Sale Summary

151 of 186 Lots Sold

Sale Total: $5,094,000 | Clearance Rate: 81.18%

Average Lot Price: $33,735 | Top Lot Price: $200,000

1Somebeachsomewhere USARadical CalzaBayCarl & Matthew ReinehrPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
2Live Or Die USARebecca SheffieldBayStaffordshire ParkPASSED IN (reserve $7,000)
3Bettors Delight USARed Hot RitaBayHomestead FarmSOLD$50,000Justin Baker
4Bettors Delight USARepelemBayMark CareySOLD$70,000Peter Walsh
5Mach Three CARigaleto Franco NZBayAnne & Bill AndersonSOLD$16,000Mark Jones Harness Racing Limi
6Betterthancheddar USARosalee HanoverBay/brownJ.A. Quinlan and K.M. ChadbandPASSED IN (reserve $29,000)
7Art Major USARubeeleeBay/brownGalthorn FarmSOLD$32,500Mervat and Anthony Caruana
8Village Jolt CARadical StormBayCarl & Matthew ReinehrSOLD$26,000Debbie Padberg
9Art Major USASaabetteBayB & M GourleyWITHDRAWN$0
10A Rocknroll Dance USASancerreBayCavalli SuperioriSOLD$10,000Gary Living
11Art Major USASaved A CorkaBayPinaroo ParkSOLD$45,000E and M Carvana T/As Exclusive Homes and Developments
12Art Major USASecret LifeBay/brownPeter Gleeson & Bruce & Craig CameronCANCELLED$0Charlie Attard
13Mach Three CASerenity Franco NZBayBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$57,500Montana Park Pty Ltd
14Bettors Delight USAShes ArtisticBayLegacy LodgeSOLD$35,000Pacific Bloodstock Pty Ltd
15Auckland Reactor NZShes ElegantBrownDaryll WegmannSOLD$7,000Ronald Francis
16American Ideal USASay Yes JosephineBrownB & M GourleySOLD$8,000Alex Ashwood
17Art Major USAShes Got It All NZBay/brownGalthorn FarmSOLD$70,000Geoff Webster
18Rock N Roll Heaven USAShezacullen NZBrownLauriston BloodstockSOLD$32,500Neale Donnelley
19Rock N Roll Heaven USAShezahighlander NZBrownK.T.R. Standardbred StudSOLD$6,000Marnie Bibby
20Four Starzzz Shark CASibling RivalryBayN J PangrazioWITHDRAWN$0
21Western Ideal (US)Sign LogicBayMark CareyPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
22Rock N Roll Heaven USASlip Slop SlapBayRhiannon Park & ClientsPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
23Betterthancheddar USASmiling AngelBrownEquine Reproduction ServicesSOLD$32,500Marcus Panton
24Well Said (US)Sur La PlageBayA J BerminghamPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
25Rock N Roll Heaven USASoho CannesBayRobert WatsonSOLD$16,000Shwu-Mei Thompson
26Mach Three CASoho WinsletBrownRobert WatsonPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
27Somebeachsomewhere USASpirited Storm USABayHelen HeadSOLD$60,000R.E.D. Harness Racing Pty Ltd
28Art Major USAStylish JasperBay/brownAnthony MoodySOLD$25,000Gary Living
29Bettors Delight USASoho ParisBayKevin & Annette CharlesPASSED IN (reserve $40,000)
30Bettors Delight USATamara Hall USABayDurham ParkSOLD$30,000AB & T Cormack Racing PTY LTD
31Modern Art USATee Time USABay/brownA J BerminghamPASSED IN (reserve $17,500)
32Million Dollar Cam USATess FinneganBrownDavid SheppardSOLD$7,000Downey Equine
33Bettors Delight USASokys Courage NZBrownKevin & Annette CharlesSOLD$50,000Montana Park Pty Ltd
34Art Major USASpitfire ShadowBayDunroamin Standardbreds & ClientsRD TuddenhamPASSED IN (reserve $50,000)
35Rock N Roll Heaven USAThats My Secret NZBrownPinaroo ParkSOLD$22,000Rohan Hadley
36American Ideal USAThree EaglesBrownBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$65,000Michael Muscat
37A Rocknroll Dance USAThree SecretsBrownGarry, Melva & Kristen GrahamWITHDRAWN$0
38Courage Under Fire NZTiz HerselfBayDesmond & Heather GlynnWITHDRAWN$0
39Art Major USAThe Good TimesBayPeter Gleeson & Bruce & Craig CameronSOLD$50,000Akram Younan
40Bettors Delight USATop Tempo NZBayLauriston BloodstockSOLD$60,000Neil Richmond
41Sportswriter USATrammellBrownBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$27,000Wayne Stewart
42A Rocknroll Dance USATrebla TreblaBrownWayne, Gerard & Leonie RonanPASSED IN (reserve $40,000)
43Artistic Fella USATrojan FireBay/brownHelen HeadSOLD$18,000Shwu-Mei Thompson
44Art Major USATigress Franco NZBayPinaroo ParkSOLD$50,000Justin Baker
45Life Sign USATrulyawork Of Art USABayCavalli SuperioriSOLD$20,000Rob Essex
46American Ideal USAUltimate Cc NZBay/brownDurham ParkSOLD$35,000AB & T Cormack Racing PTY LTD
47Art Major USAVista BellaBayBruce DumesnySOLD$55,000Neil Pilcher
48Sportswriter USAVon RitaBay/brownBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$22,000Sarah Wall
49Rock N Roll Heaven USAWattabout A SmileBayOak ParkSOLD$36,000Paul Fraser
50Art Major USAWell Hello DollyBayP Hayes, M James & D Maffey SOLD$35,000Ron Anderson
51Western Terror USAWhitleys Scooter USABayHelen HeadSOLD$20,000Justin Baker
52Auckland Reactor NZWhos Sorry Now USABayDurham ParkSOLD$15,000Graham Old
53Well Said (US)Without GuileBayCarl & Matthew ReinehrSOLD$12,000Geoff Lucas
54American Ideal USAZoeyzoeyBayI & K SutherlandSOLD$26,000Jayson Finnis
55Mach Three CAAldebaran Bromac NZBayAldebaran LodgePASSED IN (reserve $35,000)
56Mach Three CAAleppo HeiressBayDale & Michelle EastmanSOLD$50,000Tom Hogan
57Mach Three CAAll MystiqueBay/brownAlabar BloodstockSOLD$20,000Neville Bellman
58Bettors Delight USAAlashellBayBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$50,000Paul Lowry
59Mach Three CAAlly McblossomBayAldebaran LodgePASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
60Art Major USAAlta Calypso NZBayColin MooreSOLD$37,500PI & GJ Bloodstock
61Art Major USAAngela Patron NZBayDavid & Rachael MicallefSOLD$28,000Steven Carter
62American Ideal USAAll Eyes On MeBayBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$20,000Shaun Kelly
63Pet Rock USAArt ShadowBayDunroamin Standardbreds & ClientsRD Tuddenham, FL Tuddenham, S Tuddenham, DA Ashby & SM SeamanPASSED IN (reserve $35,000)
64Well Said (US)Arterial WayBayAtworthy Park & AssociatesSOLD$40,000Rob Nalder
65Mach Three CAArticulate CastleBayCastle Family Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $50,000)
66Mach Three CAArtificialBay/brownDenise ProvisSOLD$36,000John McCarthy
67American Ideal USAAlldatglittersisgold NZBrownBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$95,000Walmsley Developments Pty Ltd
68Well Said (US)Artistic GalBrownGalthorn FarmSOLD$15,000Rob Essex
69Roll With Joe USAAs It Is In HeavenBayAlabar Bloodstock & ClientsSOLD$18,000Andy Gath
70Mach Three CAAston Villa USABayLauriston BloodstockSOLD$130,000Yvonne & Peter Males
71Betterthancheddar USAAtlarakBaySusan MaineSOLD$21,000Ross Pike
72Art Major USAArctic Fire NZBayBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$55,000Larry Eastman
73Art Major USAAtworthy MaidBayAtworthy Park & AssociatesSOLD$11,000Sandra Bryant
74Western Terror USAAwesome PowersBaySteven ZammitPASSED IN (reserve $40,000)
75Auckland Reactor NZBella PalomaBayKristine ColmanWITHDRAWN$0
76Pet Rock USABeloka DiamondBrownVince PendergastSOLD$11,000Barton Cockburn
77Mach Three CAArt De TriompheBayBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$45,000Goodtime Breeding
78Bettors Delight USABenjor Maddy LomboBay/brownM J HowiePASSED IN (reserve $40,000)
79Pet Rock USABonton LadyBrownGarry & Melva GrahamSOLD$30,000Rob Essex
80Art Major USABella ShineBayAtworthy Park & AssociatesSOLD$40,000Marc Hanover & Gordon Banks
81Modern Art USABring Her BackBayStephen WalkerSOLD$9,000Gary Hoban
82American Ideal USABeninjurdBayBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$115,000Tim Bunning
83Western Terror USABute Sister NZBrownDean BaringSOLD$25,000Jaime Madruga
84Sportswriter USACanugrinforme NZBayK.T.R. Standardbred StudSOLD$5,000Zac Cornell
85Western Terror USACareer Artist USABrownDurham ParkSOLD$26,000Andy Gath
86Betterthancheddar USACharlotte Church NZBayAlabar BloodstockSOLD$31,000Stanley Stables
87Sportswriter USABennies DaughterBayBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$32,500Phillip Bowland
88Art Major USACharm Thee NZBayRegal Farm & ClientsSOLD$18,000Montana Park Pty Ltd
89Bettors Delight USAChip And GaleBayRobert WatsonSOLD$17,000Glenn Holland
90Bettors Delight USAChrissy SheffieldBayStaffordshire ParkSOLD$24,000Garry Ulverstone
91Western Ideal (US)ChristaBayG.N and K.L CoghillSOLD$30,000Pacific Bloodstock Pty Ltd
92Bettors Delight USACatapult USABrownDurham ParkSOLD$47,000Neil Pilcher
93Village Jolt CAChristmas CullenBayCarl & Matthew ReinehrSOLD$18,000Kevin Burns
94Rock N Roll Heaven USAClassic CathyBrownNixon BloodstockSOLD$21,000Janelle Bunfield
95A Rocknroll Dance USACoco CullenBayDoug & Glenda NalderPASSED IN (reserve $16,000)
96Four Starzzz Shark CACold OutsideBayRhiannon Park & ClientsSOLD$15,000Levarg Racing Group
97Bettors Delight USACoppagoodone NZBayBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$37,500Sea Horse Racing Stables
98Pet Rock USACosmic DelightBayB, F, H, Robinson & H Robinson-BushWITHDRAWN$0
99Art Major USACountry ChangeBayRobert WatsonSOLD$12,500APG As Agent
100Art Major USACyclone BettyBayFusinato BloodstockSOLD$200,000E & M Stride Pty Ltd
101Art Major USAConnetic Score NZBayR E & J M SteenSOLD$18,000Dianne Giles
102Auckland Reactor NZCoriaceaBayDunroamin Standardbreds & ClientsJ. Nalder & J. HearnWITHDRAWN$0
103Pet Rock USADouble JusticeBay/brownBruce PhillipsSOLD$5,000Paul Gordon
104Art Major USADuel CastleBayCastle Family Pty LtdSOLD$23,000Ian Attard
105Art Major USAEaston All Action NZBrownBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$70,000Merv & Meg Butterworth
106Big Jim USACyclone DoraBrownFusinato BloodstockSOLD$47,000Gary Elson
107Betterthancheddar USAElixirBayFiona Aylett SOLD$26,000Geoffrey Bottams
108Art Major USAElizabeth KellyBayYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$25,000BBW & Sons Pty Ltd
109Grinfromeartoear USAFlamingo Rose NZBayIan DouglasSOLD$7,500Rob Essex
110Rock N Roll Heaven USAFun On The RunBay/brownPinaroo ParkSOLD$15,000Jaime Madruga
111Western Terror USAGalleons Bud NZBay/brownGalthorn FarmSOLD$31,000Emma Stewart
112Mach Three CAGarden Gate Tina CABayDurham ParkPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
113Somebeachsomewhere USAGee R We There Yet NZBayDallas HarveySOLD$97,500John McCarthy
114Bettors Delight USAGhadas KoalaBayMontana StarkSOLD$30,000Pam & Russell Hockham
115Rock N Roll Heaven USAGlenferrie Alexis NZBrown/blackFusinato BloodstockWITHDRAWN$0
116Art Major USAEspeshlimade LomboBayYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$25,000E and M Carvana T/As Exclusive Homes and Developments
117Bettors Delight USAGlenferrie Shuffle NZBayLauriston Bloodstock and Spunky SyndicateSOLD$85,000allied express
118A Rocknroll Dance USAGlitterazzi NZBay/brownBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$23,000Blake Fitzpatrick
119Mach Three CAGold CastleBayCastle Family Pty LtdSOLD$16,000Matthew Craven Racing
120Rock N Roll Heaven USAGwenda BakerBrownA J BerminghamWITHDRAWN$0
121Art Major USAHannah IsabellaBaySteve JohnsonPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
122Art Major USAHear No Secret NZBayRobert WatsonPASSED IN (reserve $40,000)
123A Rocknroll Dance USAHenin Hardenne NZBayGerard MoloneySOLD$20,000Jayne Davies
124Bettors Delight USAHexham HeartbeatBayCelestrial StandardbredsSOLD$70,000BBW & Sons Pty Ltd
125Sportswriter USAHoldthatdreamBrownEdenvale Horse FarmSOLD$22,000Bryce Campbell
126Bettors Delight USAHotinthecitytonite NZBayNixon BloodstockSOLD$75,000Yvonne & Peter Males
127A Rocknroll Dance USAHeavenly Beauty USABayA J BerminghamSOLD$14,000Levarg Racing Group
128Sportswriter USAIdle SpiritBay/brownBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$35,000Maxfield Standardbreds Tasmani
129Four Starzzz Shark CAIllustratorBayDurham ParkSOLD$16,000B & A TINDALE HARNESS RACING
130Alta Christiano NZIma Ritzi LomboBrownYorkshire Park StandardbredsPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
131Art Major USAIncendio NZBayRobert WatsonPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
132American Ideal USAIndigenousBay/brownHomestead FarmSOLD$52,500Mervat and Anthony Caruana
133A Rocknroll Dance USAIndigo Breeze NZBrownBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$38,000John McCarthy
134Well Said (US)Kensington PalaceBayLauriston BloodstockSOLD$45,000Russell Jack
135Sportswriter USAJust Look At MeBayP & T WadeSOLD$10,000David Withington
136Art Major USAJasmine SheffieldBay/brownStaffordshire ParkSOLD$22,500Areste Mifsud
137Roll With Joe USAJazzy MaloneBayFusinato BloodstockSOLD$20,000Michael Moloney
138Mach Three CAJo LouleonieBay/brownRay SellwoodPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
139Art Major USAJodi Lindenny NZBayRegal Farm & ClientsPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
140Courage Under Fire NZKaleighBay/brownR E & J M SteenSOLD$14,000Norm Visca
141Gotta Go Cullect NZKaramea DreaminBayR N SimpsonSOLD$11,000Gary Barton
142Bettors Delight USALeft In ParisBrownLauriston BloodstockSOLD$90,000Geoff Webster
143Mcardle USAKeep Watching MeBay/brownGalthorn FarmSOLD$26,000Greg Sugars
144Sportswriter USALaura Madison NZBay/brownPL & SM BryantPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
145Rock N Roll Heaven USAKateesharBayKevin ClarkSOLD$18,000Ray Woods
146Art Major USALed SuitcaseBayJason BussenschuttSOLD$22,000Matthew Craven Racing
147Art Major USALeft Her MarkBayCelestrial StandardbredsSOLD$23,000Molander Harness Racing
148A Rocknroll Dance USALegal ArtBayAtworthy Park & AssociatesWITHDRAWN$0
149Mach Three CALeilani LomboBay/brownKevin & Annette CharlesSOLD$32,000Mike Brennan
150Art Major USALimerick Star NZBayLauriston BloodstockSOLD$100,000AD Investments Pty Ltd
151Art Major USALady Of My Life NZBayRhiannon Park & ClientsSOLD$25,000Daniel Bourke
152Well Said (US)Lets Go BabyBayB & M GourleyPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
153Western Terror USALibbiemack NZBrownDunroamin Standardbreds & ClientsJ. Nalder & J. HearnSOLD$19,000Norm Visca
154Western Terror USALifes DestinyBayBruce DumesnySOLD$16,000Kevin Charles
155Mach Three CALincoln Beach GirlBayNixon BloodstockWITHDRAWN$0
156Roll With Joe USALittle Miss VoodooBayKevin ClarkSOLD$14,000Shannon Hoffmann
157Rock N Roll Heaven USALindsey Leigh USABayAnne AndersonSOLD$30,000KTC Bloodstock
158Art Major USALisa LomboBayTS & WM RivettPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
159A Rocknroll Dance USALombo AnastasiaBayLJ & GF MenegonPASSED IN (reserve $28,000)
160Bettors Delight USALughnasadh NZBayPinaroo ParkWITHDRAWN$0
161Courage Under Fire NZLombo SocialiteBayYorkshire Park StandardbredsSOLD$18,000Barry Dunn
162Art Major USAMachabiba NZBayBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$16,000Rickie Alchin
163Betterthancheddar USAMachaneBayAlabar BloodstockSOLD$16,000Debbie Padberg
164Rock N Roll Heaven USAMagic Z Tam USABrownDurham ParkSOLD$28,000Mark Driscoll
165Sportswriter USAListen To The Rhythm NZBayLauriston BloodstockSOLD$45,000PI & GJ Bloodstock
166Western Terror USAMae HaysBrownKevin ClarkSOLD$24,000Paddy Lee
167Art Major USAMendelicoBayBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$62,500Dianne Reilly
168A Rocknroll Dance USAMaheer Melody NZBayMICA02 David & Rachael MicallefSOLD$12,500Alabar Bloodstock & Nevele R Stud
169Western Terror USAMajeur Le CrestBayMark CareySOLD$5,000Joe Pace
170Pet Rock USAMajor LoveBrownB, F, H, Robinson, H Robinson-Bush & J BushPASSED IN (reserve $12,000)
171Mach Three CAMattys BestBay/brownAlabar BloodstockWITHDRAWN$0
172Mach Three CAMint JulepBayBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$26,000Woodlands Stud Pty Ltd
173Sportswriter USAMissy Elliott NZBayRegal Farm & ClientsSOLD$12,000Kerryn Manning
174Rock N Roll Heaven USAMiss GalvinatorBrownRobert WatsonSOLD$15,000John McCarthy
175Betterthancheddar USAMiss HolmesBayAlabar BloodstockSOLD$18,000Gary Barton
176Art Major USAMiss Trickin LomboBayYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$42,000Meagan Lang
177Mach Three CAMiss Fantastic NZBayBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$32,000James Rattray
178American Ideal USAMollys Lucky Star USABayDurham ParkSOLD$30,000Paul Fitzpatrick
179Well Said (US)Musical DelightBrownLauriston BloodstockSOLD$105,000Five Arrows Syndicate
180Pet Rock USAMy Little Black Dress NZBayYorkshire Park StandardbredsSOLD$15,000Kerryn Manning
181A Rocknroll Dance USAMystery Moment NZBrownRegal Farm & ClientsWITHDRAWN$0
182Bettors Delight USAMy PrerogativeBayTS & WM RivettSOLD$14,000Janice Boyle
183Art Major USAMorgan AbbyBayBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$28,000Ian Edwards
184Bettors Delight USAMy Double Dream NZBayDurham ParkSOLD$100,000Yvonne & Peter Males
185Presidential Ball USANorth American Honey NZBayJessica FrancisSOLD$9,000Aaron Bain
186Pet Rock USAOn Fifth NZBayEdenvale Horse FarmSOLD$26,000Ray Mathews
187Art Major USANightshade Franco NZBayRegal Farm & ClientsSOLD$50,000Greg Sugars
188Art Major USAPeaceful DreamsBayRhiannon Park & ClientsPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
189Mach Three CAOperative MissBay/brownKristine ColmanSOLD$15,000Leigh Davis
190Art Major USAOur Awesome Lover NZBrownAldebaran LodgePASSED IN (reserve $35,000)
191Mach Three CAO Narutac Bella USABayDurham ParkSOLD$52,500Neil Richmond
192A Rocknroll Dance USAPerfect LignumBay/brownJason BussenschuttSOLD$15,000Judith Howie
193Bettors Delight USAPhiltra GirlBayP & T WadeSOLD$32,500Andy Gath
194Mach Three CAPlacid CastleBayEquine Reproduction ServicesSOLD$9,500Jodie Quinlan
195Mach Three CAPole DancerBayPinaroo ParkPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
196Pet Rock USAOut Swing N NZBayRegal Farm & ClientsSOLD$10,000B Tindale
197Western Terror USAPresidential NightBay/brownStephen CleavePASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
198Art Major USAPride Kept MeBayRick HastySOLD$9,000David Miles Racing
199Changeover NZPrincess SandelBayMark CareySOLD$12,500Stewart & Pam McDonald
200Art Major USAQuick CommentBay/brownI.L.CarmichaelSOLD$75,000Five Arrows Syndicate