Sale Summary

101 of 123 Lots Sold

Sale Total: $3,471,500 | Clearance Rate: 82.11%

Average Lot Price: $34,371 | Top Lot Price: $140,000

Filly Summary

49 of 59 Lots Sold

Sale Total: $1,522,000

Clearance Rate: 83.05%

Colt Summary

51 of 63 Lots Sold

Sale Total: $1,924,500

Clearance Rate: 80.95%

Gelding Summary

1 of 1 Lots Sold

Sale Total: $25,000

Clearance Rate: 100.00%

100Always B Miki USALady LucaColtKTC BloodstockKevin and Annette CharlesPASSED IN (reserve $35,000)
101Captain Crunch USALaura LouiseFillySteve JohnsonSOLD$11,000Moore Pacing
102VincentLems Cameo NZColtDennis RocheSOLD$37,000M Pike
103Follow The StarsLorinda BayFillyAllwood Stud FarmSOLD$10,000A Zmak
104Captain Crunch USALies A Lot NZFillyWestbred PacingDavid SimmondsPASSED IN (reserve $24,000)
105Captain Crunch USALavra Florence NZFillyKTC BloodstockKevin and Annette CharlesSOLD$140,000Erceg
106McWicked USALike A DameColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$50,000R Tomlinson
107Lather Up USALong MaccFillyFive Twenty Equine BreedingSOLD$10,000Eddie Burchill
108Rich And SpoiltLove In The Dark NZColtAdda Equine StudSOLD$10,000Kerry Lee
109Lazarus NZLilianna Beauty USAFillyKTC BloodstockKevin CharlesSOLD$46,000J Giumelli
110Captain Crunch USALouise JadeColtCopper LodgePASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
111McWicked USALola MaeColtSteve JohnsonPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
112Fly Like An EagleLucky StrideColtAllwood Stud FarmPASSED IN (reserve $23,000)
113Poster BoyLucy FrancesColtTemuka Park SOLD$26,000C Wallrodt
114Foreclosure (NZ)Luck Has ItFillyKTC BloodstockKevin and Annette CharlesSOLD$20,000R Tomlinson
115Sweet Lou USALovera NZFillyDebra LewisSOLD$70,000J Prentice
116McWicked USALottie BelleFillySteve JohnsonSOLD$64,000J Giumelli
117Foreclosure (NZ)Lughnasadh NZColtKTC BloodstockSOLD$46,000J Giumelli
118Rock N Roll World USAMade Of DreamsColtAllwood Stud FarmSOLD$16,000A Russo
119Captain Crunch USAMaastrichtFillyCopper LodgeSOLD$60,000A De Campo
120American Ideal USAMajorpride NZFillySolid Gold StandardbredsSOLD$60,000J Hayman
121Sportswriter USAMaddyann MareeFillyDennis RocheSOLD$16,000R Nafranec
122Rock N Roll World USAMaia Maguire NZColtAllwood Stud FarmPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
123Soho TribecaMajor Cover LoverFillyKarnup RacingSOLD$8,000D Keating
124VincentMoon Ovr ManhattanColtKTC BloodstockKevin and Annette CharlesSOLD$40,000Trotsyn
125Stay Hungry (US)MuffinsColtAdda Equine StudSOLD$25,000D De Zotti
126Art Major USAMygirl Rocks LomboColtAllwood Stud FarmSOLD$42,500R Tomlinson
127Soho TribecaMajor FlirtFillyTrevor LindsaySOLD$11,000M Beech
128Ultimate Machete NZMy Samantha Jane NZColtAdda Equine StudSOLD$30,000Glen Richards
129Control The Moment (US)Miss Madoff NZColtKTC BloodstockSOLD$55,000A Walmsley
130Mcwicked USAMillwoods Delight NZColtTrevor LindsaySOLD$35,000Kristy Elson
131Stay Hungry (US)My West End Girl NZColtAdda Equine StudSOLD$36,000R Williams
132Foreclosure (NZ)Not Now DelilahFillyKTC BloodstockKevin and Annette CharlesSOLD$42,500B Smith
133Captain Crunch USAOur Copper ArtColtCopper LodgeSOLD$75,000J Hayman
134Bonavista BayOur Tabletop Dancer NZFillySpurrs StudSOLD$10,000P Anderson
135American Ideal USAOur Major Mama NZColtSolid Gold StandardbredsSOLD$90,000A Walmsley
136Mcwicked USAOrphan ReactorFillyCopper LodgeSOLD$13,000J Gray
137Warrawee Needy CaPanorama SunshineColtKTC BloodstockKevin and Annette CharlesSOLD$62,500K Jeavons
138Betting Line USAPippa RoyaleFillyDennis RocheSOLD$39,000R Bell
139Downbytheseaside USAPlayin With MagicColtSM & BI GossageSOLD$55,000A De Campo
140Soho TribecaPremium CopperColtCopper LodgeSOLD$36,000K Jeavons
141Foreclosure (NZ)Pass The MagicColtKTC BloodstockKevin and Annette CharlesSOLD$15,000G Inwood
142Shoobees Place USARacy Lacy NZFillyJosh SpurrPASSED IN (reserve $8,000)
143Rock N Roll World USAReturn To TexasFillyTemuka Park SOLD$9,000L Harper
144Fly Like An EagleRocknroll RoyaltyColtAllwood Stud FarmSOLD$36,000R Waddell
145American Ideal USARobyns C C NZFillyKarnup RacingSOLD$19,000J Warwick
146Foreclosure (NZ)Salacious GossipColtKTC BloodstockKevin and Annette CharlesSOLD$15,000R Williams
147Shoobees Place USAShez El De Rosa NZFillyJosh SpurrSOLD$9,000B Crouch
148Fly Like An EagleShe Likes DiamondsColtAllwood Stud FarmSOLD$32,000R Waddell
149Ultimate Machete NZSalliwood NZFillyKTC BloodstockKevin and Annette CharlesSOLD$11,000S YOUNG
150Shoobees Place USAShonteleesharFillySpurrs StudPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
151Follow The StarsShes InnocentColtAllwood Stud FarmSOLD$19,000L Montgomery
152VincentSiennaColtTARSAO INVESTMENTS PTY LTD, WA PASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
153Poster BoySmart By Design NZFillyKarnup RacingSOLD$52,500G Bond
154Always B Miki USASoho ChangelingColtLuke Tabbakh and Wayne MorrisonPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
155Rock N Roll World USASouthern LegacyColtAllwood Stud FarmSOLD$40,000R Waddell
156Art Major USAStarlight Destiny NZFillyG F J BOND, S A BONDSOLD$45,000R Bell
157Lazarus NZStars AlignedColtB HayesSOLD$22,000R Tomlinson
158Shoobees Place USASweet Water RoseColtSpurrs StudSOLD$14,000P Anderson
159Follow The StarsShe Has The MovesFillyAllwood Stud FarmsSOLD$14,000Mary
160Always B Miki USAStorm CatColtT J Ferguson & A R GrovesSOLD$18,000K Watson
161Fly Like An EagleShe Said DiamondsFillyAllwood Stud FarmCANCELLED$0
162Always B Miki USATenniele ErinColtKTC BloodstockKevin CharlesSOLD$85,000J Giumelli
163Always B Miki USATopless Beach GirlFillyCopper LodgeWITHDRAWN$0
164Rock N Roll World USAThanknbonnieColtAllwood Stud FarmSOLD$17,500K Prentice
165Foreclosure (NZ)Thats The Spirit NZColtKTC BloodstockKevin and Annette CharlesSOLD$40,000G Bond
166Bonavista BayTemptation IslandColtSpurrs StudSOLD$10,000R Draper
167VincentUaintseennothinyet NZColtWalliabup FarmsSOLD$9,000Gary Butler
168Always B Miki USAWhitbys Blue IrisColtWhitbyfalls Pacing StudWITHDRAWN$0
169Captain Crunch USAWinter Strike NZFillyKarnup RacingSOLD$62,500J Prentice
170Shoobees Place USAWhite Water BayColtSpurrs StudSOLD$18,000L O'Connor
171Betting Line USAZara WhitbyColtWhitbyfalls Pacing StudWITHDRAWN$0
172Rock N Roll World USAAdda My WayColtAllwood Stud FarmPASSED IN (reserve $17,000)
173The Storm InsideArt On The LineColtT Ferguson, A & R GrovesPASSED IN (reserve $17,500)
174Rock N Roll World USAAllamerican QueenFillyAllwood Stud FarmSOLD$16,000R Waddell
175Shoobees Place USAAbetta Tiny Dancer NZColtJosh SpurrSOLD$17,000Vincenzo Vinciullo
176Bettors Delight USAAnna Faye NZColtKarnup RacingSOLD$65,000Summit Bloodstock WA
177VincentAqueensomewhereFillyDennis RocheSOLD$15,000R Nafranec
178Poster BoyArconite NZColtAdda Equine StudSOLD$90,000L O'Connor
179Mcwicked USAAnother Cover Lover NZFillyKarnup RacingSOLD$52,000K Jeavons
180Rock N Roll World USAArkamaraColtAllwood Stud FarmSOLD$35,000Kim Prentice
181Rock N Roll Heaven USAAdda Rising StarColtAdda Equine StudWITHDRAWN$0
182Sweet Lou USAArtistic CopperFillyCopper LodgeSOLD$40,000Walmsley Developments Pty Ltd
183A Rocknroll Dance USAArtemis BelleFillyDebra LewisA J BellSOLD$25,000Kingseat Standardbreds
184Sweet Lou USABetshes PreciousFillyKTC BloodstockKevin and Annette CharlesSOLD$80,000J Giumelli
185Downbytheseaside USABettor BoaColtKarnup RacingSOLD$70,000A De Campo
186Fly Like An EagleCassie RoxColtAllwood Stud FarmSOLD$17,000D Breadsell
187Art Major USACoopers Beach NZColtSteve JohnsonWITHDRAWN$0
188My Hard Copy NZCall Me ParisColtB HayesSOLD$10,000M Lee
189VincentCentrefold AngelFillyColleen LindsaySOLD$7,500B Ferguson
190Mcwicked USACool AddaColtCopper LodgeSOLD$33,000R Bell
191Captain Crunch USAChemical RomanceColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$32,000R Tomlinson
192Shoobees Place USACool An CrazyFillySpurrs StudSOLD$5,000R Draper
193American Ideal USADilingers PrincessColtB Davis, K Shingleton & G HolmanPASSED IN (reserve $50,000)
194Soho TribecaDelightful KatieFillyKarnup RacingSOLD$40,000R Tomlinson
195Rock N Roll World USADoeseverythingriteColtAllwood Stud FarmPASSED IN (reserve $17,000)
196Shoobees Place USADouble E NZFillyJosh SpurrSOLD$8,000S Strachan
197Downbytheseaside USAElite AngelColtPatrick O'BoyleSOLD$75,000J Prentice
198Foreclosure (NZ)EssaouiraColtKTC BloodstockKevin and Annette CharlesSOLD$33,000R Huston
199P Forty Seven USAEmbrace Me WhitbyFillyS Hornsby and G BoltSOLD$4,000Chris Phatouros
200Advance Attack NZFalling StarzzzFillyDean and Reece KapteinPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
201Rock N Roll World USAFauxmandaFillyAllwood Stud FarmPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
202Soho TribecaFiftycalgalColtWayne MorrisonWITHDRAWN$0
203Soho TribecaFour HeartbeatsColtColleen LindsaySOLD$12,000K Prentice
204Stay Hungry (US)Front Paige AddaColtAdda Equine StudWITHDRAWN$0
205Rock N Roll World USAGold CastleColtAllwood Stud FarmPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
206Rich And SpoiltGlenferrie InnFillyKTC BloodstockKevin and Annette CharlesSOLD$19,000P Petricevich
207Soho TribecaGota Good LookaddaFillyAdda Equine StudSOLD$20,000T Stone
208Fly Like An EagleHas The LooksColtAllwood Stud FarmSOLD$24,000D Miller
209Captain Crunch USAHeather MaryFillySteve JohnsonSOLD$75,000G Bond
210Fly Like An EagleHermattjesty MulanColtAllwood Stud FarmSOLD$15,000Ross Waddell
211Captain Crunch USAHearty Franco NZFillyKTC BloodstockKevin CharlesWITHDRAWN$0
212American Ideal USAHit It Rich NZGeldingG F J BOND, S A BONDSOLD$25,000The Running Camel Pty Ltd
213Fly Like An EagleHonorable DaughterFillyAllwood Stud FarmSOLD$17,000K Young
214Control The Moment (US)Heavens OpenFillyKTC BloodstockKevin and Annette CharlesSOLD$35,000G Treasure
215Rock N Roll World USAHighview Jackie NZFillyAllwood Stud FarmSOLD$9,000S Strachan
216Control The Moment (US)Hunter Victoria NZFillyKTC BloodstockKevin and Annette CharlesPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
217P Forty Seven USAHindu ShefaliFillyS Hornsby and G BoltSOLD$4,000Mary Kulcsar
218Follow The StarsHugmeifuluvmeFillyAllwood Stud FarmSOLD$19,000P Miller
219Sweet Lou USAInvidiaColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$140,000T Erceg
220Mcwicked USAIm Zuleika NZFillySusan BonserPASSED IN (reserve $14,000)
221Sportswriter USAIstiFillyTemuka Park SOLD$28,000A Beckett
222Captain Crunch USAJane ElouiseColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$40,000R Tomlinson
223American Ideal USAJacinta Jones NZFillyKarnup RacingSOLD$55,000Summit Bloodstock WA
224McWicked USAJasmin AmalFillySteve JohnsonSOLD$75,000R Tomlinson
225Heston Blue Chip USAKeep GrinningColtWestoverSOLD$14,000L Tabbakh
226Foreclosure (NZ)Kiwi Rose USAFillyKTC BloodstockKevin and Annette CharlesPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
227Rock N Roll World USAKuriousFillyAllwood Stud FarmSOLD$12,000C Wallrodt
228Captain Crunch USAKristina AdeleColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$45,000Walmsley Developments Pty Ltd
229SportswriterTajies GirlFillyStephen WoodcockSOLD$9,000J Sheehy
230Caribbean BlasterBoomgoesdadynamiteFillyStephen WoodcockPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)