambaBayAngela Morris & Estate of Kevin HipkinsWITHDRAWN$0
14Used To Me FRAMy Dreamweaver NZChestnutYabby Dams Pty LtdSOLD$11,000A Ashwood
15Bacardi Lindy USAMiriama NZBayRoss SimpsonWITHDRAWN$0
16Majestic Son CAOlympisBayWarren NewboundPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
17Andover Hall (US)OstensiblyBrownRoy SpencerPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
18Muscle Hill (US)Aldebaran RevenueBayAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdSOLD$40,000KPC Racing
19Bacardi Lindy USAPolly ApolloBrownStafforshire ParkWITHDRAWN$0
20Muscle Mass USAOur Flash GirlBayHarshell Investments Pty LtdWITHDRAWN$0
21Quaker Jet (FRA)Outback AdventureBayIngrid MurphyPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
22Love You (FRA)Pinevale Ellason NZBayTerry Forster & Heather LyttletonSOLD$34,000KPC Racing
23Muscle Mass USAAldebaran Sunset NZBayAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdSOLD$12,500P Abrahams
24Love You (FRA)Right InterestChestnutSheron Park Pty LtdWITHDRAWN$0
25Majestic Son CAPaige OliviaBayHopetoun Park StudSOLD$6,000G Holt
26Skyvalley NZRedneckBayDenis pangrazioSOLD$8,000M Hunter
27Great Success USAPepperell MistralBrown/blackVerna El-KhishinSOLD$6,000B Morrissey
28Yield Boko SWEUshaka Bromac NZBayAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdSOLD$8,000T Williams
29Skyvalley NZPoet LaureateBayPaul Graydon & Clyde LittleSOLD$8,500S Carter
30Great Success USAPositive LogicBayHopetoun Park StudPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
31Majestic Son CAYankee SisterBay/brownAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdSOLD$13,000R Alchin
32DejarmbroRight YankeeSheron Park Pty LtdWITHDRAWN$0
33Quaker Jet (FRA)Ruby PinevaleBayTerry Forster & Heather LyttletonSOLD$15,000G Holt
34Father Patrick (US)Shes An ImageBayChris Lang Jnr & Haley LangSOLD$70,000APG as Agent
35Muscle Hill (US)Zoia Boko SWEBayAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $60,000)
36Father Patrick (US)Solana NZBayMichael TaylorPASSED IN (reserve $35,000)
37Love You (FRA)Yankee PrincessBay/brownJoan & Malcolm Shaw & Louise PangrazioPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
38Peak DnkSoliloquizeBrownHopetoun Park StudWITHDRAWN$0
39Skyvalley NZAspenglow USABrownAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdSOLD$12,000Dorro Nominees Pty Ltd
40Love You (FRA)SpidergirlBaySheron Park Pty LtdWITHDRAWN$0
41Peak DnkStand On MeBayJos LumsdenWITHDRAWN$0
42Skyvalley NZAmaori SpurBayMichael Pangrazio JnrSOLD$4,000Pat Conroy
43Muscle Mass USAAldebaran BreezeBayAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
44Pegasus Spur CASunny Folly NZBayDavid ScottSOLD$15,000J Vassallo
45Used To Me FRAUrubambaBayAngela Morris & Estate of Kevin HipkinsWITHDRAWN$0
46Muscle Mass USASusuwe NZBayMichael TaylorPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
47Father Patrick (US)Bromac Aldebaran NZBayAldebaran LodgeWITHDRAWN$0
48Great Success USAWhatta TussleBrownRachel BennsSOLD$6,000P Pratt
49Trixton (US)Whosinthenest NZBrownMichael AzzopardiPASSED IN (reserve $60,000)
50TennotrumpAnnies LastBayNeville PangrazioSOLD$4,000M Whelan
51Majestic Son CAAryafeelinlukypunkBayKerri LeePASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
52Sebastian K (SWE)Charming Yankee NZBrownAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdSOLD$26,000C McDowell
53Bacardi Lindy USAArcupandgoJennifer LewisSOLD$4,250B Morrissey
54Trixton (US)Another Starlet NZBayMichael AzzopardiPASSED IN (reserve $75,000)
55Bacardi Lindy USACatchya TaddyBayLyndon TurnerSOLD$5,000Walk Proud Pty Ltd
56Trixton (US)Aldebaran CrumpetBayAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdSOLD$6,000P Males
57TennotrumpBox BrownieBayStafforshire ParkSOLD$7,000N & J Visca
58Majestic Son CAGypsy FlairBayRhiannon ParkSOLD$14,000T Hogan
59Great Success USABrylin Crescent NZBayMichael TaylorPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
60Father Patrick (US)Aldebaran DaisyBayAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $50,000)
61Love You (FRA)Charlotte Galleon NZBayGerard MoloneySOLD$18,000P Males
62Father patrickCountess AngelaBrownOakbank EstateSOLD$62,000APG as Agent
63Majestic Son CAIcantrememberBayRhiannon ParkPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
64TennotrumpForeign InvasionBrownStafforshire ParkSOLD$10,500N Visca
65Love You (FRA)Aldebaran Deegan NZBayAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdSOLD$11,000APG as Agent
66Muscle Mass USACruzenthepacificBrownNick Hooper & Paul GraydonSOLD$8,000I Caruana
67Love You (FRA)Elusive CharmChestnutDavid ScottSOLD$22,000J Nissen
68Father Patrick (US)Aldebaran Hall USABrownAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdSOLD$20,000R.E.D. Harness Racing Pty Ltd
69Great Success USAForgetfulljaneBayLyndon TurnerPASSED IN (reserve $7,000)
70Bacardi Lindy USAGloriadonBayStafforshire ParkSOLD$5,500R Mathews
71Muscle Mass USAGladys Emanuel NZBayMichael TaylorSOLD$15,000F Clarke
72Love You (FRA)Illawong MoonshineBayMartin & Kaye HartnettWITHDRAWN$0
73Majestic Son CAAldebaran HoneyBay/brownAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdSOLD$10,000E Brosnan
74Trixton (US)Gluteus MaximusBayNick Hooper & Paul GraydonSOLD$30,000T Hogan
75Pegasus Spur CAKapitan ClaireBrownHopetoun Park StudPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
76Majestic Son CAJingling SilverBayAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdSOLD$14,000APG as Agent
77TennotrumpJewel Of The NightBayNeville PangrazioSOLD$8,000Good Time Breeding
78Muscle Mass USAJaurdonBayGerard MoloneySOLD$20,000C Lang
79Love You (FRA)Kyvalley Aldebaran NZChestnutAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdSOLD$17,000Stallions Australsia
80Bacardi Lindy USAKyvalley BaeBrownRoss SimpsonSOLD$5,000C Harvey
81Father Patrick (US)Aldebaran Dream NZBayAlderbaran Lodge pty LtdCANCELLED$0Non Sale Entry in APTS Race Series
82Muscle Hill (US)Aldebaran Malibu USABayAlderbaran Lodge pty LtdCANCELLED$0Non Sale Entry in APTS Race Series
83Trixton (US)Aldebaran Turnpike USABrownAlderbaran Lodge pty LtdCANCELLED$0Aldebaran Lodge Pty Ltd
84Muscle Hill (US)Dream InterestBay/brownRichard MatthewsCANCELLED$0Non Sale Entry in APTS Race Series
85Im StatelyEscandoloBayDavid & Anne JackCANCELLED$0Non Sale Entry in APTS Race Series
86Readly Express (SWE)Excellent Boko SWEBayAlderbaran Lodge pty LtdCANCELLED$0Non Sale Entry in APTS Race Series
87Muscle Hill (US)Glenferrie Unixa FRABayYabby Dams Pty LtdCANCELLED$0Non Sale Entry in APTS Race Series
88Muscle Hill (US)Invasions Pride NZBayRichard MatthewsCANCELLED$0Non Sale Entry in APTS Race Series
89Muscle Hill (US)Miss BullionBayRichard MatthewsCANCELLED$0Non Sale Entry in APTS Race Series
90Love You (FRA)My Valerie NZBayYabby Dams Pty LtdCANCELLED$0Non Sale Entry in APTS Race Series
91Angus Hall (US)Oh Yes Indeed NZBayMaclean Family GroupCANCELLED$0Non Sale Entry in APTS Race Series
99Angus Hall (US)Yankee StellaBrownDarren AitkenSOLD$10,000Downunder Sulky Company