APG’s 2021 National Mixed Sale will run from 5pm on Friday,16th July 2021, with bidding on each Lot closing at 1 minute intervals from 5pm on Sunday, 18th July 2021.

The sale will be conducted exclusively online, utilising APG’s online auction software.

The sales catalogue, featuring photos and extended pedigrees of all the mares is exclusively available online, at the bottom of this page (and on the Online Auction Site).

Auction Times

Online Auction Site Goes Live and Registration Opens – 9th July 2021 

Online Auction Commences – Friday, 16th July 2021 – 5pm AEST

Bidding Closes From 5pm AEST, Sunday, 18th July 2021


Important Note re Closing TImes:

Lots are initially set-up to close at 1 minute intervals (e.g. Lot 1 will close at 5pm, Lot 2 will close at 5:01pm, etc.)

However, the “closing time” on any individual lot will extend for a further 5 minutes each time someone places a bid on that particular lot during the final 5 minutes of bidding from the time when the bid was placed).

When a bid is received in the final five minutes, it extends the closing time only for the particular Lot that received the bid.  Therefore, if someone placed a bid on Lot 1 at 4:59pm on the final day, the closing time for Lot 1 would extend to 5:04pm.  However, the closing time for Lot 2 would remain 5:01pm unless it too received a last minute bid.


How to Register to Bid and Commence Bidding

Bidder Registration is now open.  The Bidding Registration Process requires you to:

  • first register as an online bidder (but only if you have never previously registered as an online bidder).  If you have previously registered as an online bidder at a previous APG Sale you should skip this step and go to step two (below).  If you have not previously registered as an online bidder for any APG Sale you must do so by clicking on the first red button below, and 
  • log in (using the second red button below) and request approval to bid at APG’s 2021 National Mixed Sale.  At this stage, you will need to request a maximum credit limit for the sale, and you will need to provide two credit referees if you haven’t previously had dealings with APG. 
  • Once you have done both of the steps above, in future you can go directly to the Auction Page by clicking on the third button below
Register as an Online User
Registered Users Apply to Bid Here
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The 2021 National Mixed Sale Catalogue is available for viewing as an online flipbook, below (click the “full-screen” icon in the menu bar above the catalogue to enlarge to full-screen).

Important Note: All mares that are listed as “in foal” are sold on the basis of service fee paid.  In the event that the mare fails to produce a live foal, the vendor shall pass to the purchaser whatever rights the vendor would have had against the stud in the same situation (e.g. the right to a refund or a free return).  Prior to bidding on any “In Foal” broodmares, prospective purchasers are advised to contact the relevant stud (that stood the stallion) to confirm their rights in the event that the mare fails to deliver a live foal.