It’s with great excitement and pleasure that Australian Pacing Gold can announce that long-time supporter-partners and the elite breeding combination of Lindsay and Mary Vagg will be again leading the way with 100% of their draft featuring at the 2023 APG Gold Coast Sale set down for Sunday the 22nd of January.

The Vagg’s are based at Southbrook, a beautiful rural town on the Darling Downs, 10 km north-east of Pittsworth and 25km south-east of Toowoomba.

This region was traditionally dairying and cropping country however over the last 100 years this high quality country continues to be the foundation on which our sport’s very best are raised. Lindsay and Mary, along with many outstanding thoroughbred breeders understand the benefits of raising livestock on these rich pastures to give their bloodstock every opportunity to develop into an elite athletes.  It’s clear the unique combination of low humidity and year-round cooler climates in the Southbrook area compliment the elements in the soil and water to produce well developed and relaxed horses.

Lindsay and Mary’s draft for the 2023 APG Gold Coast Sale looks to be one of their most exciting yet and when we spoke to Lindsay he said: “Mary and l are exceedingly pleased with the way this crop is coming along. Its truly been a sensational season up here in QLD and this draft of horses just seem to have a special look about them.  The partnership we have with APG and their outstanding list of exceptional buyers is a special one and we will continue to breed and produce the best yearlings we can going forward. The two main messages we always like to get out are:

A. We breed to sell, no crazy games or high reserves with our horses.

B. Every Qld vendor, large or small deserves the same opportunities to display their exciting Qbred lots “


Looking at Mary and Lindsay’s horses this week, it’s abundantly clear why the excitement is already building around this draft.  Below is a snap shot of what interested parties will see come January 2023 on the Gold Coast.

A selection of Mary and Lindsay’s draft and the families they are from:


A. Powerful Colt out of Pretentious Lombo – here’s a few random examples of this amazingly successful N2 family:

Terror To Love N2 ANZ $2,377,125 Western Terror Live Or Die
Lombo Pocket Watch N2 AUS $1,522,638 Jet Laag Windshield Wiper
Lochinvar Art N2 AUS $1,389,956 Modern Art Ponder
Beaudiene Boaz N2 ANZ $1,255,177 Badlands Hanover In The Pocket
Alta Orlando N2 ANZ $1,012,080 Courage Under Fire Totally Western
Preux Chevalier N2 ANZ $791,331 Lumber Dream Thurber Frost
Handsandwheels N2 AUS $666,739 Mach Three Perfect Art
Lombo La Fe Fe N2 ANZ $654,493 Troublemaker Classic Garry
Soho Burning Love N3 AUS $612,763 Auckland Reactor Western Terror
Suave Stuey Lombo N2 ANZ $587,032 Bettors Delight Classic Garry
Ameretto N2 AUS $565,419 Million Dollar Cam Courage Under Fire
Scandalman N2 ANZ $501,035 Live Or Die Holmes Hanover


B. Promising Colt out of Im Sugar Coated – a few random examples of this is outstanding A65 family are:

Tailamade Lombo A65 AUS $1,354,978 Troublemaker Batman
Aussie Made Lombo A65 AUS $578,456 Bettors Delight Troublemaker
Johnny Disco A65 AUS $369,827 Jeremes Jet Presidential Ball
Espeshlimade Lombo A65 AUS $299,199 Troublemaker Batman
Disco Force A65 AUS $268,416 Resonator Windshield Wiper
Yakuza A65 AUS $266,857 Presidential Ball Troublemaker
Trunkey Sting A65 AUS $258,466 Massie Van Hall
Alpine Stride A65 AUS $242,278 Rocknroll Hanover Troublemaker
Colossal Stride A65 AUS $178,605 Bettors Delight Troublemaker


C. Splendid  Filly out of Aspiring Love – a few random examples of this incredible U1 family are:

Peace Corps U1 NA $4,137,737 Baltic Speed Super Bowl
Mack Lobell U1 NA $3,917,504 Mystic Park Speedy Count
Manchego U1 NA $3,144,777 Muscle Hill Cantab Hall
Hannelore Hanover U1 NA $3,069,857 Swan for All Dream Vacation
Sea Cove U1 NA $2,466,355 Bonefish Songcan
Passionate Glide U1 NA $2,060,447 Yankee Glide Joie De Vie
Lookout Victory U1 NA $1,921,611 Valley Victory Joie De Vie
Cameron Hall U1 NA $1,816,236 Garland Lobell Magna Force
Hollyhurst U1 NA $1,643,453 Florida Pro Super Bowl
When Dovescry U1 NA $1,632,172 Muscle Hill Andover Hall
Win Missy B U1 NA $1,599,436 Conway Hall American Winner
Giant Force U1 NA $1,461,930 Meadow Road Speedy Somolli
Cantab Hall U1 NA $1,442,203 Self Possessed Garland Lobell
Strong Yankee U1 NA $1,434,351 Muscles Yankee Sir Taurus
Friendly Face U1 NA $1,401,135 Speedy Somolli Speedster
Savoir U1 NA $1,365,145 Stars Pride Victory Song
Magic Tonight U1 NA $1,362,296 Andover Hall Self Possessed
Casual Breeze U1 NA $1,314,075 King Conch Balanced Image
American Winner U1 NA $1,302,451 Super Bowl Speedy Somolli
Muscle Massive U1 NA $1,239,138 Muscles Yankee Pine Chip
Speeding Spur U1 NA $1,212,198 Pegasus Spur Chiola Hanover
Cedar Dove U1 NA $1,177,330 Andover Hall Pine Chip
Classic Martine U1 NA $1,168,161 Classic Photo Andover Hall
Britelite Lobell U1 NA $1,161,506 Speedy Crown Hickory Smoke
Winning Mister U1 NA $1,116,484 Angus Hall American Winner
Lindy The Great U1 NA $1,103,711 Crazed Muscles Yankee
Chip Chip Hooray U1 NA $1,095,001 Pine Chip Valley Victory
Possess the Magic U1 NA $1,043,503 Self Possessed Malabar Man


Be like Lindsay and Mary, support Australian Pacing Gold (APG) – your only industry owned not-for-profit sales company. To be a part of what promises to be the greatest sales offering QLD has ever had come January 22nd 2023 on the Gold Coast.

For more information, please phone Dean Baring – 0459 215 333 or e-mail him at and he will be pleased to assist you with your online yearling sale entries & enquiries.