Lot Sire Dam Sex GST
1 American Ideal USA Annika Magic Colt No GST
2 Downbytheseaside USA Arks Crystal Colt GST
3 Rock N Roll World USA Artonarock Colt GST
4 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Beach Shack Filly No GST
5 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Bonnie Jujon Filly No GST
6 Always B Miki USA Best Of Wine Filly GST
7 Sweet Lou USA Bronski Gorgeous Colt GST
8 Bettors Delight USA Breeze On Bronski Filly No GST
9 Always B Miki USA Cherished Hope Filly GST
10 Lazarus NZ Colada Belle Colt GST
11 Bling It On Cotton Cold Candy Colt GST
12 Badlands Hanover USA Bute Sister NZ Colt GST
13 Lazarus NZ Courageous Annie NZ Colt GST
14 A Good Chance Destiny Choice Colt No GST
15 Betting Line USA Cullens Jewel Filly No GST
16 Somebeachsomewhere USA Charms On A Roll Filly No GST
17 Ultimate Machete NZ Dont Break My Ark Colt GST
18 Downbytheseaside USA Digby Diva Filly No GST
19 Downbytheseaside USA Dont Fall For Me Colt GST
20 Badlands Hanover USA Clearwater Blue Filly GST
21 Always B Miki USA Exclusif Filly GST
22 Downbytheseaside USA Evelyn Dee Colt No GST
23 Downbytheseaside USA Find Fake Cash NZ Colt GST
24 Roll With Joe USA Foolish Kiss Colt GST
25 Art Major USA Fullon Boundary Row NZ Colt No GST
26 Mr Feelgood USA Favourite Miss Colt GST
27 Ohoka Punter NZ Horizon Bromac NZ Colt No GST
28 Always B Miki USA Idle Spirit Filly GST
29 Sweet Lou USA Ideally American Filly GST
30 Bettors Delight USA Get In The Groove Filly GST
31 Always B Miki USA Im Sugar Coated Filly GST
32 American Ideal USA Im Off Limits NZ Colt GST
33 Sweet Lou USA Ima Grumpy Possum NZ Colt GST
34 American Ideal USA Happy Feelings Colt GST
35 Western Ideal (US) Kylie Bromac NZ Colt No GST
36 Downbytheseaside USA Lislady NZ Colt No GST
37 Roll With Joe USA Laugh Out Loud Colt GST
38 Lazarus NZ Lauramegan NZ Colt GST
39 Betting Line USA Mardys Victree Colt GST
40 Captaintreacherous (US) Laceys Legacy Filly GST
41 Always B Miki USA Manhattan Montana NZ Filly GST
42 American Ideal USA Lis Tureen NZ Colt GST
43 Changeover NZ Mad Milly Colt No GST
44 American Ideal USA Merrymach Filly GST
45 Changeover NZ Mathilda Diventa Colt No GST
46 Betting Line USA Nakano Filly No GST
47 Rock N Roll World USA Makin Bickies Colt GST
48 American Ideal USA Might And Main Filly No GST
49 Always B Miki USA Oh So Hippe Colt No GST
50 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Paris Highlights Colt GST
51 Sweet Lou USA Muscle Beach Filly GST
52 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Our Queen Of Aces NZ Filly GST
53 Always B Miki USA Our Sweet Victree Colt GST
54 Ohoka Punter NZ Red Red Robin Colt No GST
55 Sweet Lou USA New York Fashion Colt GST
56 Art Major USA Petousa Filly GST
57 Ohoka Punter NZ Renayben Filly No GST
58 Always B Miki USA Rich Ruby Red Filly GST
59 American Ideal USA Our Sweet Melody Filly GST
60 Betting Line USA Pacific Cullen Filly GST
61 Hes Watching USA Robs Sheila NZ Colt No GST
62 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Roccavaldina Colt GST
63 Art Major USA Presidents Doll NZ Filly GST
64 Downbytheseaside USA Sandringham Gelding GST
65 Always B Miki USA Respected Filly GST
66 Bettors Delight USA Sweet Misty Colt GST
67 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Say It Isnt So Colt GST
68 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Tantara Franco NZ Filly GST
69 American Ideal USA Secret Desire Filly GST
70 Ohoka Punter NZ Talented Tess Filly GST
71 American Ideal USA Shesgotemgood Filly No GST
72 A Rocknroll Dance USA The Last Karamea Filly GST
73 Betterthancheddar USA Teamenup Colt No GST
74 Ohoka Punter NZ Sami Cam Victree Filly GST
75 Art Major USA Too Smart For You Colt No GST
76 Bettors Delight USA Versace Woman NZ Filly No GST
77 Bling It On Walking On Air Filly GST
78 Sunshine Beach USA Washington Lass NZ Colt No GST
79 Bling It On Victree Bonita Filly GST
80 Vincent When To Hold Filly GST
81 Changeover NZ Wandary Splash Colt GST
82 Majestic Son CA Bigonluck Filly No GST
83 Sebastian K (SWE) Black Mamba Cheval Colt GST
84 Skyvalley NZ Daredsetedeit NZ Colt GST
85 Centurion Atm USA Eilish Monarch NZ Filly GST
86 Up And Quick (FRA) Heart Of Glass Filly GST
87 Up And Quick (FRA) Illawong Bliss Colt GST
88 Helpisontheway (US) Jessie Bessie USA Filly No GST
89 Sebastian K (SWE) Our Flash Girl Filly GST
90 Centurion ATM USA Our Maple Tart NZ Filly No GST
91 Volstead USA Sweet Pretense NZ Colt GST
92 Sebastian K (SWE) Penny Monster Colt GST

Neds APG Race Series Features:

$400,000 of Local Queensland Races

  • $150,000 Albion Park Gold 2yo Final
  • $50,000 Neds APG Gold Bullion 2yo C&G Final
  • $50,000 Neds APG Gold Bullion 2yo Fillies Final
  • $50,000 Neds APG Gold Bullion 3yo C&G Final
  • $50,000 Neds APG Gold Bullion 3yo Fillies Final

QLD 2yo Gold Bullion winners qualify for APG’s 2 x $750,000 Finals at Menangle:

  • $500,000 in prize money plus $250,000 in bonuses
  • Bonus available if win local Gold Bullion heat and then go on to win final in sub 1:51.3 (colts) or 1:52.1 (fillies)

QLD 3yo Gold Bullion winners qualify for APG’s 2 x $150,000 Finals at Melton



All QBred yearlings are eligible for:

  • $14,000 first QLD win bonus (at any age); plus
  • One-off additional $7,500 bonus for the horses first QLD win in a subsequent season
  • QBRED Triad Series, featuring:

    • $100,000 2yo Triad Finals (Each Sex)
    • $100,000 3yo Triad Finals (Each Sex)
    • $25,000 4yo Triad Finals (Each Sex)
    • $25,000 Breeders Classic 2yo (Each Sex)
    • $20,000 QBRED Triad 2YO Consolations (Each Sex)
    • $15,000 QBRED Triad 3YO Consolations (Each Sex)
    • $10,000 QBRED Triad Trot 2YO (Mixed Sex)
    • $10,000 QBRED Triad Trot 3YO (Mixed Sex)