Sale Summary

101 of 113 Lots Sold

Sale Total: $3,287,500 | Clearance Rate: 89.38%

Average Lot Price: $32,550 | Top Lot Price: $150,000

301Rock N Roll World USAAdda My WayBay FillyAllwood StudSOLD$22,500P Anderson
302Sportswriter USAAll American DreamBay FillyPatrician Park & Temuka ParkSOLD$15,000B Smith
303VincentAnna Faye NZBay/brown ColtKarnup RacingSOLD$40,000Team Bond
304Rock N Roll World USAAll Over TanBay ColtAllwood StudSOLD$22,000T Harper
305Sweet Lou USAApache DelightBay ColtCopper LodgePASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
306Bettors Delight USAArconite NZBay ColtEstate of Harry CapararoSOLD$85,000Team Bond
307Rock N Roll World USAAppaloosa StarBay FillyAllwood StudSOLD$12,500P Anderson
308Control The Moment (US)Betshes PreciousBrown ColtKTC BloodstockK J F Charles, A G CharlesSOLD$27,500R Williams
309Tintin In America NZBelturbet NZBay FillyReece KaptainSOLD$20,000B Stewart
310Rock N Roll World USAArkamaraBay FillyAllwood StudPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
311Downbytheseaside USAArtistic CopperBay FillyCopper LodgeWITHDRAWN$0
312Sweet Lou USABettor Cover Lover NZBay ColtKarnup RacingSOLD$85,000Lynley Park
313Rock N Roll World USAArkndeliverBay ColtAllwood StudSOLD$19,000K Prentice
314Sweet Lou USACourage On Fire NZBay/brown ColtKTC Bloodstock As Agent K J F Charles, A G CharlesSOLD$70,000Swandoo Harness Racing Pty Ltd
315Rock N Roll World USAArtistic GlowBay FillyAllwood StudWITHDRAWN$0
316Downbytheseaside USABettors GemBay FillyKarnup RacingSOLD$65,000K Jeavons
317Bonavista BayBomb De FleurBay/brown FillySpurrs StudSOLD$6,000R Draper
318Rock N Roll World USABeauteous MaximusBay ColtAllwood StudPASSED IN (reserve $14,000)
319VincentBettor WhitbyBay ColtCopper LodgeSOLD$32,500L O'Connor
320Bonavista BayBrush With CourageBrown FillyWalliabup FarmsWITHDRAWN$0
321Foreclosure (NZ)Generally Outspoken NZBay FillyKTC BloodstockPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
322My Hard Copy NZCall Me ParisBay FillyBill HayesWITHDRAWN$0
323Rock N Roll World USACassie RoxBay ColtAllwood StudPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
324Renaissance ManCentrefold AngelBay ColtColleen LindsaySOLD$34,000A Kemp
325Bonavista BayChasin Ay JayBrown/black FillySpurrs StudSOLD$5,500R Draper
326Foreclosure (NZ)Hearty Franco NZBay ColtKTC Bloodstock As Agent K J F Charles, A G CharlesSOLD$22,000S Wiscombe
327Rock N Roll World USACharged To The MaxBay ColtAllwood StudSOLD$8,000J O'Neill
328Always B Miki USACool AddaBay FillyCopper LodgeSOLD$30,000C Wallrodt
329American Ideal USAChemical RomanceBrown FillySteve JohnsonSOLD$80,000D Keating
330Rock N Roll World USACullen ClassBay ColtAllwood StudPASSED IN (reserve $18,000)
331American Ideal USAEagle RoxBay FillyDebra LewisSOLD$85,000Lynley Park
332American Ideal USAElegant EyesBay FillyTarsao Investments Pty LtdSOLD$37,500A De Campo
333Captaintreacherous (US)Here For The MoneyBay ColtKTC Bloodstock As Agent K J F Charles, A G CharlesSOLD$70,000J Giumelli
334Follow The StarsElite AngelBay ColtPatrick O'BoyleSOLD$32,500D Romasz
335VincentDontgetmeruffledBay FillyCopper LodgeSOLD$37,500D Padberg
336Rock N Roll World USAGold CastleBay FillyAllwood StudWITHDRAWN$0
337Betterthancheddar USAEspoirBay FillyPatrician ParkSOLD$8,000J Fagg
338American Ideal USAEscovedoBrown FillyTarsao Investments Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $35,000)
339Downbytheseaside USAKiwi Rose USABay FillyKTC Bloodstock As Agent K J F Charles, A G CharlesSOLD$47,500J Prentice
340Rock N Roll World USAHemisphericalBay ColtAllwood StudSOLD$10,000Chris Playle
341Sunshine Beach USAFalcons Gem NZBay ColtKarnup RacingSOLD$47,500A De Campo
342Rock N Roll World USAFauxmandaBay FillyAllwood StudSOLD$15,000A Vanmaris
343Always B Miki USAFront Paige AddaBay ColtEstate of Harry CapararoSOLD$50,000R Bell
344Rock N Roll World USAHighview Jackie NZBay ColtAllwood StudSOLD$26,000A Belton
345Captaintreacherous (US)Lady LucaBay FillyKTC Bloodstock As Agent K J F Charles, A G CharlesSOLD$45,000Michael Maxwell
346Rock N Roll World USAIm Stylish NZBay ColtAllwood StudWITHDRAWN$0
347VincentGlenferrie InnBay FillyAdda Equine StudSOLD$15,000Moomba Standardbreds
348Bonavista BayIm In LuckBay/brown FillySpurrs StudSOLD$5,000H Ashby
349Fly Like An EagleHugmeifuluvmeBay ColtAllwood StudPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
350Sweet Lou USAJane ElouiseBay ColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$35,000D Keating
351Tintin In America NZLettucerockherBay ColtKTC BloodstockSOLD$27,500R Bell
352Rock N Roll World USAJust RemarkableBay FillyAllwood StudSOLD$20,000P Anderson
353Bonavista BayKaluga NZBay/brown FillySpurrs StudSOLD$10,000L Nelligan
354VincentGota Good LookaddaBay FillyEstate of Harry CapararoSOLD$22,000J Fagg
355Rock N Roll World USAKuriousBay ColtAllwood StudSOLD$18,000K Keys
356Downbytheseaside USAKendall NicoleBay FillySteve JohnsonSOLD$20,000Walmsley Developments Pty Ltd
357Control The Moment (US)Lilianna Beauty USABrown/black FillyKTC Bloodstock As Agent K J F Charles, A G CharlesSOLD$47,500J Giumelli
358Betting Line USAKatesplace NZBay ColtKarnup RacingSOLD$20,000R Huston
359Rock N Roll World USALillian JeffriesBay ColtAllwood StudWITHDRAWN$0
360Always B Miki USAInnocent AffairBay ColtDebra LewisSOLD$85,000G Day
361Sweet Lou USAKristina AdeleBay ColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$95,000R Watson
362Foreclosure (NZ)Lindennys Buttercup NZBrown FillyKTC BloodstockSOLD$15,000B Poolman
363Rock N Roll World USALilyann JoyBay FillyAllwood StudSOLD$9,000D Simmonds
364Downbytheseaside USALaura LouiseBay FillySteve JohnsonSOLD$24,000C Lynn
365Sweet Lou USALiving HeiBay FillyKTC BloodstockSOLD$65,000J Giumelli
366Rock N Roll World USAMade Of DreamsBay ColtAllwood StudSOLD$17,500P Anderson
367Sunshine Beach USALouise JadeBrown ColtCopper LodgeSOLD$42,500C Fagg
368Rock N Roll World USAMaia Maguire NZBay ColtAllwood StudSOLD$17,000P Swain
369My Hard Copy NZLuvya Maddy LomboBay FillyBill HayesSOLD$10,000V Vinciullo
370American Ideal USAMajorpride NZBay FillySolid Gold StandardbredsWITHDRAWN$0
371Roll With Joe USALottie BelleBay FillySteve JohnsonSOLD$13,000L Tabbakh
372Fly Like An EagleMoney Time MillyBay ColtAllwood StudSOLD$11,000K Anderson
373Control The Moment (US)Luck Has ItBrown/black FillyKTC Bloodstock As Agent K J F Charles, A G CharlesSOLD$35,000G Treasure
374Yankee RockstarMargareta MobsterGrey ColtPatrician Park & Temuka ParkSOLD$27,500L Edwards
375Follow The StarsMusic RowBay FillyAllwood StudWITHDRAWN$0
376Sportswriter Miss Matilda RoseBay FillyTarsao Investments Pty LtdSOLD$10,000J Steele
377Sweet Lou USAMaggie PearlBay ColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$45,000Trots Syndicate
378Rock N Roll World USANowuseemeBay ColtAllwood StudSOLD$16,000M Young/ Summit Bloodstock / ABR
379Betterthancheddar USAMy Killarney Miss NZBlack ColtCopper LodgeSOLD$22,000E Hardinge
380Control The Moment (US)Miss Madoff NZBrown FillyKTC BloodstockSOLD$25,000Caris Hamilton-Smith
381Rock N Roll World USARed Hot MummaBay ColtAllwood StudSOLD$21,000P Bloxsome
382Sweet Lou USAMy West End Girl NZBlack FillyEstate of Harry CapararoSOLD$70,000L O'Connor
383Art Major USANolessthanperfect NZBay ColtSolid Gold StandardbredsSOLD$65,000G Bond
384Fly Like An EagleRetortBay ColtAllwood StudSOLD$18,000L Nelligan
385Sunshine Beach USAOur Front Page NZBay FillyKB Tuckey, DP Thommeny & JR CoffeySOLD$12,000Turpin McMullen Racing
386Control The Moment (US)Moon Ovr ManhattanBay ColtKTC Bloodstock As Agent K J F Charles, A G CharlesCANCELLED$0A Walmsley
387American Ideal USAOur Major Mama NZBay ColtSolid Gold StandardbredsSOLD$150,000Team Bond
388Follow The StarsRocknroll RoyaltyBay ColtAllwood StudSOLD$15,000S Strachan
389Sweet Lou USAPacific Glory NZBay ColtKarnup Racing Pty Ltd & SA JohnsonSOLD$37,000APG As Agent
390Downbytheseaside USAPremium CopperBay ColtCopper LodgeSOLD$60,000Sytka Pty Ltd
391Rock N Roll World USARoyal CombinationBay FillyAllwood StudSOLD$15,000P Anderson
392Foreclosure (NZ)Motu Lady Cullen NZBay ColtKTC Bloodstock As Agent K J F Charles, A G CharlesSOLD$55,000A De Campo
393Bonavista BayRose Boggy CreekBay/brown ColtSpurrs StudWITHDRAWN$0
394Lazarus NZPrincess MajorBay ColtRoss WaddellSOLD$30,000A De Campo
395Rock N Roll World USARoyal TributeBay ColtAllwood StudSOLD$30,000R Huston
396Ultimate Machete NZPure Empathy NZBlack ColtCopper LodgeSOLD$28,000D Padberg
397Art Major USAQuick Sunrise NZBay FillyD B Simmonds & C R BarrSOLD$30,000Trots Syndicate
398Follow The StarsSelkie NZBay ColtAllwood FarmSOLD$14,000D Quadrio
399Foreclosure (NZ)Pass The MagicBrown ColtKTC Bloodstock As Agent K J F Charles, A G CharlesSOLD$8,000L Lapworth
400Art Major USARobyns C C NZBay ColtKarnup RacingSOLD$60,000P Bloxsome
401Follow The StarsSheer RocknrollBay ColtAllwood StudPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
402Bonavista BayRoyal AnvilBrown FillySpurrs StudSOLD$9,000J Woodworth
403Always B Miki USAPleasing PackageBay FillyKTC Bloodstock As Agent K J F Charles, A G CharlesPASSED IN (reserve $35,000)
404VincentRocknroll DreamsBay FillyKarnup RacingSOLD$30,000M Young/ Summit Bloodstock / ABR
405Rock N Roll World USAShe Likes DiamondsBay FillyAllwood StudSOLD$22,000J Hayman
406Fly Like An EagleShes So FairBay FillyI HedleySOLD$10,000K Watson
407Sweet Lou USASea Me SmileBay FillyDebra LewisSOLD$30,000APG As Agent
408Rock N Roll World USASheer Star QualityBay ColtAllwood FarmPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
409Ultimate Machete NZSecret DragonBrown/black FillyCopper LodgeSOLD$17,000B Poolman
410Rock N Roll World USASeaya LaterbellaBayAllwood FarmSOLD$15,000M Burnham
411Art Major USASalliwood NZBay FillyKTC Bloodstock As Agent K J F Charles, A G CharlesSOLD$17,000J Gray
412Fly Like An EagleShes All GoldBay FillyAllwood StudSOLD$32,000B Simeon
413Downbytheseaside USASmart By Design NZBay ColtKarnup RacingSOLD$97,500J Hayman
414American Ideal USASiennaBrown FillyTarsao Investments Pty LtdSOLD$40,000G Bond
415Rock N Roll World USAStar AbilityBay FillyAllwood StudSOLD$27,500P Anderson
416Betting Line USASmiling AngelBay/Brown FillyAdda Equine StudSOLD$21,000T Howlett
417Foreclosure (NZ)Terra Into The West NZBrown FillyKTC BloodstockSOLD$9,000Moomba Standardbreds
418Follow The StarsStride To ThemaxBay ColtAllwood FarmSOLD$10,000D Miller
419My Hard Copy NZStars AlignedBay FillyBill HayesSOLD$17,500APG As Agent
420Rock N Roll World USASweet Dreams OfyouBay ColtAllwood FarmSOLD$15,000T Harper
421Betterthancheddar USASomething NZBay ColtAdda Equine StudSOLD$25,000K Young
422Lazarus NZThe Boulevard NZBay ColtKarnup RacingSOLD$40,000M Young/ Summit Bloodstock / ABR
423Foreclosure (NZ)Lavra Florence NZBay ColtKTC Bloodstock As Agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$47,500K Jeavons