It’s truly incredible that an event like the current  2022 APG NATIONAL MIXED SALE can harness so much positive energy and passion. This will go a long way towards confirming the real excitement about the sport moving forward.

Notable harness racing participants, leaders and keen followers are getting blown away by the strength of this 212 Lot catalogue. Bidding will start this Wednesday and the team at APG get the feeling that records may tumble for all categories (weanlings, racehorses and broodmares).

This amazing event is a “must go to” in the calendar. It promises to offer some intriguing viewing come this weekend.



Some random Lots of note:

Anthony and Mervat Caruana certainly know a good filly when they see one. That’s why their decision to sell Lot 45 a stylish Art Major filly in the 2022 APG National Mixed Sale has been so difficult. When we spoke to Anthony today he said “ it’s really hard for us to let this special filly go, however if we are going to sell her let’s do so in the best possible way.  Mervat and I will set a very modest reserve (50% of the service fee) and let the market set the price. Yes, this is a risk, however, if buyers wish to invest the time looking at her they have our guarantee she will be sold. The is the same amazing N88 family as the horses below:

CHANGEOVER NZ N88 $2,321,676
CHOKIN NZ N88 $1,801,685
FLY LIKE AN EAGLE N88 $699,419
ONE CHANGE NZ N88 $637,643
MACH DORO N88 $574,125
ANVIL VANCE NZ N88 $450,729



Lot 49 is a smashing looking colt that qualified on the 5 of July 2022 at Albion Park. This special colt with all his QBRED bonuses intact has been described by his trainer (a leading one at that) as “this colt will win races, he just needs a short freshen up and off to the races we go.”

Out of the stunning mare Somethings Fishy, who just happens to be out of the same branch on the U47 family as below, this colt could be repaying his new owners in record time:

Corys Big Guy U47 $1,461,045 Camluck Our Emblem
Meadow Elva U47 $851,971 Armbro Maneuver Foxy Dragon
Thorpe Frost U47 $788,026 Stonebridge Regal On This Day
Batios U47 $775,984 Matt’s Scooter Charged Solvent
Julialba U47 $739,052 Northern Luck Spray Can
Saxicola U47 $669,474 Governor Skipper Keystone Mist
Excitante U47 $647,824 Rumpus Hanover Armbro Chantilly
Keystone Memento U47 $606,345 Real Artist Keystone Mia
Say Hello U47 $601,294 Keystone Ore Atomizer
On The Day U47 $583,140 Camluck Im So Excited
Thorpe Messenger U47 $536,720 Goliath Bayama Excitante
Colanut U47 $533,423 Abercrombie On The Day
Meadow Messenger U47 $531,124 Abercrombie Atomizer
Prime Messenger U47 $520,961 Cambest Misty Roo
Pelagic Miss U47 $503,079 Western Hanover Firstariseetonite

This is a callout for people wanting to guarantee bidding approvals will be processed in time for this most exciting harness racing event seen in years.  Go to

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