Below is a list of eligible Fillies for 2yo, 3yo & 4yo Series

Please Note: If you believe that your horse has been sustained, but is missing from the list below, please contact APG immediately.

Sale Lot Sire Dam
Sydney 612 A Rocknroll Dance USA Abercrombie Jess
Perth 440 Sportswriter USA Ace Of Cards NZ
Perth 441 Racing Hill CA Adda Rising Star
Sydney 604 Art Major USA African Dancer
Sydney 614 Bettors Delight USA Aintshegreat
Perth 443 A Rocknroll Dance USA All About Pink
Perth 442 Always B Miki USA All American Dream
Melbourne 72 Sweet Lou USA Almihata
Sydney 606 Betting Line USA Another Fireball
Melbourne 68 Captaintreacherous (US) Arctic Fire NZ
Sydney 608 Well Said USA Ark De Jeanne
Sydney 617 Art Major USA Ark Monroe
Sydney 615 Betting Line USA Armida
Melbourne 70 Somebeachsomewhere USA Art De Triomphe
Melbourne 65 Betting Line USA Arterial Way
Sydney 620 A Rocknroll Dance USA Articulate Castle
Sydney 610 Warrawee Needy CA Artista Lombo
Melbourne 79 Somebeachsomewhere USA Artistic Pleasure
Perth 450 Sunshine Beach USA Baby She Rocks
Sydney 632 Captaintreacherous (US) Bella Sainz
Sydney 630 Art Major USA Betapic
Sydney 634 Somebeachsomewhere USA Bettor Charm
Sydney 635 Warrawee Needy CA Bettor Dreams NZ
Non Sale 637 Somebeachsomewhere USA Bettorthanyou
Sydney 639 Well Said USA Birds Of A Feather
Sydney 638 American Ideal USA Braeview Express
Perth 459 Hurrikane Kingcole USA Brave Attempt
Melbourne 91 Bettors Delight USA Breeze On Bronski
Perth 452 Sweet Lou USA Brush With Courage
Sydney 644 A Rocknroll Dance USA Calculating
Perth 461 Follow The Stars Call Me Paris
Brisbane 34 Hurrikane Kingcole USA Catwalk Beauty
Sydney 646 Bettors Delight USA Champagne Dreams NZ
Sydney 650 Bettors Delight USA Charlotte Church NZ
Melbourne 100 Sportswriter USA Charming Ruler
Perth 466 Betting Line USA Chemical Romance
Melbourne 95 Pet Rock USA Chloe Sheffield
Sydney 653 Warrawee Needy CA Classic Counsel NZ
Perth 467 Renaissance Man Classy And Smart
Brisbane 38 Badlands Hanover USA Clearwater Blue
Melbourne 106 Always B Miki USA Cosmic Delight
Brisbane 37 Somebeachsomewhere USA Courageous Annie NZ
Non Sale 805 Somebeachsomewhere USA Dancing With Daisy
Melbourne 109 Always B Miki USA Digital Art NZ
Perth 462 Follow The Stars Double E NZ
Perth 470 Follow The Stars Elite Angel
Sydney 674 Caribbean Blaster Espeshlimade Lombo
Non Sale 806 Captaintreacherous (US) Eye Betta Fly
Perth 351 Alta Christiano NZ Falcons Gem NZ
Sydney 680 American Ideal USA Fashion Heaven
Non Sale 807 Captaintreacherous (US) Find Fake Cash NZ
Melbourne 121 Betting Line USA Flying Miss Mac NZ
Melbourne 117 Betting Line USA Forest Bliss
Sydney 684 Captaintreacherous (US) Fususi
Perth 353 Betterthancheddar USA Gaetana Nicole
Non Sale 809 Captaintreacherous (US) Gee R We There Yet NZ
Sydney 689 Well Said USA Girls Go Racing
Sydney 688 Captaintreacherous (US) Glenferrie Boom
Melbourne 122 Sweet Lou USA Glenferrie Shuffle NZ
Melbourne 123 Betting Line USA Golden Illusion
Perth 358 Fly Like An Eagle Has The Looks
Melbourne 133 Falcon Seelster USA Hayley Franco NZ
Non Sale 810 Bettors Delight USA Hazels Girl
Non Sale 811 Bettors Delight USA Heavens Trend
Sydney 694 Bettors Delight USA Hexham Heartbeat
Sydney 695 Roll With Joe USA Highview Aria NZ
Perth 361 Bling It On Highview Ebony NZ
Perth 375 Always B Miki USA Honey And Joy
Brisbane 3 Betting Line USA Ilikemillie
Melbourne 140 American Ideal USA Im Elsa NZ
Melbourne 136 Always B Miki USA Im Living The Dream
Sydney 710 Sportswriter USA Jets Girl
Non Sale 812 Captaintreacherous (US) Jodila
Sydney 705 Captaintreacherous (US) Jolene Franco NZ
Perth 373 Fly Like An Eagle Just Like Gina
Melbourne 148 Always B Miki USA Just Look At Me
Perth 368 Sportswriter USA Just Visiting
Melbourne 153 Bettors Delight USA Kabbalah Karen B CA
Perth 391 Always B Miki USA Karen Elizabeth
Perth 383 Bettors Delight USA Katesplace NZ
Sydney 709 Roll With Joe USA Kayceem Grand
Perth 379 Follow The Stars Kin Of Queens
Sydney 715 Bettors Delight USA Lady Euthenia
Non Sale 814 Sweet Lou USA Lady Waratah
Perth 380 Captaintreacherous (US) Lavra Florence NZ
Melbourne 155 American Ideal USA Led Suitcase
Sydney 724 Four Starzzz Shark CA Leto
Sydney 712 Art Major USA Lettucedance
Melbourne 151 Somebeachsomewhere USA Lierre Noir
Perth 384 Follow The Stars Lillian Jeffries
Sydney 723 Bling It On Lillylane
Perth 388 Follow The Stars Lilyann Joy
Melbourne 158 Art Major USA Limerick Star NZ
Perth 382 Art Major USA Lindennys Buttercup NZ
Perth 378 Betterthancheddar USA Louise Jade
Sydney 725 Bettors Delight USA Louvre
Non Sale 815 Bettors Delight USA Luda
Melbourne 159 Captaintreacherous (US) Magical Molly NZ
Sydney 509 Captaintreacherous (US) Magics Miracle
Sydney 511 Art Major USA Make Mine Heaven
Brisbane 9 A Rocknroll Dance USA Mardys Victree
Sydney 516 Warrawee Needy CA Milias Ideal
Sydney 517 Bettors Delight USA Millwood Liberty NZ
Sydney 518 Art Major USA Mirella
Melbourne 170 Betting Line USA Miss Astronomical
Perth 390 Somebeachsomewhere USA Miss Madoff NZ
Sydney 521 Sweet Lou USA Miss Mini Lombo
Brisbane 11 A Rocknroll Dance USA Miss Ruby Tuesday
Melbourne 169 Well Said USA Mitzi M Hanover USA
Non Sale 819 Captaintreacherous (US) Mollys Ideal
Perth 394 Bettors Delight USA Motu Lady Cullen NZ
Sydney 524 Betting Line USA Motu Living Doll NZ
Melbourne 181 Bettors Delight USA My Double Dream NZ
Perth 403 Rich And Spoilt My West End Girl NZ
Melbourne 189 Bettors Delight USA National Gallery NZ
Melbourne 188 Art Major USA Nightshade Franco NZ
Sydney 526 A Rocknroll Dance USA Nokomai NZ
Non Sale 820 American Ideal USA Nostra Beach
Perth 397 Fly Like An Eagle Not Now Delilah
Sydney 530 Somebeachsomewhere USA Nothing Else Matters NZ
Perth 396 Sunshine Beach USA Our Cloudy Dawn NZ
Perth 398 Always B Miki USA Our Lady Luxury NZ
Melbourne 193 Always B Miki USA Our Little Artist
Non Sale 833 Captaintreacherous (US) Our Petite Souer
Melbourne 196 Art Major USA Our Santa Catalina NZ
Brisbane 17 American Ideal USA Our Sweet Melody
Brisbane 18 Badlands Hanover USA Pacific Jaccka NZ
Sydney 538 Captaintreacherous (US) Pin Up Pony NZ
Perth 401 Betting Line USA Promising Gift
Non Sale 823 Bettors Delight USA Queen Of Pop
Sydney 546 A Rocknroll Dance USA Racketeer Reactor
Melbourne 210 Roll With Joe USA Rock Two Times
Melbourne 220 Sportswriter USA Rockin Tammy
Sydney 552 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Rogers Joy
Sydney 554 Rocknroll Hanover USA Romancing Bromac NZ
Non Sale 825 Bettors Delight USA Rosie Oreilly
Brisbane 22 Hes Watching USA Roxie Mattgregor
Brisbane 25 Hes Watching USA Roxie Romance NZ
Brisbane 23 Changeover NZ Sami Cam Victree
Sydney 566 Western Terror USA Sarum Princess
Non Sale 828 Always B Miki USA Saved A Corka
Melbourne 225 Racing Hill CA Shadow Flag
Perth 411 Shadow Play USA She Has Passion USA
Sydney 567 Well Said USA Sheez Not Perfect
Melbourne 214 Betting Line USA Shes Got It All NZ
Brisbane 26 Pet Rock USA Shesgotemgood
Perth 416 Alta Christiano NZ Shez Lockets Rocket NZ
Sydney 573 American Ideal USA Shezacullen NZ
Melbourne 218 Sunshine Beach USA Shezaterror
Sydney 564 Racing Hill CA Sienna Lee
Perth 421 Follow The Stars Sierra Gem
Sydney 577 Roll With Joe USA Sky Rainbow
Perth 420 Alta Christiano NZ Smart By Design NZ
Melbourne 222 Captaintreacherous (US) Smyrna Duruisseau USA
Perth 423 Modern Art USA Soho Diaz
Perth 422 Captaintreacherous (US) Sokys Courage NZ
Melbourne 235 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Somesorta Philtra
Melbourne 221 Betting Line USA Spirited Storm USA
Perth 427 Betting Line USA Stars Aligned
Brisbane 27 Auckland Reactor NZ Strip Sir
Sydney 581 Art Major USA Tact Hayleys Delight NZ
Melbourne 237 American Ideal USA Tamara Hall USA
Melbourne 240 Betting Line USA Tantallon
Sydney 582 Art Major USA Tears To Maple
Melbourne 248 Sweet Lou USA That Chill Devine
Melbourne 241 American Ideal USA The Baggy Green
Perth 425 Art Major USA The Boulevard NZ
Perth 433 Pet Rock USA Theladyisabomb NZ
Sydney 590 Betting Line USA To The Machx
Brisbane 29 Hes Watching USA Tout Le Monde NZ
Melbourne 247 Betting Line USA Trend Setter
Non Sale 829 Bettors Delight USA Twice As Hot NZ
Perth 434 Alta Christiano NZ Twisted Art
Melbourne 56 American Ideal USA Unique Desire
Sydney 594 Sunshine Beach USA Vertigal
Perth 437 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Where Dreams Grow
Brisbane 33 Captaintreacherous (US) Wishitwasheaven
Non Sale 831 Somebeachsomewhere USA Yankee Showgirl
Sydney 729 Art Major USA Zenable NZ