Sale Summary

39 of 48 Lots Sold

Sale Total: $1,001,500 | Clearance Rate: 81.25%

Average Lot Price: $25,679 | Top Lot Price: $60,000

1Betting Line USAOctober OriginalFillyPeter DonohoeCANCELLED$0
2Art Major USAOh So HippeColtWayne ComerfordSOLD$57,000APG as Agent
3Captaintreacherous (US)Our Sweet MelodyFillyTrotters AustraliaSOLD$40,000APG as Agent
4Betting Line USAOurarkBrownRickie AlchinWITHDRAWN$0
5Art Major USAPacific Jaccka NZFillyTrotters AustraliaSOLD$16,000Lachie Manzelmann
6A Rocknroll Dance USAParis HighlightsFillyMonarch FarmSOLD$16,000G Elkins
7Centurion Atm USAParis PepperellColtTrump Bloodstock Pty LtdSOLD$4,000C McMullen
8Roll With Joe USAPresidents DollColtTraxion Management ServicesSOLD$21,000Kriden Investments Pty Ltd
9Sunshine Beach USAPolly DelwinColtAlan BoydPASSED IN (reserve $42,000)
10A Rocknroll Dance USAPretentious LomboBrownLJ Vagg & ME VaggWITHDRAWN$0
11Bull Mattgregor NZRiverboat Diamond NZFillyBrisbane Pastoral Company Pty LtdSOLD$7,000P Jones
12Downbytheseaside USARoccavaldinaColtMonarch FarmSOLD$42,000APG As Agent
13A Rocknroll Dance USARespectedFillyLJ Vagg & ME VaggSOLD$15,000Michael Boots
14Roll With Joe USARomancing Ashley USAFillyTraxion Management ServicesWITHDRAWN$0
15Always B Miki USAShesgotemgoodColtTrevor & Louise O'ReillyPASSED IN (reserve $28,000)
16Roll With Joe USARoxie Romance NZFillyBrisbane Pastoral CompanyDavid MoffatSOLD$8,000G Garrard
17Downbytheseaside USASexy JoyceFillyPatrick O'BoyleSOLD$11,000APG As Agent
18American Ideal USASantanna Jewel NZColtTraxion Management ServicesSOLD$32,000P Galvin
19Centurion Atm USAToasted NZColtTrump Bloodstock Pty LtdSOLD$9,000G Harris
20Hes Watching USASomethings FishyColtBrisbane Pastoral Company Ltd PtyPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
21Sunshine Beach USATeamenupColtTrevor & Louise O'ReillySOLD$21,000C Lusby
22Allamerican Ingot USAStarofmydream NZColtBrisbane Pastoral Company Pty LtdSOLD$15,000B Graham
23VincentVersace Woman NZFillyKeith CroftSOLD$27,500APG As Agent
24Bull Mattgregor NZStylish StormFillyBrisbane Pastoral Company Pty LtdSOLD$9,000R Essex
25Bettors Delight USAWandary SplashFillyN & D BielbySOLD$60,000D Bielby
26Allamerican Ingot USABelmont Rose NZColtBrisbane Pastoral Company Pty LtdSOLD$15,000R Smith
27Betting Line USAWalking On AirFillyBurwood StudSOLD$32,000Daniel Cordina
28Betterthancheddar USABubby DollFillyBrisbane Pastoral Company Pty LtdSOLD$18,000J Turnbull
29Art Major USABobbies Girl NZFillyVeivers Purchasers Ptd LtdPASSED IN (reserve $40,000)
30Badlands Hanover USABute Sister NZFillyTraxion Management ServicesWITHDRAWN$0
31Sweet Lou USAChic BoutiqueFillyNikki PaganCANCELLED$0
32American Ideal USACaracasFillyTraxion Management ServicesSOLD$18,000C Frisby
33Art Major USAColada BelleColtTumby Park Pty LtdSOLD$60,000Jarrod Alchin
34A Rocknroll Dance USAClearwater BlueFillyTraxion Management ServicesSOLD$16,000L Gallagher
35Art Major USADontdrinkthendrive NZFillyBurwood StudBurwood Stud & Greg MitchellSOLD$26,000J Durnberger-Smith
36Bling It OnElla PalmsFillyMonarch FarmSOLD$18,000A Bain
37Sebastian K (SWE)Feona Joy NZColtTrump Bloodstock Pty LtdSOLD$20,000C McMullen
38Betting Line USAExclusifColtLJ Vagg & ME VaggSOLD$60,000D Reilly
39Captaintreacherous (US)Find Fake Cash NZFillyGSM Racing Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $50,000)
40Always B Miki USAGidup Tuscany Gold NZColtBrittany GrahamSOLD$38,000I Slater
41Hes Watching USAGirls Are Bettor NZColtArbit Each Way Pty LtdSOLD$40,000J Mammino
42Major In Art USAGold CurrencyFillyBrisbane Pastoral Company Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
43Hes Watching USAGottaluva Sunday NZColtKM & DT DenningSOLD$25,000G Mitchell
44Always B Miki USAIdle SpiritFillyBrisbane Pastoral Company Pty LtdSOLD$25,000R Jones
45Betting Line USAIlikemillieFillyJulian & Kristie NorrishSOLD$25,000Mathew Purcel
46Art Major USAJennas DancerFillyRussell Harpley, Rickie Alchin & Jarrod AlchinPASSED IN (reserve $40,000)
47Centurion Atm USAJoyces ImageFillyLJ Vagg & ME VaggSOLD$20,000M Dwyer
48A Rocknroll Dance USAKidaboutBrownMonarch FarmWITHDRAWN$0
49Betting Line USALaura Madison NZFillyGreg DeckerSOLD$27,000B Graham
50A Rocknroll Dance USAKotare Cameo NZFillyMonarch FarmSOLD$10,000M Boots
51American Ideal USALis Tureen NZFillyTraxion Management ServicesSOLD$38,000M Boots
52Hurrikane Kingcole USANakanoColtJulian & Kristie NorrishSOLD$15,000Darrel Graham
53Captaintreacherous (US)Real Intentions NZColtRickie AlchinSOLD$45,000Petes Folly Pty Ltd