APG’s 2021 Sales were our most successful sales ever.  Not only did we achieve record sales averages for the third successive year, but we did so whilst achieving a never-before-seen Australia wide clearance rate of 92.6%.

As we head into our 2022 Sales Season, APG is delighted to announce that we have secured a major new multi-year sponsorship with online wagering giant, Neds, which promises to be a game changer for APG.

Thanks to the amazing support of our new partner, Neds, APG has been able to put together a truly incredible sales and race series offering for 2022 and beyond that we genuinely believe represents the greatest offering in the history of harness racing.

The bottom line is that APG’s 2022 offering will see graduates compete for the most prizemoney in APG’s history, whilst vendors will face lower costs and be eligible for more benefits than ever before.

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APG Buyer Benefits
APG Vendor Benefits

Catalogue Starting Letters:

Horses will be catalogued in alphabetical order commencing with the starting letter detailed in the table below.  As usual, where vendors and/or preparers have consecutive lots, or lots spaced extremely closely together, APG will use its discretion to make minor amendments to the cataloguing order with a view to creating sufficient space between vendors/preparers lots to ease their workload and ensure the smooth running of the sales.

Sale Selling Date Catalogue Starting Letter
Brisbane Pacers & Trotters Sunday, 30 January 2022 Z
Melbourne Pacers & Trotters Sunday, 6 February 2022 Q
Perth Pacers & Trotters Sunday, 27 February 2022 Z
Sydney Pacers & Trotters Sunday, 6 March 2022 F

Important Note re Cataloguing Fees

Melbourne & Sydney Sale Vendors (& all Trotting Vendors)

APG will waive cataloguing fees for all yearlings that are both nominated and presented for sale at either of APG’s 2022 Melbourne or Sydney Sales.

To ensure that APG only receives genuine entries from vendors that are properly committed to selling their yearlings at the 2022 Neds APG Sales, all Melbourne & Sydney sales entries will attract an initial $495 entry fee, but APG will fully credit vendors’ accounts for those entry fees so long as vendors actually follow through and present their horses for sale at the Neds APG Sales.

In the event that a genuine vendor is forced to withdraw an entry prior to the sales, APG may exercise its discretion to credit the entry fees if APG is satisfied that the horse is not fit for sale (e.g. due to injury, significant joint abnormalities, or death).

Brisbane & Perth Sale Vendors

Cataloguing fees of $495 per entry continue to apply to Brisbane and Perth Sales vendors, however, those vendors will receive the following benefits:

  • The Neds APG Brisbane and Perth Sales are the only sales to benefit from their own “sales races”, exclusively restricted to graduates of the relevant sales (Brisbane Sales Graduates are exclusively eligible for the $150,000 2yo Albion Park Gold, whilst Perth Sales Graduates are exclusively eligible for RWWA’s $100,000 2yo Perth Sales Classics and $50,000 3yo Perth Sales Classics);
  • Queensland and Western Australia continue to host their own Neds APG Gold Bullion Series ($50,000 2yo & 3yo finals for each sex) with the winner of the various QLD & WA Gold Bullion Finals gaining automatic entry into either the 2 x $500,000 2yo Finals at Menangle, or the 2 x $150,000 3yo Finals at Melton;
  • Brisbane and Perth Sale vendors will receive a $10,000 vendor bonus for each and every yearling that they sell at APG’s 2022 Sales which goes on to qualify for and contest either of the the Group One 2yo Pacing Finals on APG’s $1.5million 2yo race night.

Hard Copy Sales Entries

Vendors that don’t wish to enter online can print out hard-copy entry forms by clicking on the relevant sale below. However, prior to making the decision to revert to a hard copy entry form, we’d really love to see all vendors attempt to enter via our Online Entry System as:

  • it is faster (once you’ve set yourself up, the system remembers your personal, preparer & bank account details for future years);
  • it is more accurate (as horse details such as date of birth & freeze brand are pre-populated for you);
  • it ensures a clear audit trail (e.g. immediately upon submitting your entry you will receive an email confirming receipt of your entry and confirming the details of your horses);
  • it eliminates the possibility of entries being “lost in the post” or being captured by a “junk mail” filter; and
  • it is more efficient (online entries are automatically uploaded into our auction system, whilst hard copy entries need to be manually entered into our auction system by APG staff, which takes time and increases the risk of errors).