Sale Summary

60 of 85 Lots Sold

Sale Total: $2,060,000 | Clearance Rate: 70.59%

Average Lot Price: $34,333 | Top Lot Price: $100,000

1American Ideal USAAnnika MagicColtD & M BielbyM & D BielbyWITHDRAWN$0
2Downbytheseaside USAArks CrystalColtGSM Racing Pty LtdSOLD$45,000Goodtime Breeding
3Rock N Roll World USAArtonarockColtMonarch FarmSOLD$10,000B Battle
4Rock N Roll Heaven USABeach ShackFillyMichelle MaxwellSOLD$36,000C Whiteoak
5Rock N Roll Heaven USABonnie JujonFillyJohn MamminoPASSED IN (reserve $35,000)
6Always B Miki USABest Of WineFillyJM StandardbredsPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
7Sweet Lou USABronski GorgeousColtRavelyn Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $80,000)
8Bettors Delight USABreeze On BronskiFillyDavid & Wendy BoydellSOLD$30,000GSM Racing
9Always B Miki USACherished HopeFillySolid Earth Pty LtdWITHDRAWN$0
10Lazarus NZColada BelleColtTumby Park P/LPASSED IN (reserve $60,000)
11Bling It OnCotton Cold CandyColtJ W & N A CarkeetPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
12Badlands Hanover USABute Sister NZColtTraxion Management ServicesSOLD$28,000D Weeks
13Lazarus NZCourageous Annie NZColtTumby Park P/LPASSED IN (reserve $60,000)
14A Good ChanceDestiny ChoiceColtTrenton SmithWITHDRAWN$0
15Betting Line USACullens JewelFillyOn Pace, P B Nugent, J A CarrollPASSED IN (reserve $40,000)
16Somebeachsomewhere USACharms On A RollFillyDavid & Wendy BoydellSOLD$80,000Brittany Graham
17Ultimate Machete NZDont Break My ArkColtBurwood Stud As AgentBurwood Stud & Greg MitchellSOLD$30,000T Butt
18Downbytheseaside USADigby DivaFillyCameron SpencerSOLD$18,000APG As Agent
19Downbytheseaside USADont Fall For MeColtChantal McMullen SOLD$30,000B Hewitt
20Badlands Hanover USAClearwater BlueFillyTraxion Management ServicesSOLD$15,000APG As Agent
21Always B Miki USAExclusifFillyLJ Vagg & ME VaggSOLD$67,000D Reilly
22Downbytheseaside USAEvelyn DeeColtCameron SpencerPASSED IN (reserve $35,000)
23Downbytheseaside USAFind Fake Cash NZColtGSM Racing Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $55,000)
24Roll With Joe USAFoolish KissColtTraxion Management ServicesSOLD$38,000APG As Agent
25Art Major USAFullon Boundary Row NZColtAdvanced Standardbreds and Bloodstock NZSOLD$30,000Douglas Johnston
26Mr Feelgood USAFavourite MissColtSolid Earth Pty LtdSOLD$20,000Peter & Julie McKay
27Ohoka Punter NZHorizon Bromac NZColtJulian & Kristie NorrishSOLD$20,000D Kent
28Always B Miki USAIdle SpiritFillyKevin CharlesSOLD$36,000Neil Badcock & Maximilian Lago
29Sweet Lou USAIdeally AmericanFillyRaboki Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $50,000)
30Bettors Delight USAGet In The GrooveFillySolid Earth Pty LtdSOLD$55,000T Butt
31Always B Miki USAIm Sugar CoatedFillyLJ Vagg & ME VaggSOLD$32,500T Butt
32American Ideal USAIm Off Limits NZColtTraxion Management ServicesSOLD$45,000D Weeks
33Sweet Lou USAIma Grumpy Possum NZColtJM StandardbredsPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
34American Ideal USAHappy FeelingsColtSolid Earth Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $35,000)
35Western Ideal (US)Kylie Bromac NZColtD C Garrard & G R GarrardPASSED IN (reserve $50,000)
36Downbytheseaside USALislady NZColtAl BarnesSOLD$75,000APG As Agent
37Roll With Joe USALaugh Out LoudColtTraxion Management ServicesSOLD$28,000APG As Agent
38Lazarus NZLauramegan NZColtTumby Park P/LSOLD$60,000B Graham
39Betting Line USAMardys VictreeColtLJ Vagg & ME VaggSOLD$30,000M Butler
40Captaintreacherous (US)Laceys LegacyFillySolid Earth Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $55,000)
41Always B Miki USAManhattan Montana NZFillyTumby Park P/LSOLD$32,000APG As Agent
42American Ideal USALis Tureen NZColtTraxion Management ServicesSOLD$45,000M Boots
43Changeover NZMad MillyColtG R Garrard & C J GarrardWITHDRAWN$0
44American Ideal USAMerrymachFillySolid Earth Pty LtdSOLD$62,000APG As Agent
45Changeover NZMathilda DiventaColtD C Garrard & C J GarrardSOLD$20,000M Dwyer
46Betting Line USANakanoFillyJulian & Kristie NorrishSOLD$15,000S Graham
47Rock N Roll World USAMakin BickiesColtTraxion Management ServicesWITHDRAWN$0
48American Ideal USAMight And MainFillyTrevor & Louise O'ReillySOLD$35,000Leanne Jacobsen
49Always B Miki USAOh So HippeColtWayne ComerfordPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
50Rock N Roll Heaven USAParis HighlightsColtMonarch FarmSOLD$32,500Summit Bloodstock
51Sweet Lou USAMuscle BeachFillyTraxion Management ServicesSOLD$100,000B Graham
52Rock N Roll Heaven USAOur Queen Of Aces NZFillyBurwood StudSOLD$10,000M Dwyer
53Always B Miki USAOur Sweet VictreeColtLJ Vagg & ME VaggSOLD$22,500Michelle Grimsey
54Ohoka Punter NZRed Red RobinColtJohn MamminoPASSED IN (reserve $60,000)
55Sweet Lou USANew York FashionColtTraxion Management ServicesSOLD$50,000Gary Barton
56Art Major USAPetousaFillyWayne HonanCANCELLED$0APG As Agent
57Ohoka Punter NZRenaybenFillyJ.A. BrazierPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
58Always B Miki USARich Ruby RedFillySolid Earth Pty LtdSOLD$44,000Harshell Investments Pty Ltd
59American Ideal USAOur Sweet MelodyFillyTrotters AustraliaWITHDRAWN$0
60Betting Line USAPacific CullenFillyLJ Vagg & ME VaggSOLD$40,000P Galvin
61Hes Watching USARobs Sheila NZColtCraig WhiteoakPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
62Rock N Roll Heaven USARoccavaldinaColtMonarch FarmSOLD$25,000A Sinclair
63Art Major USAPresidents Doll NZFillyTraxion Management ServicesSOLD$45,000M Boots
64Downbytheseaside USASandringhamGeldingGSM Racing Pty LtdSOLD$45,000Bells Pacing Stable
65Always B Miki USARespectedFillyLJ Vagg & ME VaggSOLD$26,000M Boots
66Bettors Delight USASweet MistyColtP J Galvin & S G MaugerPASSED IN (reserve $70,000)
67Rock N Roll Heaven USASay It Isnt SoColtWayne HonanSOLD$26,000G Ellerington
68Rock N Roll Heaven USATantara Franco NZFillyTraxion Management ServicesSOLD$24,000D Aitken
69American Ideal USASecret DesireFillyJM StandardbredsSOLD$20,000A Alchin
70Ohoka Punter NZTalented TessFillySolid Earth Pty LtdSOLD$40,000GSM Racing
71American Ideal USAShesgotemgoodFillyTrevor & Louise O'ReillySOLD$20,000John McMullen
72A Rocknroll Dance USAThe Last KarameaFillyR N & P J EssexPASSED IN (reserve $32,500)
73Betterthancheddar USATeamenupColtTrevor & Louise O'ReillySOLD$20,000P Matis
74Ohoka Punter NZSami Cam VictreeFillyLJ Vagg & ME VaggSOLD$10,000APG As Agent
75Art Major USAToo Smart For YouColtC Smart & P M SmartWITHDRAWN$0
76Bettors Delight USAVersace Woman NZFillyKeith CroftSOLD$60,000M Boots
77Bling It OnWalking On AirFillyBurwood StudSOLD$16,000J Grimson
78Sunshine Beach USAWashington Lass NZColtJD PolsonPASSED IN (reserve $180,000)
79Bling It OnVictree BonitaFillyLJ Vagg & ME VaggSOLD$34,000Kevin Gordon
80VincentWhen To HoldFillyMonarch FarmPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
81Changeover NZWandary SplashColtBurwood Stud SOLD$20,000John McMullen
82Majestic Son CABigonluckFillyGerard MoloneySOLD$26,000R Essex
83Sebastian K (SWE)Black Mamba ChevalColtTrump BloodstockSOLD$26,000Daniel Cordina
84Skyvalley NZDaredsetedeit NZColtP J Galvin & S G MaugerSOLD$15,000M McNee
85Centurion Atm USAEilish Monarch NZFillyTrump BloodstockSOLD$25,000R Morris
86Up And Quick (FRA)Heart Of GlassFillyTrump BloodstockSOLD$22,500Darcy Gardiner
87Up And Quick (FRA)Illawong BlissColtTrump BloodstockSOLD$16,000T Butt
88Helpisontheway (US)Jessie Bessie USAFillyJulian & Kristie NorrishPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
89Sebastian K (SWE)Our Flash GirlFillyTrump BloodstockSOLD$20,000D Watt
90Centurion ATM USAOur Maple Tart NZFillyG R Garrard PASSED IN (reserve $22,000)
91Volstead USASweet Pretense NZColtLJ Vagg & ME VaggSOLD$95,000D Weeks
92Sebastian K (SWE)Penny MonsterColtTrump BloodstockSOLD$17,000M Boots