401Renaissance ManElegant DemonFillyGlobal Breeding FarmsSOLD$7,000Graeme Hammond
402Auckland Reactor NZElite AngelFillyPatrick O'BoyleSOLD$19,000Stephen & Narelle Dickson Pty Ltd
403Art Major USAFidelius CharmFillyRobert WatsonWITHDRAWN$0
404Allamerican Ingot USAFirst Class OnlyColtRoyalstar Pty LtdSOLD$4,000Mrs Natalie Poysee-Bovell
405Big Jim USAFlylika Bird LomboColtKTC Bloodstock as agentSOLD$15,000Peter Berglund
406Rich And SpoiltFull Pocket AddaColtAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudSOLD$7,000Denise Perrella
407Western Ideal (US)Grace ElleFillySteve JohnsonSOLD$7,000Pacing WA in Partnership with Trots Syndicate
408Renaissance ManEllas ValienteColtGlobal Breeding FarmsSOLD$7,500Shane Quadrio
409Bettors Delight USAHearty Franco NZFillyKTC Bloodstock - agent for K & A CharlesPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
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410Rock N Roll Heaven USAGrin On The BeachColtSeahorse Racing StablesSOLD$6,500Charlie Luca
411Parsons Den USAFor Good TimesColtRoyalstar Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $4,000)
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412Mach Three CAHere For The MoneyColtKTC Bloodstock - agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$46,000Sytka Pty Ltd
413Roll With Joe USAHeather MaryColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$13,000Pacing WA in Partnership with Trots Syndicate
414Advance Attack NZHolloway NZColtGlobal Breeding FarmsSOLD$5,000Jean Bell
415A Rocknroll Dance USAHighview Ebony NZColtKTC Bloodstock as agentSOLD$16,000Vincenzo Vinciullo
416Bettors Delight USAI Am SpecialFillyPatrician ParkSOLD$57,500Annie Belton
417Betterthancheddar USAIm For RealMareDavid Fuller & Joy ShrimptonSOLD$14,000Pacing WA
418Alta Christiano NZIm YoursColtKTC Bloodstock - agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$20,000Debbie Padberg
419Always A Virgin USAImintherapyFillyBrook Park StandardbredsSOLD$6,000Bob Mellsop
420Rock N Roll Heaven USAHenrietta LisaColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$10,000Shannon Hoffmann
421P Forty Seven USAIn The Magic DenColtSmithdale FarmPASSED IN (reserve $5,000)
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422Pet Rock USAIwantoberichFillyAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudSOLD$6,000Gary Caporn
423Lincoln Royal NZIonian JewelColtPatrician ParkSOLD$8,000Debbie Padberg
424Sportswriter USAKelty Star NZColtKTC Bloodstock as agentPASSED IN (reserve $12,000)
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425Parsons Den USAJay Emms SisterColtRoyalstar Pty LtdSOLD$20,000Gary Elson
426Alta Christiano NZKanata QueenFillyJohn RogersSOLD$12,000Ross Olivieri
427Art Major USAJane ElouiseColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$24,000Mike Brennan
428Betterthancheddar USALady ParsonsFillyKTC Bloodstock - agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$16,000Pacing WA
429Auckland Reactor NZKinney BluffColtCopper LodgeSOLD$10,000Dale Jackson
430Four Starzzz Shark CALife On The LineFillySeahorse Racing StablesPASSED IN (reserve $12,500)
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431Always A Virgin USALilianna Beauty USAFillyKTC Bloodstock - agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$30,000Peter Gianni
432Grinfromeartoear USALil Blue EyesFillyMark SargentSOLD$30,000Barry Howlett
433Courage Under Fire NZLucky AddaColtAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudSOLD$7,500Ian Hedley
434A Rocknroll Dance USALuck Has ItFillyKTC Bloodstock - agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$19,000Pacing WA in Partnership with Trots Syndicate
435Pet Rock USALuvya Maddy LomboColtBill HayesSOLD$17,500Luke Tabbakh
436Auckland Reactor NZMiss AnvilFillyPatrician ParkSOLD$9,500Michael Callegari
437Pet Rock USAMade Of DreamsColtAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudSOLD$9,000Darren Kinninmont
438Four Starzzz Shark CAMagical Mary NZFillyKTC Bloodstock as agentSOLD$11,000Ashleigh Markham
439Betterthancheddar USAMiss BaypointColtB & J WarwickPASSED IN (reserve $70,000)
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440Mr Aviator USAMiss Scoot AlongColtPeter GeorgeWITHDRAWN$0
441A Rocknroll Dance USAMiss Worthy WhitbyColtE A DewarSOLD$37,500Liam O'Connor
442Renaissance ManMons MemoirsColtDavid PyburneSOLD$6,000Brian Clemens
443Renaissance ManMy Mississippi Rose NZFillyGlobal Breeding FarmsSOLD$9,000Pacing WA
444Shadyshark Hanover USAOh So Bossy LomboColtBrook Park StandardbredsSOLD$6,500Shane Quadrio
445Allamerican Ingot USAMy RoyaltyColtRoyalstar Pty LtdSOLD$4,000Jamie Rigoli
446Bettors Delight USANowuseemenowudont NZFillyKTC Bloodstock as agentPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
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447Alta Christiano NZOur Tabletop Dancer NZFillySmithdale FarmSOLD$9,000Aldo Cortopass
448Alta Christiano NZPlayz Hard To GetColtKR & SM GodleySOLD$9,000Nick Willis
449Rock N Roll Heaven USAPrix De WhitbyColtE A DewarSOLD$16,000Bob Mellsop
450Renaissance ManMystery OroFillyGlobal Breeding FarmsSOLD$9,000Barry Howlett
451Art Major USAOur SibeliaColtWorthy Park StablesPASSED IN (reserve $24,000)
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452Betterthancheddar USAPromising GiftFillyKTC Bloodstock - agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$19,000Sea Horse Racing Stables
453Rich And SpoiltQuick Draw LomboColtAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudSOLD$20,000Pacing WA
454Allamerican Ingot USAQuick RaidColtRoyalstar Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $4,000)
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455Artistic Fella USAReal Time GalColtLancefield ParkR.W & D .A SMALLACOMBESOLD$7,000Larry Nelligan
456Betterthancheddar USAQueen DelilahColtKTC Bloodstock - agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$11,000Brian Simeon
457Auckland Reactor NZRich And SassyColtAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudSOLD$8,000Dennis Charles Wych
458A Rocknroll Dance USARed Hot DateFillyMark SargentSOLD$16,000Barry Howlett
459Tell All USAReflected ImageFillyMark Andrew StroudSOLD$6,000Garry McShane
460Rich And SpoiltShoneer LobellFillyAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudSOLD$10,000Pacing WA in Partnership with Trots Syndicate
461Roll With Joe USARevelers WhitbyColtE A DewarSOLD$5,000Ron Panizza
462Caribbean BlasterRoyal InheritanceFillyKTC Bloodstock as agentSOLD$9,000Pacing WA
463Allamerican Ingot USARoyal ShowgirlColtRoyalstar Pty LtdSOLD$4,000Kaye Williamson
464Rich And SpoiltSierra GemColtAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudWITHDRAWN$0
465A Rocknroll Dance USASaabella SignFillySeahorse Racing StablesSOLD$11,000Angelo Russo
466Sportswriter USARoyal TourFillyKTC Bloodstock - agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$57,500Dennis Roche
467Mr Aviator USASale Day ManiacColtPeter GeorgeWITHDRAWN$0
468Rich And SpoiltSonatina NZColtAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudPASSED IN (reserve $11,000)
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469Shadow Play USASecret SpellFillyMark Andrew StroudSOLD$8,500Garry Mitton
470Mach Three CAShes InnocentMareDebra LewisSOLD$40,000Robert Watson
471Art Official CASheza CaseColtBill HayesCANCELLED$0Ron Huston
472Rich And SpoiltSouthern SmileFillyAdda Equine Stud & ClientsAdda Equine StudSOLD$5,000Stan Bernard Hunter
473Shadow Play USASmile With Me NZColtE A DewarSOLD$10,000Shardon Lodge
474Sportswriter USASofia WhitbyColtGraham TurnerSOLD$6,500June Henderson
475Sportswriter USASpring CarnivalFillyBrook Park StandardbredsSOLD$20,000Pacing WA
476Pet Rock USAStarring Live NZColtAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudSOLD$10,000Shannon Suvaljko
477Changeover NZTerra Into The West NZFillyKTC Bloodstock as agentSOLD$30,000Robert Watson
478Mr Feelgood USAStars AlignedFillyBill HayesSOLD$17,000Pacing WA in Partnership with Trots Syndicate
479Rock N Roll Heaven USATwisted ArtColtColleen LindsaySOLD$20,000Pacing WA
480Sportswriter USATheeyes TellnoliesColtE A DewarSOLD$10,000Lang Inwood
481Four Starzzz Shark CAThats The Spirit NZColtKTC Bloodstock - agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$30,000Liam O'Connor
482Sportswriter USAVancelot LadyFillyCopper LodgeSOLD$6,000Luke Tabbakh
483Cams Fool USAWhite LiesColtDavid PyburnePASSED IN (reserve $8,000)
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484Alta Christiano NZWindsongFillyGW & WJ GilbertSOLD$20,000Shardon Lodge
485Western Terror USATheladyisabomb NZFillyKTC Bloodstock - agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$20,000Pacing WA in Partnership with Trots Syndicate
486Mach Three CAYmbro CocoFillyDavid Fuller & Joy ShrimptonPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
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487Western Terror USAZerina WhitbyFillyE A DewarPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
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488Shadow Play USAAdda My WayFillyAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudSOLD$6,000Donald (Max) Wimbridge
489A Rocknroll Dance USAAmarantineColtPatrician ParkSOLD$10,000Pacing WA in Partnership with Trots Syndicate
490P Forty Seven USAArmbro TessFillySmithdale FarmPASSED IN (reserve $5,000)
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491Art Official CAArt ForceFillyBill HayesSOLD$5,500Tracy Reay
492Parsons Den USAArts IngotColtRoyalstar Pty LtdWITHDRAWN$0
493Mr Aviator USAAsahiColtPeter GeorgeWITHDRAWN$0
494Sportswriter USAAnnies WitnessFillyE A DewarSOLD$10,000Susan Bonser
495Renaissance ManBetter Be BlueFillyJohn RogersSOLD$7,000Malcolm Hancock
496Renaissance ManBruisedandbatteredColtGlobal Breeding FarmsSOLD$5,000terry Atkins
497Rich And SpoiltBettor JoyFillyAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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498Sportswriter USABettor WhitbyColtCopper LodgeSOLD$13,000Greg Bond
499Mr Feelgood USABorn To ScootColtBill HayesSOLD$4,000Peter Swain
500Pet Rock USABrush With CourageGeldingPatrician ParkWITHDRAWN$0
501Bettors Delight USACapture A MillionFillySeahorse Racing StablesWITHDRAWN$0
502Betterthancheddar USACatchadreamColtKookabrook GrazingSOLD$7,000Debbie Padberg
503Changeover NZCrystal SunColtGlobal Breeding FarmsSOLD$4,500Debbie Padberg
504Sportswriter USACentrefold AngelColtColleen LindsaySOLD$30,000Greg Bond
505P Forty Seven USAChasin Ay JayColtSmithdale FarmWITHDRAWN$0
506Western Terror USACase Of BubblyColtBill HayesSOLD$12,000Ron Huston
507Sportswriter USACleopatraColtKTC Bloodstock as agentPASSED IN (reserve $18,000)
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508A Rocknroll Dance USACoco ChanelFillyAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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509Auckland Reactor NZCourage On Fire NZColtKTC Bloodstock - agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$30,000Shardon Lodge
510Mcardle USADial A TaxiColtGlobal Breeding FarmsSOLD$9,000Debbie Padberg
511Art Major USADontgetmeruffledColtCopper LodgeSOLD$34,000Kyle Jeavons
704Washington VC USAArconiteFillyAdda Equine StudSOLD$15,500Mike Brennan