Open Nutrition is a leading global horse supplement company specialising in all-natural amino acid-based products. Open Nutrition is operating out of Brisbane, United Arab Emirates and Lexington Kentucky to offer a variety of proven products for all breeds and disciplines including harness & thoroughbred racing, breeding and sport horses.

While the Open Nutrition founder Julian Norrish is widely known in America as someone who is leading the way in the development of products based upon innovative amino acid research.  Down here in Australia he is better known as the son in law of Lindsay and Mary Vagg.

The Vagg’ s hale from Southbrook which is a rural town and locality in the Toowoomba Region of Queensland. With just a population of 599 residents, these hard working Queenslanders wouldn’t live anywhere else.

After years of long hours in the Qld sun, the Vagg’s figured they needed a small hobby.  After finding some standardbred fillies for sale the couple decided harness racing could be the answer.  Rather than concentrate on the racetrack, however, the Vagg’s focus on was breeding, and what a smart call that has proven to be.

More than two decades later those fillies have become magnificent foundation mares, now at the top of the Australian Pacing Gold Brisbane Sale each year!

“It all started out as a hobby,” Lindsay said.  “Some Fake Left two-year-olds came on market so we bought them and as they say the rest is history.

The team at Neds – APG are delighted that the Vaggs have again entrusted us with 100% of their yearlings as a truly wonderful draft for the January 2022 sale – which is sure to have buyers from all over Australia taking notice.

What’s also pleasing is that the game changing announcement that the Neds – APG’s 2022 offering will see graduates compete for the most prizemoney in APG’s history and vendors like the Vagg’s will be eligible for more benefits than at any point in APG’s 33 year history. This has not been lost on Julian, Kristie and the kids all the over in Lexington USA, as they have now also entered some quality lots for Brisbane 2022.

When we spoke to Lindsay this afternoon he said : “Mary and I were really worried about the future of the sport we love. We had real concerns on who could possibly step-up and not only save harness racing but lead the way to much brighter future.  Thank heavens for Neds – APG, we say”. Lindsay continued “David and his team never stop promoting these wonderful young horse raised here in QLD.  Only last week they organised some inspections from well-known and very successful Victorian buyers. The Neds-APG $3M pot of Gold is massive and will benefit all participants (particularly those from Qld & WA) in the harness racing industry.  The vendor bonus initiative is a brilliant idea and will be well received. We, like many long term participants that truly love harness racing, believe it’s the best thing for the sport for all owners & breeders looking to sell in 2022 to come HOME to our only industry owned, not for profit yearling sales company, Neds – APG, and enter their lots before 16 August.

As a family (and we do miss the grandkids in NA) we are so confident that the Neds- APG multiyear deal will be game changing and we will be joining all of our broodmares this season”.

While the Vagg’s and Norrish drafts are by far the most commercial sires available, the depth and success of the dam families will have the most discerning buyers licking their lips come sales day. One small sample below highlights a close connection to the great Christine Cullen:

Christian Cullen N1 $1,249,150
Stig N1 $841,529
Our Jimmy Johnstone N1 $799,989
Kates First N1 $624,023
More the Better N1 $616,599
Menin Gate N1 $574,758
Tussle N1 $562,175
About To Rock N1 $553,395
Earl Of Mot N1 $535,756
I Am Sam N1 $531,702
True Roman N1 $530,732

Be like Lindsay, Mary and the family from Kentucky USA and click the link below to secure your place in history.


To be eligible for FREE ENTRY (NSW & VIC) and vendor bonuses, entries must be received by the 16th August.

Please phone Linda Graham – 0428 955 998 or e-mail her at and she’ll be pleased to assist you with your online yearling sale entries & enquiries.