451Rich And SpoiltNo BucksFillyAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudSOLD$6,000D Wych
452Changeover NZNowuseemenowudont NZColtKtc BloodstockSOLD$16,000A DeCampo
453Big Jim USAOur Cloudy Dawn NZColtCopper LodgeWITHDRAWN$0
454Sweet Lou USAOur Lady Luxury NZFillyAllwood Stud & ClientsAs agent forSOLD$8,500Pinjarra Bobcat & Truck Hire
455Hurrikane Kingcole USAPleasedontstopGeldingPatrician ParkSOLD$12,000Pacing WA
456Western Terror USAPrix De WhitbyFillyWhitbyfalls Pacing StudSOLD$10,000Hillcrest Lodge Racing Syndicate
457Rich And SpoiltPocket Wash NZColtAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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458Mr Feelgood USARequestedFillyKtc Bloodstock as agentK and A CharlesSOLD$7,500S Torre
459Courage Under Fire NZRed Hot DateFillyMark SargentSOLD$26,000Shardon Lodge
460Somebeachsomewhere USAOur Copper ArtColtCopper LodgeSOLD$47,500J Giumelli
461Mr Feelgood USAReturn To TexasColtTemuka ParkSOLD$10,500D Wimbridge
462Hes Watching USARiver Valley Dream NZFillyPatrician ParkSOLD$12,000A Belton
463Hes Watching USARich LifeFillyKtc Bloodstock as agentK and A CharlesSOLD$15,000Kookabrook Grazing
464Pet Rock USASierra GemFillyAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudSOLD$8,500Pacing WA
465Allamerican Ingot USARoyal ShowgirlColtRoyalstar Pty LtdSOLD$4,000M Lee
466Roll With Joe USAShes InnocentFillyDebra LewisWITHDRAWN$0
467Auckland Reactor NZPremium CopperColtCopper LodgeSOLD$12,000R Bell
468A Rocknroll Dance USARoyal InheritanceColtKtc BloodstockSOLD$7,500A Mellsop
469Lincoln Royal NZSheeza Hula GirlFillyPatrician ParkCANCELLED$0APG As Agent
470American Ideal USASiennaFillyTarsao Investments Pty LtdSOLD$25,000G &S Bond
471Sunshine Beach USASmiling AngelColtAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudSOLD$22,000D Padberg
472Sweet Lou USASmile With Me NZColtWhitbyfalls Pacing StudSOLD$17,000S Worrall
473Shadow Play USASoho DiazFillyWestoverPASSED IN (reserve $8,000)
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474Auckland Reactor NZSanderellaFillyKtc BloodstockPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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475Betterthancheddar USAPure Empathy NZFillyCopper LodgePASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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476Mr Feelgood USAStars AlignedFillyBill HayesSOLD$6,500K Young
477Sportswriter USAStephanie RoseColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$19,000Pacing WA
478Rich And SpoiltSouthern SmileFillyAdda Equine Stud as agentsAdda Equine StudSOLD$4,000Sally Maclean
479Follow The StarsTeen Queen LomboColtAllwood SudSOLD$23,000J Huston
480Auckland Reactor NZShez El De Rosa NZFillyKtc Bloodstock as agentK and A CharlesSOLD$10,000L Tabbakh
481Sunshine Beach USAWhitbys Blue IrisFillyWhitbyfalls Pacing StudSOLD$11,000Shardon Lodge
482Shadow Play USASecret OperativeColtCopper LodgeSOLD$7,500Kristy Elson
483Pet Rock USAWinter Strike NZColtKarnup Racing Trevor Lindsay managerSOLD$23,000J Giumelli
484Jet Laag USAAlba CartaColtReg SmallacombeSOLD$5,500M Lee
485Heston Blue Chip USAAdda Rising StarFillyAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudSOLD$16,000Shardon Lodge
486American Ideal USASoho ParisFillyKtc Bloodstock as agentK and A CharlesSOLD$23,000Tumby Park Pty Ltd
487Lombo MandingoAleta Anvil NZFillyShane QuadrioPASSED IN (reserve $9,000)
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488Auckland Reactor NZSmiling BluffFillyCopper LodgeSOLD$6,000J King
489Renaissance ManAll In BabyFillyRoss WaddellPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
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490Shadow Play USAAnnies WitnessFillyWhitbyfalls Pacing StudPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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491Rich And SpoiltArconite NZColtAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
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492Tintin In America NZSokys Courage NZColtKtc Bloodstock as agentK and A CharlesSOLD$18,000Tumby Park Pty Ltd
493Follow The StarsArt ForceColtBill HayesWITHDRAWN$0
494Rock N Roll Heaven USAFoxy CleoColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$8,000L Tabbakh
495Heston Blue Chip USAVancelot LadyColtCopper LodgeSOLD$15,000Andrew DeCampo
496Alta Christiano NZAussie OperativeColtB & J WarwickSOLD$8,000D Padberg
497Renaissance ManBruisedandbatteredColtGlobal Breeding FarmsSOLD$10,000M Brennan
498Tintin In America NZThats The Spirit NZColtKtc Bloodstock as agentK and A CharlesSOLD$20,000L Harper
499Sportswriter USAChampagne ShootersColtAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudSOLD$24,000Shardon Lodge
500Artistic Fella USABelturbet NZColtTamara Markham as agentDean & Reece KapteinSOLD$8,000C Luca
501Betterthancheddar USABrave AttemptFillyPatrician ParkSOLD$15,000Pacing WA
502Bettors Delight USABenjor Maddy LomboFillyCopper LodgeSOLD$40,000P Petricevich
503Art Major USAGaetana NicoleColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$44,000J Prentice
504Mr Feelgood USAAce Of Cards NZColtKtc Bloodstock as agentK and A CharlesSOLD$7,500A Beckett
505Roll With Joe USACano CristalesColtTarsao Investments Pty LtdSOLD$7,500Kristy Elson
506Pet Rock USACoco ChanelColtAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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507Rock N Roll Heaven USAChelsea DiamondFillyR. AshbySOLD$13,000Pacing WA
508Rock N Roll Heaven USAChristy WhitbyFillyWhitbyfalls Pacing StudSOLD$10,000T Erceg
509Mr Feelgood USACall Me KinkyColtPatrician ParkSOLD$10,000Rob Gartrell
510Tintin In America NZBroadway SensationFillyKtc BloodstockSOLD$32,000L O'Connor
511Roll With Joe USAGrace ElleFillySteve JohnsonSOLD$4,500Pacing WA
512Renaissance ManDial A TaxiColtGlobal Breeding FarmsSOLD$5,500L lapworth
513Heston Blue Chip USADee Jay DanaFillyReg SmallacombeSOLD$7,000D Padberg
514A Rocknroll Dance USADontgetmeruffledFillyCopper LodgePASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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515Rich And SpoiltCool AddaColtAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudSOLD$8,500L Harper
516Sportswriter USAFlylika Bird LomboFillyKtc BloodstockSOLD$25,000M Pike
517Art Major USAHannah IsabellaFillySteve JohnsonSOLD$28,000L Edwards
518Shadyshark Hanover USAEastern JetColtWestoverPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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519Alta Christiano NZIts KarmaColtTrevor LindsaySOLD$12,000
520Renaissance ManElegant DemonColtGlobal Breeding FarmsSOLD$4,200G Gilbert
521Allamerican Ingot USAFirst Class OnlyColtRoyalstar Pty LtdWITHDRAWN$0
522Follow The StarsHighlights GambleFillyBill HayesSOLD$7,000A Jones
523Sweet Lou USAHere For The MoneyFillyKtc Bloodstock as agentK and A CharlesSOLD$22,000R Olivieri
524Somebeachsomewhere USAHarper GraceFillySteve JohnsonSOLD$28,000Red Field Syndicate
525Art Major USAJelina MajicFillyB & J WarwickPASSED IN (reserve $28,000)
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526Art Major USAJacinta Jones NZColtKarnup Racing Trevor Lindsay managerSOLD$50,000D Roche
527Courage Under Fire NZElegant EyesFillyTarsao Investments Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
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528Sweet Lou USAHighview Ebony NZColtKtc BloodstockSOLD$22,000R Watson
529Auckland Reactor NZLight Of My LifeFillyBill HayesPASSED IN (reserve $8,000)
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530Heston Blue Chip USAHeather MaryColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$16,000M Conlan
531Follow The StarsKashmirFillyAllwood SudSOLD$15,000B Mellsop
532Renaissance ManEllas ValienteColtGlobal Breeding FarmsSOLD$5,000B Stewart
533P Forty Seven USAKaluga NZColtSmithdale FarmSOLD$7,500Pacing WA
534Mr Feelgood USAKelty Star NZColtKtc BloodstockSOLD$5,500K Sheehy
535Renaissance ManKanata QueenFillyJohn RogersPASSED IN (reserve $9,000)
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536Sunshine Beach USAKeep GrinningFillyWestoverSOLD$6,500L Nelligan
537Well Said USIsabella JaneFillyJeneen JohnsonSOLD$26,000Terry & Kerry Keenan
538Parsons Den USALady CointreauColtRoyalstar Pty LtdSOLD$9,000Pacing WA
539Mr Feelgood USALoose LipsFillyBill HayesSOLD$7,500M Callegari
540Auckland Reactor NZLindennys Buttercup NZColtKtc BloodstockSOLD$20,000R Bell
541Well Said USLe ChambonColtPatrick GilroyPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
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542A Rocknroll Dance USAMade Of DreamsFillyAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudSOLD$8,000A Markham
543Art Major USALil Blue EyesFillyMark SargentWITHDRAWN$0
544Art Major USAIstiColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$22,500A DeCampo
545Mr Feelgood USALuvya Maddy LomboColtBill HayesSOLD$7,000M Callegari
546Somebeachsomewhere USALuck Has ItFillyKtc Bloodstock as agentK and A CharlesSOLD$29,000Pacing WA
547Bettors Delight USAMaddy WhiteFillyCopper LodgeSOLD$52,500B Howlett
548Roll With Joe USAMajor FlirtFillyKarnup Racing Trevor Lindsay managerSOLD$15,000G &S Bond
549Somebeachsomewhere USAMiss MystiqueFillyAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudPASSED IN (reserve $18,000)
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550Alta Christiano NZMaple Valley NZColtDebra Lewis as agentSOLD$36,000D Padberg
551Heston Blue Chip USALisaFillySteve JohnsonSOLD$10,000K Hawkins
552Roll With Joe USAMagical Mary NZFillyKtc BloodstockWITHDRAWN$0
553Sportswriter USAMargareta MobsterFillyPatrician ParkSOLD$14,000Pacing WA
554Western Terror USAMerry Mary WhitbyFillyWhitbyfalls Pacing StudSOLD$7,000A Mellsop
555Rock N Roll Heaven USAMiss Anaconda NZColtKarnup Racing Trevor Lindsay managerSOLD$65,000G Bond
556Rich And SpoiltMy Lady Of The Night NZFillyAdda Equine StudAdda Equine StudSOLD$9,500K Morrone
557Allamerican Ingot USAMy RoyaltyFillyRoyalstar Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $18,000)
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558Renaissance ManMystery OroColtGlobal Breeding FarmsSOLD$10,500M Lee