If you have already registered for Online Bidding, please Login to Online Bidding here

Note: If you will not have internet access on sales day and would like to enquire about Telephone Bidding instead, please call Belinda Richardson on 0402 290 708.

How to Bid Online

Step 1 – Register

Before you can use APG’s Online Bidding System, users need to register.  Once registered, you will have a permanent online bidding account that you will need to access and use whenever you wish to bid online at any future APG Sale.

If you do not already have an Online Bidding Account you can register for one by clicking here.

Step 2 – Request Bidding Approval

Once users have their permanent online bidding account, they will need to log in to their account and request permission to bid at any of APG’s upcoming sales (this takes less than 3 minutes).  Basically, this involves selecting the relevant sale and requesting a credit limit for that sale.

Importantly, new clients that do not have a recent history of purchasing horses at the APG Sales will also need to provide some sort of credit reference (contact details for a respected supplier that can vouch for the applicant’s credit worthiness.  This is an important part of the process, so please do not skip the credit reference section as this will delay the processing of your request).

Once users have successfully submitted their bidding approval application, APG’s credit officer (Belinda Richardson) will review their request and assuming all is in order will approve the application. This triggers the system to send users an e-mail confirming their approved credit limit.

Once approved, if users were to then log into their online bidding account, they would see that their credit limit (e.g. $50,000) was listed next to the relevant sale.  Prior to their credit being approved, if users had submitted an application that was waiting approval, their credit limit would show as “Pending”.

Important Notes: 

  1. Users must log in and request bidding approval for each and every APG Sale in which they wish to bid.  For example, if a user requested a $50,000 credit limit for the Gold Coast Sale, once approved, this credit limit would only apply for the upcoming Gold Coast Sale.  If that user then wished to bid online at APG’s Melbourne Sale the following week, they would need to log back in to their account and request a fresh credit limit for the Melbourne Sale.
  2. Users must request bidding approval (& credit limit) no later than 48 hours prior to the relevant sale.
  3. The Online Bidding System will not allow users to bid beyond their approved credit limit, and it will be impossible for users to increase their approved credit limit part-way through sales day in the event that users under-estimated their requirements.  Accordingly, it is imperative to ensure that you request a sufficient limit when you make your initial request to meet all of your possible purchases for the day.

Step 3 – Bid

Bidding is straight forward.

Once logged in (and assuming the users credit have been approved), the user will be able to click on the relevant sale and see a screen showing:

  • a live stream of the sale; and
  • bidding information showing the Lot number, the current bid price, the bid button, etc.

APG’s bid board operator (who sits in the auction ring) will pause the bidding system in between lots and whilst the auctioneer is introducing the next lot into the ring.

Once the auctioneer is ready to start accepting bids, the bid board operator will open the online bidding system and the “Bid Button” will clearly display the amount that the user would need to bid to become the leading bidder (this amount is controlled by APG’s bid board operator in the sales ring and matches the increments that the auctioneer is calling for in the ring).

If the user presses the bid button, the bid will be submitted and the screen will clearly show that the user is the leading bidder, until such time as a higher bid is received by the auctioneer, at which stage the Bid Button will once again revert to showing the price that the user would need to bid to become the high bidder.

In the event that a user is the winning bidder for a particular lot, they will be clearly notified on their screen, and will receive a pop-up form that they will need to complete, confirming whether or not they wish to sustain for APG’s $3.25Million Race Series, and advising the transport arrangements for the horse.

Important Note: 

Please note that depending upon a number of variables, the sound and vision being viewed by users on APG’s Online Bidding System may be on a slight delay (perhaps up to four seconds).  Accordingly, it is important that users bid promptly to avoid disappointment.

Often, it is advisable to bid early during a particular lot, as this will alert the auctioneer to the presence of an online bidder, which will then ensure that he takes the online bidders into account during the auctioning of the lot (e.g. giving them an extra second or two to bid prior to bringing the hammer down, and making it very clear to everyone whether the current high bid is “in the ring” or “online”).


Can I use an iPad or tablet to bid online?

You need to use a computer to bid online. Video and audio streaming on an iPad and other tablets is not real time and is delayed 30-60 seconds.

Do I need to register for Online Bidding if I don’t intend to bid, but simply want to watch the sale?

No – please don’t register unless you are a chance of bidding.  APG also live streams the sale on the Live Streaming page of the APG website.

What happens if I am the successful bidder

You will be contacted about 30 minutes after your purchase by an APG representative in order to pay and to arrange transport for your horse. Transport arrangements need to be made by you and advised to the APG representative.



How do I bid

You bid by clicking on the Bid button that displays the asking price on the right of the screen. It is highlighted in red below.

How do I alter the asking price

You don’t.  The bidding clerk will control the price increments used to set the asking price.

In the event that you wish to bid at a price different to the current asking price you will need to send a message to the bidding clerk using the message box. It is up to the bidding clerk to alter the asking bid price and then it is up to the bidder to click on the Bid button to place the bid at the new asking price.

Please note, however, that alterations to the asking price are at the discretion of the bidding clerk, and the minimum increment for online bidding is $1,000.  We recommend that you do not request changes to the asking price except in rare circumstances.

Telephone Bidding

APG will have staff or agents available to inspect horses and bid on your behalf.

What to do:

  1. Download and complete a Bidder Registration form, a Trading Account Application form and an Appointment of Agent form (appointing “An APG Representative” as your agent).
  2. Scan and e-mail the completed forms to belinda@apgold.com.au
  3. Contact Dean Baring on 0459 215 333 or John Coffey on 0418 500 211 prior to sale day to discuss the horses you are interested in