Matt Day has been able to develop a brand and reputation as one of the true  “Champions” of the Neds APG Sydney Yearling Sales held each year in Sydney at the magnificent high and dry 5 star facility at Warwick Farm..

Our big mate from Goulburn along with his beautiful partner Jannine Smith – Thomson and their 2 wonderful daughters are certainly favourite’s with the team  at Neds – APG.

Matt’s skill and ability to turn out yearlings is a true gift and it’s something he should be very proud of. Last year the Day draft averaged a tick under $50,000 and he thinks with the sires used for the yearlings to go under the hammer this weekend will be his best ever.

Thanks to Neds-APG GAME CHANGING PARTNERSHIP that sees over $3.25M on offer this year, along with more than $2.25M in local NSW & VIC prizemoney, there is a massive opportunity now for younger people to get involved in our sport, just like Matt’s two girls.

Matt has teamed up with Stuart McCormick, who in the view of this writer is the best photographer of standardbred horses in the business.  The horses listed below set the benchmark for those keen to enter the field of preparing yearlings for “Australasia’s Richest & Best Race Series” going forward, congratulations must go out to Matt and his team.

The Neds-APG Sale with its greatest offering in 33years, will commence at 11am, this Sunday, 6 March at the very high and dry  Warwick Farm.

Please note the I A H yearling parade has been moved to this  Sunday from 10am.


Lot 523


Lot 543


Lot 552


Lot 559


Lot 565


Lot 573


Lot 582


Lot 595


Lot 616


Lot 625


Lot 634


Lot 640


Lot 648