Thanks to Neds-APG GAME CHANGING PARTNERSHIP that sees over $3.25M on offer this year, along with more than $2.25M in local NSW & VIC prizemoney, there is a massive opportunity now for people to get involved in our sport. Below is a look what could make you very successful at this weekends Neds- APG sale at Oaklands Junction.

  1. Know and appreciate a pedigree. The pedigree page reveals the success of family members  and hopefully a roadmap to future success. Look for consistency and quality performance in the pedigree. If you are not familiar with reading a pedigree and if it looks like a foreign language to you, you can seek help from the friendly team at APG, bloodstock agent or a trainer to help simplify the page.
  2. Don’t search for “the perfect yearling’. Look for the well-balanced , athletic yearling that who moves well and can easily handle any minor challengers. Successful stars of our sport come in all different shapes and sizes, G1 races are filled with horses with minor conformation flaws. Being too picky or strict on confirmation and vet reports often leads to missing out on that very special racehorse.
  3. Study each horses demeanor, eye, expression, and overall presence. A horses character and how it handles itself is a clue to later performance. How a yearling copes with the stress of a Yearling Sale may have a bearing on how it copes on the track later in life.
  4. When evaluating faults, think in terms of the degree of the conformation flaw. Create your specific system for recording the degree of deviation, from slight to severe. Keep in mind that horses handle minor to moderate degrees of deviation successfully, if they move in a fluid and athletic way.
  5. Yearlings with less than perfect legs or throats are generally just as successful as those without flaws, if they have balance, athleticism, sufficient depth in the pedigree, and a competitive nature.

John Coffey has been inspecting all of the Victorian yearlings over the last few months and will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have on the individuals featuring in the sale, or to bid on your behalf.  John can be contacted on 0418 500 211.

Corinna Davey (Sales Executive – VIC/TAS ) for International Animal Health  will be on hand to select and to award the most sort after garland and product prizes for the best presented filly and colt. This is going to be a hotly contested event and should not be missed.

Please contact Linda Graham on 0428 955 998 or via email and she’ll be pleased to assist you with your online registrations, pre- bidding sale approvals or to answer any other questions that you may have on your travel and accommodation needs.