Below is a list of eligible Colts & Geldings for 2yo & 3yo Series

Please Note: If you believe that your horse has been sustained, but is missing from the list below, please contact APG immediately.

Sale Lot Sire Dam Horse Name
Sydney 677 Sweet Lou USA Luvin Miss Molly AGIFTFROMTHEANGELS
Perth 503 Foreclosure (NZ) Cap In Hand ALL IS WELL
Sydney 704 Always B Miki USA Pin Up Pony NZ ALWAYSBMYPONY
Melbourne 252 Sportswriter USA Show Me Amber AMBIGUOUS
Sydney 723 American Ideal USA Starry Rainbow AMERICAN RAINBOW
Perth 450 Betting Line USA Firth Of Tay BET ON THE RIVER
Melbourne 296 Bettors Delight USA Comekissmequick NZ BETTER KISS ME
Brisbane 52 Hurrikane Kingcole USA Nakano BIDDADDABA BOY
Melbourne 267 Bettors Delight USA Trulyawork Of Art USA BIG BAD MAX
Sydney 611 Captaintreacherous (US) Abettorrose BURTON
Melbourne 221 Huntsville USA Lucilla Franco NZ CAESAR NERO
Sydney 639 Captaintreacherous (US) Delightfullybettor CAPTAIN RITCHIE
Melbourne 206 Captaintreacherous (US) Heavens Trend CAPTAIN TOM
Sydney 712 Captaintreacherous (US) Scarlett Finn NZ CAPTAINS KNOCK
Sydney 622 Vincent Bondi Miss CHANSU
Sydney 675 Tintin In America NZ Lettucegrin CHICAGO GANGSTER
Perth 464 Fly Like An Eagle Just Like Jess CHUMBOOGIE
Perth 441 Betting Line USA Cool Adda COLD HARD CASH
Non Sale 803 Art Major USA Blissfull Night COOL NIGHT
Brisbane 2 Art Major USA Oh So Hippe CREEDENCE
Perth 465 Control The Moment (US) Just Visiting CROWD CONTROL
Sydney 613 Betting Line USA Annatto NZ DEEBO
Non Sale 807 Bettors Delight USA Full Pleasure DELIGHTFULPLEASURE
Perth 708 American Ideal USA Priceless Gem DO RIGHT MAN
Brisbane 41 Hes Watching USA Girls Are Bettor NZ DOC JUJON
Melbourne 288 American Ideal USA Catapult USA DOM DAN
Melbourne 292 Art Major USA Cinco Amigos NZ DON HUGO
Perth 425 Betting Line USA Zerina Whitby DOURADO
Perth 448 Advance Attack NZ Eastern Jet EASTERN ADVANCE
Perth 478 Follow The Stars Lillian Jeffries ELGOSSAGE
Perth 455 Follow The Stars Heaven And Hell ELLUCIFER
Sydney 667 Modern Art USA Lillylane ENSTEIN
Perth 429 Follow The Stars Arkndeliver FLASHING ARK
Sydney 679 Warrawee Needy CA Mainland Banner NZ FLAT BICCY ?
Perth 483 Fly Like An Eagle Lucky Stride FLYING COPPA
Melbourne 278 Captaintreacherous (US) Art De Triomphe GAWN
Sydney 686 Bling It On Miss Real GOTTA BLING IT
Melbourne 204 Always B Miki USA Grumpy Sally HAPPY REG
Sydney 638 Bettors Delight USA Cyclone Charlie NZ HASTY BID
Melbourne 270 Sunshine Beach USA Wattabout A Smile HEATSEEKER
Perth 451 Rich And Spoilt Front Paige Adda HEEZ GOOD AS GOLD
Sydney 645 Warrawee Needy CA Espeshlimade Lombo HERE COMES PARKER
Brisbane 18 American Ideal USA Santanna Jewel NZ HEZA GALVINATOR
Sydney 657 Huntsville USA Highview Aria NZ HIGHVIEW HAMMER
Sydney 658 Sweet Lou USA Ideal Lover NZ HORN PLAYER
Melbourne 276 Well Said USA Another Day CA HOT CHILLI MAX
Sydney 717 Huntsville USA Sky Rainbow HUNT A RAINBOW
Sydney 700 Betting Line USA Parklane Royal NZ I BREAK THE LINE
Melbourne 297 A Rocknroll Dance USA Danamite Lass I CAN DANCE
Sydney 609 American Ideal USA Westgate Chick NZ IDEAL SON
Perth 486 Vincent Louise Jade IMA AUSSIE ARTIST
Sydney 663 Fear The Dragon (US) Ivys Faith IMPERIAL POWER
Perth 487 Follow The Stars Luvatipple Beejay IMPERIUM
Perth 419 Huntsville USA Topless Beach Girl INSTA GATOR
Melbourne 246 American Ideal USA Riccarton Lass ITS A FUGAZI
Sydney 664 Always B Miki USA Kirra Kid NZ ITS DOWN TO DIGGER
Sydney 720 Captaintreacherous (US) Smooth Pink NZ JAWSOFSELWOOD
Melbourne 217 Lennytheshark Kerry Sheffield JOHNTHEBULLSHARK
Perth 488 Captaintreacherous (US) Luck Has It JUGGERNAUT
Sydney 619 Sweet Lou USA Bang Bang Molly KERBANG
Sydney 729 Betting Line USA Themajors Daughter KIMCHI
Non Sale 804 American Ideal USA Charm Personified KING VANCE
Melbourne 247 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Ruby Slippers LAYDEN
Sydney 702 American Ideal USA Perfect Penny LETS TURN IT ON
Sydney 681 Art Major USA Makes Every Scents LOCHINVAR LORENZO
Non Sale 821 Captaintreacherous (US) Mygirl Rocks Lombo LOMBO ISHAK
Non Sale 817 Art Major USA Mischif Made Lombo LOMBO MITCHINSON
Perth 435 Control The Moment (US) Betshes Precious LORD TITANIUM
Perth 456 Sweet Lou USA Glenferrie Clan LUCAPELO
Melbourne 290 Always B Miki USA Chrissy Styx NZ MAGGACIS
Perth 434 Sweet Lou USA Benjor Maddy Lombo MAGNUS VICTOR
Melbourne 226 Art Major USA Moon Ovr Manhattan MAJOR MANHATTAN
Perth 447 Art Major USA Elite Angel MAJOR OVERS
Perth 470 Huntsville USA Karen Elizabeth MASTERMIND
Non Sale 820 Always B Miki USA My Tupelo Honey NZ MIKIPELO
Perth 442 Always B Miki USA Coopers Beach NZ MIKIS BEACH
Melbourne 241 Always B Miki USA Pelicanrama MIKIS JOE
Brisbane 43 Hes Watching USA Gottaluva Sunday NZ MISTER DOMINGO
Melbourne 230 Huntsville USA Moremi Miss MISTER HUNTER
Brisbane 33 Art Major USA Colada Belle MY ULTIMATE JACKO
Melbourne 216 Bettors Delight USA Kateeshar MY ULTIMATE KEVVIE
Sydney 715 Sweet Lou USA Serenas Delight MY ULTIMATE RUDI
Sydney 610 Art Major USA Zagami NZ MY ULTIMATE RUSTY
Sydney 673 Art Major USA Lincoln Room USA MY ULTIMATE RYANO
Sydney 726 Sweet Lou USA The Crystal Star NZ MY ULTIMATE SNOWY
Sydney 633 Warrawee Needy CA Classic Counsel NZ MYRUNA
Perth 449 Sweet Lou USA Endless Journey NEVER ENDING
Perth 413 Follow The Stars She Likes Gold ON GOLDEN ROAD
Sydney 661 American Ideal USA Jolene Franco NZ OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS
Melbourne 243 American Ideal USA Red Hot Rita OPTIMAL
Melbourne 223 Sportswriter USA Magical Mocca NZ OUR UNCLE NEV
Perth 439 Betting Line USA Chemical Romance OVERLY EXCITED
Non Sale 824 Betting Line USA Picobello NZ OZZIE PUNTA
Melbourne 293 Art Major USA Classic Malibu PERCESSION
Brisbane 53 Captaintreacherous (US) Real Intentions NZ PETES CAPTAINSSTAR
Sydney 690 Art Major USA My Platinum Belle NZ POTTER
Sydney 632 Sweet Lou USA Christian Party NZ PRINCE LOUIE
Brisbane 38 Betting Line USA Exclusif PRIORITY BETTING
Sydney 688 Huntsville USA My Pacific Rainbow RAINBOW STORM
Sydney 716 Tintin In America NZ Rupeeno Cullen NZ RIPPIN RUPERT
Sydney 711 Huntsville USA Rise To The Top RISE ABOVE ALL
Perth 416 Betting Line USA Terrifying RISING SPIRIT
Perth 404 Follow The Stars Selkie NZ ROAD STAR
Non Sale 808 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Goodygoodygumdrops ROCK OUR HEART
Perth 426 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Adaptability ROCKABILITY
Perth 453 Huntsville USA Gabriella Rocks ROCKET CITY
Perth 497 A Rocknroll Dance USA Miss Worthy Whitby ROCKNROLL SPIRIT
Melbourne 224 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Mendelico ROCKROLL GRIZZ
Perth 492 Bonavista Bay Maybe A Corka RONALD SCOTT
Non Sale 828 Captaintreacherous (US) Yankee Showgirl SCHOOL CAPTAIN
Non Sale 811 Bettors Delight USA Kept For Pleasure SMOKIN SLOY
Melbourne 255 Captaintreacherous (US) Soho Bordeaux SOMMELIER
Perth 476 Captaintreacherous (US) Lavra Florence NZ STAR LAVRA
Melbourne 299 Vincent De Lovely Rose NZ STAROFTHESHOW
Brisbane 22 Allamerican Ingot USA Starofmydream NZ STARS OF AMERICA
Sydney 606 Fear The Dragon (US) Very Chic NZ STEEL THE MOMENT
Melbourne 300 Sweet Lou USA Dressedforsuccess SWEET FACE
Perth 457 Sweet Lou USA Harriet Elisabeth SWEET LUCIFER
Sydney 722 Sweet Lou USA Shezacullen NZ SWEETHEART BART
Perth 485 Foreclosure (NZ) Lindennys Buttercup NZ TANTABIDDI
Non Sale 819 Bettors Delight USA Miss Brazilian TAP OUT
Perth 461 Always B Miki USA Im For Real THE REAL MIKOY
Brisbane 8 Roll With Joe USA Presidents Doll UNNAMED
Brisbane 9 Sunshine Beach USA Polly Delwin UNNAMED
Sydney 10 A Rocknroll Dance USA Pretentious Lombo UNNAMED
Brisbane 12 Downbytheseaside USA Roccavaldina UNNAMED
Brisbane 15 Always B Miki USA Shesgotemgood UNNAMED
Brisbane 20 Hes Watching USA Somethings Fishy UNNAMED
Brisbane 21 Sunshine Beach USA Teamenup UNNAMED
Brisbane 26 Allamerican Ingot USA Belmont Rose NZ UNNAMED
Brisbane 40 Always B Miki USA Gidup Tuscany Gold NZ UNNAMED
Melbourne 205 Betting Line USA Here Comes Zoe UNNAMED
Melbourne 207 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Ideal Taxes UNNAMED
Melbourne 214 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Insidious Charm UNNAMED
Melbourne 220 Betting Line USA Lots A Blue UNNAMED
Melbourne 232 Sweet Lou USA Murganella UNNAMED
Melbourne 238 Betterthancheddar USA Paris Angel UNNAMED
Melbourne 256 Huntsville USA Suenos Dulces UNNAMED
Melbourne 257 Captaintreacherous (US) Spirit Of Fun UNNAMED
Melbourne 263 A Rocknroll Dance USA The Waratah UNNAMED
Melbourne 268 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Transparency Rules UNNAMED
Melbourne 272 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Whatahottie NZ UNNAMED
Melbourne 279 A Rocknroll Dance USA Artful Lombo UNNAMED
Melbourne 281 Yankee Rockstar Beach Box UNNAMED
Melbourne 282 Hes Watching USA Big Girl Grin UNNAMED
Melbourne 285 Bettors Delight USA Breeze On Bronski UNNAMED
Melbourne 294 Betterthancheddar USA Coast Patrol UNNAMED
Perth 430 Vincent Anna Faye NZ UNNAMED
Perth 431 Sunshine Beach USA Apache Delight UNNAMED
Perth 436 Fly Like An Eagle Bignightout UNNAMED
Perth 481 Sweet Lou USA Lola Mae UNNAMED
Perth 493 Fly Like An Eagle Millwood Daisy NZ UNNAMED
Perth 502 Follow The Stars Noneshallpass UNNAMED
Sydney 605 Well Said USA Unreal Jan UNNAMED
Sydney 615 Somebeachsomewhere USA Aqui A Mi Lado NZ UNNAMED
Sydney 616 Art Major USA Ark De Jeanne UNNAMED
Sydney 620 Captaintreacherous (US) Behappysam NZ UNNAMED
Sydney 627 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Burn Back UNNAMED
Sydney 630 Tintin In America NZ Change The Talk NZ UNNAMED
Sydney 635 Vincent Cracker Three NZ UNNAMED
Sydney 652 Captaintreacherous (US) Glenferrie Boom UNNAMED
Sydney 656 Tintin In America NZ Im Ballgown Heaven NZ UNNAMED
Sydney 659 Million Dollar Cam USA Im Making Waves NZ UNNAMED
Sydney 672 Roll With Joe USA Lettucedance UNNAMED
Sydney 687 Bettors Delight USA My Littledreamgirl UNNAMED
Sydney 689 American Ideal USA Miss Zo Zo UNNAMED
Sydney 701 Lennytheshark Pinktastic UNNAMED
Sydney 719 Warrawee Needy CA Shez Ryans UNNAMED
Sydney 724 Sweet Lou USA Tact Hayleys Delight NZ UNNAMED
Sydney 728 Huntsville USA The Peace Rose NZ UNNAMED
Non Sale 802 A Rocknroll Dance USA Arma Xpress UNNAMED
Non Sale 823 Art Major USA Our Lilly Maloane NZ UNNAMED
Perth 443 Art Major USA Courage On Fire NZ VALEDICTORIAN
Perth 501 Fly Like An Eagle Not Now Delilah VELOCIPEDE
Perth 421 Captaintreacherous (US) Whitbys Blue Iris WHITBYS WORLD
Perth 445 Sunshine Beach USA Dontgetmeruffled WICKHAM WINDS
Melbourne 273 Sweet Lou USA Without Guile WILL HE REIGN
Perth 446 Foreclosure (NZ) Double E NZ WUT NOW
Perth 482 Art Major USA Lilianna Beauty USA YANKIE KEV
Perth 475 Follow The Stars Lady Bhutan YOUR GRACE