Welcome to the portal for “Non-Sale Trotters” a dedicated space on the Australian Pacing Gold (APG) website where the excitement of the future meets the strategic foresight of the present. Below, is the roster of talented trotters that have been entered for the 2025 APG Trotters Race Series during the 2024 season.

As aspiring owners and enthusiasts explore the pedigrees and potentials of the trotters available in the upcoming 2024 sales, this comprehensive list serves as a valuable resource, offering a glimpse into the competition that will define the 2025 race series. Get ready to size up the prowess and promises of these non-sale trotters and make you plan for the 2024 sales!

Race Name








Aldebaran JazmineMuscle Hill (US)EndsinoAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdFillyBrown02-Oct-22985141004435106
Aldebaran IsabellaMuscle Hill (US)Excellent Boko SWEAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdFillyBay14-Nov-22985141005194661
Aldebaran DiyaAldebaran Eagle USAAldebaran DeebeeAldebaran Lodge Pty LtdFillyBay02-Dec-22985141004438191
N/AAldebaran Eagle USACharming Lavra NZB P Hackett, G L Read, F T ReadColtBrown01-Nov-22985141005195371
N/ASouthwind Frank (US)Kyvalley ParisKPC RacingColtBay01-Dec-22985141005198717
N/ATactical Landing (US)Kyvalley TopcatKPC RacingFillyBrown10-Nov-22985141005196625
N/AMajestic Son CARight InterestHomestead FarmsColtBay03-Nov-22985141005197188
N/AElite StrideDodo RocketRA Haynes & CA ShawFillyBay28-Nov-22985141005199250
N/AMajestic Son CAFear The YankeeRachel BennsFillyBay07-Oct-22985141005198930
N/AWhat The Hill CANaughty III USALorraine CathelsGeldingBay28-Nov-22985141005194580
N/AClassic Connection FRACalder ImageCharles CauchiColtBay12-Dec-22985141005199074
N/AElite StridePeggyhallEvolution Lodge Pty LtdColtBay30-Sep-22985141005198925
N/ARock N Roll Heaven USADreamscape AuroraEvolution Lodge Pty LtdFillyBay11-Dec-22985141005195227
N/AHard Livin (US)Black Mamba ChevalTrump BloodstockColtBay10-Nov-22985141005196597
N/ASebastian K (SWE)Maori TessaTrump BloodstockColtBay/Brown10-Nov-22985141005196781
N/APerfect Spirit (US)BigonluckTrump BloodstockFillyBay12-Nov-22985141005196962
N/APropulsion (US)Lucky Love NZTrump BloodstockFillyBay09-Oct-22985141005197363
N/ASouthwind Frank (US)Middleton MissElizabeth MacLeanGeldingBrown10-Nov-22985141005196992
N/AAldebaran Eagle USAPocket FantasyGary BensonColtBay19-Nov-22985141005195425
N/AMuscle M Up USAEscandoloGlengarry FarmFillyBay12/10/2022985141005197386
N/ASkyvalley NZKyvalley CafeJim ConnellyColtBrown07/10/22985141005195076