Below is a list of eligible Fillies for 2yo & 3yo Series

Please Note: If you believe that your horse has been sustained, but is missing from the list below, please contact APG immediately.

Sale Lot Sire Dam Horse Name
Melbourne 280 Betting Line USA Aunty Daph ADORA JOH
Non Sale 801 Four Starzzz Shark CA Aintshegreat AINTSHEASTAR
Sydney 629 Huntsville USA Chalondra ALABAMA MISS
Perth 418 Follow The Stars Stride To Themax ALEXANDRA THEGREAT
Brisbane 44 Always B Miki USA Idle Spirit ALWAYS IDLE
Perth 406 American Ideal USA Prix De Whitby AMERICAN MONARCH
Melbourne 219 Bettors Delight USA Life Inthefastlane ASTROPHILIA
Perth 500 Captaintreacherous (US) My Samantha Jane NZ AUGUST MOON
Brisbane 32 American Ideal USA Caracas AUNTY BEC
Brisbane 27 Betting Line USA Walking On Air AURORA JOY
Sydney 697 Captaintreacherous (US) Our Lissome NZ AVYANNA
Brisbane 45 Betting Line USA Ilikemillie BAHAMAS MISS
Melbourne 234 Art Major USA Nosotros BAY OF TRANQUILITY
Perth 683 Art Major USA Mio Christisimo BELLA RAGAZZA
Perth 468 Control The Moment (US) Keepsgettingbettor BETTOR CONTROL
Sydney 650 Huntsville USA Girls Go Racing BETTY BUDD
Perth 471 Downbytheseaside USA Kiwi Rose USA BETWEEN TWO THORNS
Brisbane 39 Captaintreacherous (US) Find Fake Cash NZ BLACKJACK BETH
Perth 491 American Ideal USA Lughnasadh NZ CABSAV
Melbourne 229 Captaintreacherous (US) Mollys Ideal CASTELLA DELLACQUA
Perth 401 Fly Like An Eagle Our Lady Starlight CERIGNOLA
Melbourne 254 Bettors Delight USA Sparkling Tachyon NZ CHASE THE LIGHT
Melbourne 250 Huntsville USA Self Denial CINQUANTA
Perth 415 Follow The Stars Sister Madonna CONSTELLATIONJEWEL
Sydney 680 Hes Watching USA Majordreams CORLETTE
Sydney 709 Art Major USA Racketeer Reactor NZ DANCING ART
Perth 412 Bonavista Bay Shonteleeshar DIAMOND BAY
Perth 423 Control The Moment (US) Where Dreams Grow DREAM CONTROL
Melbourne 240 Sweet Lou USA Pleione ESMARELDAR
Sydney 624 Bettors Delight USA Bollinger Baby NZ EXTRAHOT
Melbourne 202 Vincent Golden Valour EYE ON YOU
Brisbane 28 Betterthancheddar USA Bubby Doll FANCY LIKE BARBIE
Brisbane 51 American Ideal USA Lis Tureen NZ FIRELANE LADY
Perth 402 Huntsville USA Party Date FLAMETREE
Sydney 643 Betting Line USA Essaouira GEIRANGER RAINBOWS
Perth 459 Sweet Lou USA Here For The Money GET THE BOOTH
Sydney 670 Captaintreacherous (US) Libertybelle Midfrew NZ GOODTIME LIBBY
Brisbane 46 Art Major USA Jennas Dancer HIGH ROLLIN DANCER
Perth 460 Hes Watching USA I Am Special IMAHERO
Melbourne 274 Downbytheseaside USA A Few Dollars More IVANA BYTHESEASIDE
Perth 499 Fly Like An Eagle Nightwatch Lady JACKIE DANIELS
Sydney 651 Huntsville USA Give Me Twenty NZ JAZZMIN
Brisbane 3 Captaintreacherous (US) Our Sweet Melody JEWEL MELODY
Sydney 617 Huntsville USA Art Mistress JEWEL MISTRESS
Melbourne 227 Betting Line USA Modern Mistress JILLIBY MISTRESS
Brisbane 50 A Rocknroll Dance USA Kotare Cameo NZ KOTARE DANCE
Melbourne 284 Vincent Bonton Lady LADY VEE
Sydney 674 American Ideal USA Lombo Newsy Scoop LADY VIOLETTA
Melbourne 264 Captaintreacherous (US) Trojan Fire LANNING
Non Sale 816 Bettors Delight USA Millwood Liberty NZ LIBERTY BELL
Melbourne 253 Lennytheshark Showgirl Shere LOVELY JUBBLY
Non Sale 812 Bettors Delight USA Lady Euthenia MAJOR DELIGHT
Melbourne 271 Art Major USA Vinland NZ MAJOR IDEAL
Brisbane 42 Major In Art USA Gold Currency MAMARSELLE
Non Sale 815 Art Major USA Maudie MAUDIES LUCK
Brisbane 24 Bull Mattgregor NZ Stylish Storm MAYWYNS LA NINA
Sydney 684 Warrawee Needy CA Miss Mini Lombo MISS FROUFROU
Non Sale 813 Captaintreacherous (US) Louvre MISS HORNIGOLD
Sydney 693 Betting Line USA Obahma Joy MISS OBAHMA
Sydney 660 Sunshine Beach USA Janbob MISS PISTACHIO
Sydney 625 Highview Tommy NZ Brigade Queen MOST TRIUMPHANT
Brisbane 16 Roll With Joe USA Roxie Romance NZ MULLUM RUBY
Sydney 713 Warrawee Needy CA Rockin Lu Lu NEEDYS ROCKIN
Melbourne 258 Always B Miki USA Tamara Hall USA NYOTA
Brisbane 23 Vincent Versace Woman NZ OH MY GOSH
Sydney 696 Art Major USA Partyontheboulevard NZ ONE FUN PLACE
Perth 474 Sweet Lou USA Kotare Ash NZ OUR LILILOU
Melbourne 222 Betting Line USA Lynniemach OVER THE LINE
Melbourne 275 Art Major USA Acaptivatingeagle PANIC BUY
Melbourne 245 Sweet Lou USA Rock Setter PARADISE VALLEY
Melbourne 277 Lincoln Royal NZ Art In Paris PARIS PRINCESS
Non Sale 806 Sweet Lou USA Frith PEACEFUL
Sydney 703 Well Said USA Perfezione PERFECTLY SAID
Non Sale 818 Bettors Delight USA Miss Ami Sloy PROMISELAND
Brisbane 5 Art Major USA Pacific Jaccka NZ PROSPECTUS
Perth 403 Huntsville USA Racy Lacy NZ RACYVILLE
Non Sale 810 Roll With Joe USA Hot Shot Woman ROLL WITH SLOY
Non Sale 825 Captaintreacherous (US) Sahara Miss SAHARA BREEZE
Sydney 725 Captaintreacherous (US) The Blue Lotus NZ SAPPHIRESNDIAMONDS
Perth 469 Renaissance Man Kanata Queen SAVANNAH LAURA
Melbourne 203 Downbytheseaside USA Gotta Go Electobet NZ SEA SILK
Perth 409 Bonavista Bay Sheez Da Bomb SHEEZ BILLIE
Non Sale 809 A Rocknroll Dance USA Helen Wheels SHEROCKS SHEROLLS
Perth 480 Follow The Stars Lorinda Bay SHES A DACTYL
Sydney 654 Huntsville USA Halcyon Franco NZ SKADI
Melbourne 242 Art Major USA Proud Trick SOLO STAR
Perth 414 Captaintreacherous (US) Sounds Bettor SOUNDS TREACHEROUS
Perth 494 Sunshine Beach USA Major Flirt SUNSHINE FLIRT
Sydney 621 Captaintreacherous (US) Beilharz SWEET BEAT
Perth 405 Fly Like An Eagle Return To Texas TEMUKAS GIRL
Sydney 648 Captaintreacherous (US) Freedom Is NZ THATSFREEDOM
Perth 422 P Forty Seven USA White Water Bay THE PROTOTYPE
Perth 440 Control The Moment (US) Cleopatra THE WAND WAVER
Sydney 655 Captaintreacherous (US) Hexham Heartbeat TREACHEROUS HEART
Brisbane 13 A Rocknroll Dance USA Respected UNLUCKY
Brisbane 6 A Rocknroll Dance USA Paris Highlights UNNAMED
Brisbane 11 Bull Mattgregor NZ Riverboat Diamond NZ UNNAMED
Brisbane 29 Art Major USA Bobbies Girl NZ UNNAMED
Brisbane 34 A Rocknroll Dance USA Clearwater Blue UNNAMED
Brisbane 35 Art Major USA Dontdrinkthendrive NZ UNNAMED
Brisbane 36 Bling It On Ella Palms UNNAMED
Brisbane 49 Betting Line USA Laura Madison NZ UNNAMED
Melbourne 201 Captaintreacherous (US) Garden Gate Tina CA UNNAMED
Melbourne 208 Bettors Delight USA Ideal Priority USA UNNAMED
Melbourne 210 Sunshine Beach USA In The Louvre NZ UNNAMED
Melbourne 212 Captaintreacherous (US) Indigo Breeze NZ UNNAMED
Melbourne 218 Huntsville USA Libbiemack NZ UNNAMED
Melbourne 231 Lennytheshark Mystic Jewel UNNAMED
Melbourne 244 Hes Watching USA Romancing Bromac NZ UNNAMED
Melbourne 251 Bettors Delight USA Rockin Tammy UNNAMED
Melbourne 262 Hes Watching USA The Baggy Green UNNAMED
Melbourne 265 Sweet Lou USA The Heat Is On UNNAMED
Melbourne 283 Sweet Lou USA Bettor Downunder UNNAMED
Melbourne 295 Downbytheseaside USA Contrapan USA UNNAMED
Melbourne 301 Captaintreacherous (US) Ebonyallstarzzz UNNAMED
Perth 433 Vincent Auctioneers Elsu UNNAMED
Perth 454 Hurrikane Kingcole USA Gaylees Delight NZ UNNAMED
Perth 479 American Ideal USA Leilani Lombo UNNAMED
Sydney 636 Tintin In America NZ Corleone UNNAMED
Non Sale 641 Captaintreacherous (US) Distant Memory UNNAMED
Sydney 653 Hes Watching USA Holly Robyn NZ UNNAMED
Sydney 682 Always B Miki USA Medusa Joy UNNAMED
Sydney 695 Tintin In America NZ Our Classical Art NZ UNNAMED
Sydney 698 Well Said USA Our Pocketfullofdreams NZ UNNAMED
Sydney 706 Yankee Rockstar Pretty Inpink UNNAMED
Sydney 707 Bling It On Priority Pass UNNAMED
Sydney 710 Tintin In America NZ Redbank Lisamaree UNNAMED
Sydney 721 American Ideal USA Soho Leigh UNNAMED
Sydney 730 Art Major USA To The Machx UNNAMED
Non Sale 814 Captaintreacherous (US) Magical Delight UNNAMED
Non Sale 827 Vincent Whereibylong UNNAMED
Sydney 699 Vincent Pacific Cullen VIN NUMBER
Sydney 669 Vincent Lettuce Go Pippa VINETTE
Brisbane 25 Bettors Delight USA Wandary Splash WANDARY DELIGHT
Perth 427 Foreclosure (NZ) All About Pink WANEA
Perth 417 Foreclosure (NZ) Terra Into The West NZ WATCH ME WAVE
Non Sale 678 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Machthreewishes WISHESFROMHEAVEN
Melbourne 248 Sweet Lou USA Rock Two Times YARECKON IM SWEET
Melbourne 209 American Ideal USA Indigenous YNOBE DAKOTA