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Lot Sire Dam Sex GST
101 Majestic Son CA Rift Valley Colt GST
102 Andover Hall (US) Star Spangled Rama Colt GST
103 What The Hill CA Sky Majesty Colt GST
104 Aldebaran Eagle USA Theappleofmyeye Filly No GST
105 Volstead USA Tricia Powell NZ Filly GST
106 Father Patrick (US) Star Of Jordaine NZ Colt GST
107 Majestic Son CA Whatta Tussle Filly No GST
108 Centurion Atm USA Summerline NZ Filly GST
109 Aldebaran Eagle USA White House Sweet Colt No GST
110 Majestic Son CA Sunny Avenue Colt GST
111 Peak DNK Aldebaran Etta Filly GST
112 Muscle Mass USA Susuwe NZ Filly GST
113 Aldebaran Eagle USA Aldebaran Sunset NZ Filly No GST
114 Sebastian K (SWE) Sweetasay Colt No GST
115 Skyvalley NZ Eagles Image Filly 50% GST
116 Majestic Son CA Brite N Rosie NZ Colt No GST
117 Wishing Stone (US) Vanilla Sunrise Filly No GST
118 Peak DNK Catchya Maya Filly GST
119 Majestic Son CA Im Havinaball Colt GST
120 Centurion Atm USA Brite N Lucky NZ Filly GST
121 Muscle Mass USA Cloud Chaser Colt No GST
122 Angus Hall (US) Donski Filly 25% GST
123 Majestic Son CA Brylin Crescent NZ Filly GST
124 Skyvalley NZ Knocked Off Early Colt 50% GST
125 Great Success USA Lady Mackendon NZ Colt GST
126 Peak Dnk Luna Cat Filly GST
127 Muscle Mass USA Majestic Pinevale Colt No GST
128 Majestic Son CA Lime And Lemonade Filly GST
129 Muscle Mass USA Pinevale Ellason NZ Filly No GST
130 Sebastian K (SWE) Kosmanoid Filly 50% GST
131 Sebastian K (SWE) Le Chabanais Colt No GST
132 Wishing Stone (US) Meredith Castle Colt No GST
133 Volstead USA Mingara NZ Filly No GST
134 Love You (FRA) Mangonique Filly No GST
135 Volstead USA Prettylilangeleyes Colt No GST
136 Arctic Cat Rainbow Banner NZ Colt GST
137 Sunshine Beach USA Right Of Passage Filly No GST
138 Lazarus NZ Rock Two Times Colt GST
139 Lazarus NZ Romancing Bromac NZ Filly GST
140 Sweet Lou USA Sassy Indiana Colt No GST
141 Sweet Lou USA Rosharni Filly GST
142 Sunshine Beach USA Samantha Sparkle NZ Filly GST
143 Betterthancheddar USA Sarum Princess Filly GST
144 Downbytheseaside USA Ruthie Yamaguchi Filly GST
145 Sportswriter USA Sheluvsme Colt No GST
146 Art Major USA Rockaround Sue USA Colt GST
147 Art Major USA Soho Bordeaux Filly No GST
148 Bling It On Showgirl Shere Colt GST
149 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Rythm Of The Pride Filly GST
150 Art Major USA Signorina Macray Colt GST
151 Roll With Joe USA Soho Aphrodite Filly GST
152 Betting Line USA Soho Socialize Colt No GST
153 Always B Miki USA Somesorta Philtra Filly 90% GST
154 Sweet Lou USA Somebeachsomeflare Colt No GST
155 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Sheez The Barmaid Colt GST
156 Always B Miki USA Supersonic Bek Colt No GST
157 Sportswriter USA Takeiteasyonme NZ Colt GST
158 American Ideal USA The Dreamtime Colt GST
159 American Ideal USA Tantallon Filly GST
160 Vincent Three Secrets Colt 33% GST
161 Lazarus NZ Stratospheric Filly GST
162 Sweet Lou USA Trebla Trebla Filly No GST
163 Betterthancheddar USA The Blushing Bride Colt No GST
164 Bettors Delight USA Sparkling Tachyon NZ Colt GST
165 Captaintreacherous (US) The Baggy Green Colt GST
166 Lennytheshark The Heat Is On Filly GST
167 A Rocknroll Dance USA Urban Haute Girl Filly No GST
168 Art Major USA Spirit Of Fun Colt GST
169 Vincent Whata Impact Filly 50% GST
170 Sweet Lou USA Without Guile Colt GST
171 Lazarus NZ A Few Dollars More Colt No GST
172 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Village Glow Colt No GST
173 Downbytheseaside USA Bit Of A Babe Colt GST
174 Sweet Lou USA American Styx NZ Colt GST
175 Tell All USA Antrim Bromac NZ Colt GST
176 Art Major USA Ark Monroe Colt GST
177 Always B Miki USA A Victor Colt GST
178 Always B Miki USA Arkabar Filly GST
179 Art Major USA Transparency Rules Filly GST
180 Captaintreacherous (US) Arterial Way Filly No GST
181 Sunshine Beach USA Big Girl Grin Colt GST
182 Art Major USA Carolsideal USA Colt GST
183 Always B Miki USA Artistic Angel Colt GST
184 Jilliby Kung Fu Apple Of My Eye Colt GST
185 Mach Three CA Behappysam NZ Colt No GST
186 Sunshine Beach USA Bella Enobrac Colt No GST
187 Roll With Joe USA Beloka Diamond Colt No GST
188 Art Major USA Vinland NZ Filly GST
189 Art Major USA Blue Seelster Filly No GST
190 Betting Line USA Bonny Lena Filly GST
191 Sportswriter USA Bonton Lady Colt 50% GST
192 Betterthancheddar USA Bridget Franco NZ Filly GST
193 Lazarus NZ Catapult USA Colt GST
194 Betting Line USA All In Your Hands Colt GST
195 Dawn Ofa New Day USA Calico Cat Filly GST
196 Bettors Delight USA Capoeira Filly GST
197 Art Major USA Chloe Vargarita Colt GST
198 American Ideal USA Consummation Colt GST
199 Always B Miki USA Contrapan USA Filly GST
200 Always B Miki USA De Lovely Rose NZ Filly No GST
201 Captaintreacherous (US) Amarillen Colt GST
202 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Garden Gate Tina CA Colt GST
203 Art Major USA Cool Machrista Filly GST
204 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Craving A Smile Colt No GST
205 American Ideal USA Forest Art Colt No GST
206 Art Major USA Deldecree Filly No GST
207 Art Major USA Christisimo NZ Colt GST
208 Captaintreacherous (US) Diamond Joy Filly No GST
209 Lazarus NZ Art De Triomphe Colt GST
210 Sportswriter USA Dolly Bird Lombo Filly GST
211 Always B Miki USA Fremarks Ceejay Filly No GST
212 Betting Line USA Dolly Girl Colt GST
213 Captaintreacherous (US) Gotta Go Electobet NZ Filly GST
214 Betting Line USA Double Justice Colt No GST
215 Art Major USA Dreams Of Heaven Filly No GST
216 Restrepo Goodtime Gypsy Colt GST
217 Betterthancheddar USA Eye Like Candy Filly No GST
218 Betterthancheddar USA Cee Cee Sheffield Colt No GST
219 Downbytheseaside USA Feelinkindasporty Colt GST
220 Somebeachsomewhere USA Giveusachance NZ Colt No GST
221 Always B Miki USA Goodtime Marjie Colt GST
222 Ultimate Machete NZ Golden Valour Filly 50% GST
223 Bettors Delight USA Heavens Trend Colt GST
224 Bettors Delight USA Comekissmequick NZ Filly GST
225 Betting Line USA Habanero Filly No GST
226 Guaranteed Goodtime Ruby Filly GST
227 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Helens In Paradise Filly No GST
228 Sweet Lou USA Here Comes Zoe Colt No GST
229 Sweet Lou USA Hexham Heartbeat Filly GST
230 Restrepo Goodtime Melody Colt GST
231 Sweet Lou USA Im Smouldering Filly GST
232 A Rocknroll Dance USA In The Louvre NZ Colt GST
233 Always B Miki USA Inphiltrate Filly 90% GST
234 Tell All USA Jadore Bromac NZ Colt GST
235 Always B Miki USA Graces Beach Colt GST
236 Vincent Decapria Colt No GST
237 Ultimate Machete NZ Jasmine Sheffield Filly GST
238 Sportswriter USA Macray Amore Filly GST
239 Art Major USA Jo An Leonie Colt No GST
240 American Ideal USA Im Very Willing Colt GST
241 Bettors Delight USA Ideal Priority USA Colt GST
242 Betting Line USA Getya Wings Out Filly No GST
243 Rock N Roll Heaven USA Just Look At Me Filly 90% GST
244 Sportswriter USA Kateeshar Colt No GST
245 Art Major USA Kiss Kenny Colt No GST
246 Betting Line USA Kooleronthebeach Colt GST
247 Lennytheshark Macray Avenue Filly GST
248 Always B Miki USA Jo Louleonie Colt No GST
249 Art Major USA Life Inthefastlane Colt GST
250 Always B Miki USA Littlemishollywood Filly No GST
251 Captaintreacherous (US) Cinco Amigos NZ Colt GST
252 American Ideal USA Lombo Cloud Nine Filly No GST
253 Always B Miki USA Intrusive Colt GST
254 Yankee Rockstar Lombo Luvbird Colt No GST
255 Somebeachsomewhere USA Luvin Miss Molly Filly No GST
256 Sportswriter USA Macray Rivoli Filly GST
257 Lazarus NZ Macey Cullen NZ Filly GST
258 Vincent High Flying Ruler Filly No GST
259 Bling It On Maddies Last Colt GST
260 Lazarus NZ Insidious Charm Colt GST
261 Rocknroll Hanover USA Madison Louise Colt GST
262 Sweet Lou USA Manellira Colt 50% GST
263 Downbytheseaside USA Merry Mary Whitby Filly GST
264 A Rocknroll Dance USA Macray Rosewood Colt GST
265 Betterthancheddar USA Miss Cool Falcon Colt GST
266 Betting Line USA Indigo Breeze NZ Colt GST
267 Sunshine Beach USA Miss Gidget Filly GST
268 Vincent Miss Skeeter Colt No GST
269 Yankee Rockstar Modern Society Filly No GST
270 Vincent Modern Velocity Filly No GST
271 Vincent No More Trouble Filly No GST
272 Downbytheseaside USA Mollys Lucky Star USA Colt GST
273 Yankee Rockstar Montrachet Colt GST
274 Sportswriter USA Nimbosa Filly GST
275 Ultimate Machete NZ Nats Survival Filly GST
276 Sweet Lou USA Nola Mayhem Filly GST
277 Betterthancheddar USA Nonni Sheffield Filly No GST
278 A Rocknroll Dance USA One And Sixpence NZ Filly GST
279 Vincent One Night Filly No GST
280 Rock N Roll Heaven USA My Double Dream NZ Filly GST
281 Betting Line USA Our Priddy Diva Filly No GST
282 Bettors Delight USA Our Star Dust Filly GST
283 Ultimate Machete NZ Our Lady Madonna NZ Filly No GST
284 A Rocknroll Dance USA Parfait Bromac NZ Filly GST
285 Ultimate Machete NZ Priceless Gem Colt GST