Non Sale Entries

APG invites yearlings not entered for the 2022 APG Yearling Sales to nominate for either:

  • the Neds APG Series 33 Race Series for Pacers; or
  • the Neds APG Series 33 Race Series for Trotters

Pacing Non Sale Entries

Pacing Non Sale entrants are required to pay an initial entry fee of $3,850 and will also be required to make the June ($770), September ($770) and December ($1,540) sustaining payments to become fully eligible for the Neds APG Series 33 Race Series.

Queensland and Western Australian based Non Sale entries will be eligible to contest their relevant state’s local Gold Bullion Series (featuring $10,000 heats leading into separate $50,000 2yo & 3yo Finals for each sex).  The winners of the local Queensland and Western Australian Gold Bullion Series will each automatically qualify for either:

  • APG’s 2yo Finals Night at Menangle where over $1.5million of Neds APG prizemoney & bonuses will be up for grabs (although please note that Non Sale entries are not eligible for the $250,000 speed bonuses); or
  • APG’s 3yo Finals Night at Melton where $300,000 of Neds APG prizemoney will be distributed between the 20 lucky finalists

NSW & Victorian based Non Sale entries will be entitled to contest their local $10,000 Gold Bullion heats where the four best ranked heat place getters from each of NSW & Victoria will progress through to either the Menangle 2yo Finals or Melton 3yo Finals as per above.  In the event that the QLD and/or WA Gold Bullion winners elect not to travel to compete in the Menangle or Melton finals, their places will be taken by the next best performed NSW/VIC heat place getters.

Trotting Non Sale Entries

Trotting Non Sale entrants are required to pay a one-off fee of $3,850 (no further sustaining payments are necessary).

All trotting Non Sale entrants will be eligible to contest APG’s $10,000 2yo Trotting heats (PBD/Sex) at either Melton and Menangle, with the five highest place getters in each state progressing through to Australasia’s richest 2yo trotting race – the $125,000 Group One Neds APG 2yo Trotting Final (PBD/Sex) at Menangle.

How to Enter as a Non Sale Entry

For further information, or to nominate your yearling as a Non Sale Entry, phone Linda Graham on 0428 955 998 or click on the online entry link below.

A full list of Non Sale Entries will be published on the APG website subsequent to the close of Non Sale Entries on 23 January 2021.

Nominate as a Non Sale Entry