The Standardbred horse is known for its speed, endurance, toughness and temperament.

Like other fast horses, Standardbreds have a well-developed and muscular build. They have a strong hindquarters and a sturdy, compact body, which is well-suited for pulling a sulky at extreme speeds.

The breeding process is just so important in developing fast Standardbreds.

Breeders with knowledge and experience carefully select the best sires for their dams. Going back deep in the mares family looking at the history of speed and success to reproduce offspring with these desirable traits.

Overall, a very fast Standardbred combines a combination of physical attributes, training, and genetic factors to excel in harness racing.

The relationship between the horse and its driver, along with strategic race planning, is crucial for success on the track.

Harness racing sires can come and sometimes go extremely fast. Imagine if you could buy a yearling this weekend at Oaklands Junction by a sire that has done the following:

  • Won the 2016 Little Brown Jug
  • Fastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)
  • Was the 2016 Harness horse of the year (Canada)
  • Winner of the 2016 O’Brien 3YO C&G Pacer of the Year
  • Crowned 2016 USA 3YO C&G Pacer of the Year
  • Equal Leading Sire of 2YO winners in 2021.

Betting Line, won all of the above and with average earnings per starter in NA at $41,529, Lot 126 is worth a close look.

Lot 126
Betting Line – Cee Cee Sheffield – Christian Cullen
This filly is out of the A17 family.
The Australian 2YO filly Mindarie Priddy is a close relation.

This exciting sale is set to kick off at noon this Sunday at Oaklands Junction!