When it comes to raising horses, there are several factors to consider in finding the perfect type of country.

  1. Climate: Horses require a moderate climate with mild temperatures and low humidity. They are sensitive to extreme temperatures and require a comfortable temperature range.
  2. Soil: The soil should be well-draining and have good moisture retention to provide adequate water for the horses. Avoid areas with heavy clay soils that tend to become waterlogged.
  3. Topography: Gentle rolling hills, with good drainage and access to flat areas, are ideal for horses. Avoid areas with steep slopes and rough terrain that can pose a danger to horses.
  4. Vegetation: Horses require good quality forage for grazing, so areas with abundant grasses, legumes, and other nutritious vegetation are ideal. It’s also important to avoid areas with poisonous plants and weeds.
  5. Water: Horses require clean, fresh water for drinking. The availability of natural water sources such as rivers, creeks, and ponds can be beneficial.
  6. Shelter: Horses need access to shelter from the elements, such as wind, rain, and extreme heat or cold. Adequate shade, shelter sheds, and stabling should be available to protect horses from the weather.
  7. Location: Proximity to equine facilities, such as veterinarians, farriers, and feed stores, is also important when considering a location to raise horses.

Wagin is that kind of a place, located in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, which is known for its fertile agricultural land and diverse farming activities. The area around Wagin is no exception and is renowned for its productive farming country.

The primary agricultural activities in the Wagin area include horses and other livestock farming, cereal cropping, and horticulture. The fertile soils and favourable climate make it suitable for farming a wide range of crops, such as wheat, barley, canola, oats, lupins, and hay. Livestock farming is also a significant industry in the area, with beef and sheep farming being the main focus.

In summary, the farming country around Wagin is considered to be excellent, with a favourable climate, fertile soils, and a diverse range of agricultural activities. The area has a strong farming community that is committed to sustainable farming practices and producing high-quality produce.

Kevin Spurr who is the driving force behind Spurr’s Stud, has kicked some serious goals of late, setting up his exciting operation in the Wagin area is just one of them.

Another of Kevin’s masterstrokes was securing one of the hottest stallions in the country right now in Shoobees Place.

With impeccable breeding as the son of the mighty Artsplace , Shoobees Place set a world record for 2 year old’s on a five- eight track.

He is the sire of:

Soobee Doo who has now won north of $400,000 and gone 1:49.4 and the Gr1 winning Better Be The Best who has the very exciting record to date of 11-8-1-0.

Shoobees Place has 8 lots on offer at the  Magic Millions Sales Complex, 2/56 Dale Road, Middle Swan, WA on March 5.

For all your Bloodstock enquiries including the draft of Shoobees Place, please contact Dean Baring on 0459 215 333