51Western Terror USALady MusgraveFillyH B Bourke BloodstockPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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52Somebeachsomewhere USALady Of My Life NZColtRhiannon ParkSOLD$30,000G ZAPPULLA
53Bettors Delight USALeilani LomboColtKTC BLOODSTOCK as agentK and A CharlesPASSED IN (reserve $40,000)
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54Hes Watching USALethal Mee NZColtRegal Farm & ClientsSOLD$13,000M Dux
55Betterthancheddar USALibbiemack NZFillyDunroamin StandardbredsSOLD$10,000D Parish
56Art Major USALierre NoirColtBN & MJ Gourley & VL McFarlaneSOLD$25,000T Cahill
57A Rocknroll Dance USALittle Miss VoodooFillyKevin ClarkSOLD$10,000D Searston
58Captaintreacherous (US)Light In Every DayColtEquine Reproduction Services & ClientsWITHDRAWN$0
59Art Major USALocalizeColtElite Bloodstock Pty Ltd & Weona Standardbreds PtySOLD$25,000D Farrar
60American Ideal USAMagic Z Tam USAFillyDurham ParkSOLD$40,000D Zavitsanos
61Bettors Delight USALughnasadh NZFillyPinaroo ParkSOLD$30,000A Dunn
62Somebeachsomewhere USALombo Cloud NineColtLaurence LyonsSOLD$55,000P Lowry
63Bettors Delight USAMaid For You LomboFillyAlabar BloodstockSOLD$30,000K Riseley
64Western Terror USALucilla Franco NZColtEquine Reproduction Services & ClientsSOLD$30,000N Turvey
65American Ideal USAMayhappenFillyNixon BloodstockSOLD$30,000Tumby Park Pty Ltd
66Rock N Roll Heaven USAMassimo MissColtDurham ParkSOLD$18,000A Ashwood
67Rock N Roll Heaven USAManelliraFillyDJ & SB Poole & F & P BarkerSOLD$42,000Go Racing Syndicate
68Betterthancheddar USAMi CoconutFillyStephen McPheePASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
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69Art Major USAMint JulepFillyHarshell Investments P/LSOLD$42,000Alabar Bloodstock
70Captaintreacherous (US)Mitzi M Hanover USAFillyHelen HeadSOLD$55,000J Baker
71Somebeachsomewhere USAMollys Lucky Star USAColtDurham ParkSOLD$20,000J Pace
72Sportswriter USANeishars JetColtNeishars Jet GroupPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
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73Hes Watching USAModern VelocityFillyN J PangrazioPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
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74Artspeak USAMore Than AlrightFillyGalthorn FarmSOLD$14,000S O'Brien
75Mach Three CANightshade Franco NZColtRegal Farm & ClientsSOLD$40,000N Donnelley
76Captaintreacherous (US)Nola MayhemFillyEquine Reproduction Services & ClientsSOLD$45,000J Rattray
77American Ideal USANikkis DelightColtJim TsimiklisJim TsimiklisSOLD$20,000A DeCampo
78Rock N Roll Heaven USAMy Double Dream NZFillyDurham ParkSOLD$35,000M Driscoll
79Somebeachsomewhere USAObahma JoyColtPepper Tree Farm and ClientsEureka Standardbreds Unit Trust No 6SOLD$30,000M Stanley
80A Rocknroll Dance USAOn Fifth NZColtEdenvale Horse FarmSOLD$20,000G ZAPPULLA
81Bettors Delight USAOur Awesome Lover NZFillyAldebaran LodgeSOLD$20,000M Brennan
82A Rocknroll Dance USAOur CelebrityColtB J Cameron C W CameronSOLD$20,000D Searston
83Somebeachsomewhere USAOne NightColtKevin ClarkSOLD$27,500J Finnis
84Captaintreacherous (US)NosotrosColtDurham ParkSOLD$22,500A Lombardi
85Rock N Roll Heaven USAOur Femme FataleColtNixon BloodstockSOLD$18,000Matthew Lonard
86Somebeachsomewhere USAOur Santa Catalina NZFillyAlabar BloodstockSOLD$40,000B Fitzpatrick
87Mach Three CAOur Jingle Belle Rock NZFillyAtworthy Park & AssociatesWITHDRAWN$0
88Somebeachsomewhere USAOur Little ArtistColtPinaroo ParkSOLD$30,000Jayne Davies
89Somebeachsomewhere USAOur Narissa Franco NZColtHarshell Investments P/LSOLD$18,000N Cahir
90Art Major USAO Narutac Bella USAColtDurham ParkPASSED IN (reserve $50,000)
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91Rock N Roll Heaven USAOur Queen Of Aces NZFillyGoodtime Racing & ClientsSOLD$20,000R Essex
92Artspeak USAQuick CommentColtI.L.CarmichaelSOLD$25,000Colin Holloway
93Hes Watching USAPastelsColtLyndon TurnerSOLD$40,000AD Investments Pty Ltd
94Bettors Delight USAPembrook Caesar NZColtDomenic MartelloSOLD$30,000Redfield Pacing
95Pet Rock USAOurbellabroColtStaffordshire ParkSOLD$12,000M Fulton
96Bettors Delight USAPole DancerColtPinaroo ParkWITHDRAWN$0
97A Rocknroll Dance USAProud TrickFillyMichael TaylorWITHDRAWN$0
98Roll With Joe USAQuick JetColtI.L.CarmichaelSOLD$57,500Ian Barker
99Somebeachsomewhere USAPerfect LifeFillyP S Gleeson B J Cameron C W CameronSOLD$80,000J Baker
100Shadow Play USAPiece Of My Heart NZColtAlabar BloodstockSOLD$15,000J Frost
101Somebeachsomewhere USARadical CalzaFillyCarl ReinehrWITHDRAWN$0
102Art Major USAReeds May GBRColtI & I Lee & B DixonPASSED IN (reserve $80,000)
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103Somebeachsomewhere USARepelemFillyMark CareySOLD$50,000D Zavitsanos
104Bettors Delight USARocknroll RamaColtSC Bloodstock SOLD$45,000T Butt
105A Rocknroll Dance USAReal BonusColtI.L.CarmichaelSOLD$45,000APG as Agent
106Captaintreacherous (US)Rockin DivaFillyAtworthy Park & AssociatesSOLD$14,000R Alchin
107Art Major USARhodium CastleColtCastle Family Pty LtdSOLD$40,000T McLean
108Rock N Roll Heaven USARogers PassionColtPepper Tree Farm and ClientsBazley Racing Syndicate & PTF Breeding and RacingSOLD$11,000D Searston
109Art Major USARocknrollsalColtHarshell Investments P/LSOLD$35,000R Barba
110Art Major USARotkara StellaColtJessica FrancisPASSED IN (reserve $18,000)
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111Captaintreacherous (US)Runaround Rhonda NZFillyDenis & Jo HowePASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
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112Captaintreacherous (US)SaabetteColtBN & MJ Gourley & VL McFarlanePASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
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113Art Major USASaved A CorkaColtPinaroo ParkSOLD$32,000Quartermile Developments Pty Ltd
114Bettors Delight USARye Hanover USAColtBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$65,000Alabar Bloodstock
115Captaintreacherous (US)Scottish Glamour NZColtLauristonBloodstockSOLD$36,000Kevin Jeavons
116Captaintreacherous (US)Slip Slop SlapColtRhiannon ParkSOLD$70,000S Higgs
117Hes Watching USASerene AngelFillyNixon BloodstockSOLD$10,000D Searston
118Sportswriter USAShadow FlagColtAlabar BloodstockSOLD$22,000L Matthews
119Bettors Delight USASexy LadyColtCahillio Pty LtdSOLD$36,000D Farrar
120A Rocknroll Dance USAShake It Up Baby NZColtFusinato BloodstockSOLD$11,000S O'Brien
121American Ideal USASmouldering DesireColtP , F & M BlackshawSOLD$75,000J Baker
122Hes Watching USAShelbyville NZColtGalthorn FarmSOLD$17,500D Padberg
123Somebeachsomewhere USASign LogicColtMark CareyPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
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124Art Major USASignorina MacrayColtMacray LodgeSOLD$23,000Dorro Nominees Pty Ltd
125Mach Three CASnug Harbor NZFillyAlabar BloodstockSOLD$55,000Redfield Pacing
126Captaintreacherous (US)Sophies IdealFillyStephen WalkerSOLD$27,000
127Captaintreacherous (US)Spirited Storm USAColtHelen HeadPASSED IN (reserve $50,000)
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128A Rocknroll Dance USASomeone To LoveColtLauristonBloodstockSOLD$44,000J Laker
129Somebeachsomewhere USAStormy LectureColtCarl ReinehrSOLD$12,000T O'Brien
130American Ideal USATamara Hall USAFillyDurham ParkSOLD$41,000Marc Hanover & Gordon Banks
131Pet Rock USASur La PlageFillyA. J. BerminghamWITHDRAWN$0
132Art Major USATactful Lady NZColtLance CobbanSOLD$33,000Mark Jones Harness Racing Stable
133American Ideal USASukoviaColtBarry Robinson & PartnersSOLD$13,000C Frisby
134Art Major USATanya SheffieldColtStaffordshire ParkSOLD$22,000T Farrugia
135Captaintreacherous (US)The Baggy GreenColtDurham ParkSOLD$78,000Marc Hanover & Gordon Banks
136Pet Rock USATee Time USAFillyA. J. BerminghamPASSED IN (reserve $21,000)
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137Bettors Delight USAThe WaratahColtCavalli SuperioriSOLD$36,000T Hogan
138Artspeak USAThree SecretsFillyGarry & Melva GrahamSOLD$15,000R Essex
139Shadow Play USATia Franco NZFillyRegal Farm & ClientsSOLD$4,000S O'Brien
140Mach Three CATigress Franco NZColtPinaroo ParkSOLD$53,000M Brennan
141Somebeachsomewhere USATori Maguire NZFillyDamian Wilson PASSED IN (reserve $22,000)
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142Rock N Roll Heaven USATrend SetterFillyDurham ParkSOLD$27,000R Cluse
143Heston Blue Chip USA Transparency RulesFMichael TaylorWITHDRAWN$0
144Rock N Roll Heaven USATimely Loch NZColtRegal Farm & ClientsSOLD$50,000D Moran
145Somebeachsomewhere USATrojan FireFillyHelen HeadSOLD$35,000Peter Chambers
146Somebeachsomewhere USAVickymurphyColtYorkshire Park StandardbredsSOLD$22,000Stanley Stables
147Bettors Delight USAVernettColtMelissa MainePASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
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148Rock N Roll Heaven USATuscan Breeze NZFillyDurham ParkPASSED IN (reserve $65,000)
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149Art Major USATipsy Gambler NZFillyRegal Farm & ClientsPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
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150Captaintreacherous (US)Wandjina GirlColtHarshell Investments P/LSOLD$26,000T Flynn
151Somebeachsomewhere USAWhats Nero GotFillyCarl ReinehrWITHDRAWN$0
152Western Terror USAVirtuosyFillyJim TsimiklisJim TsimiklisPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
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153Artspeak USAZora PareeColtGraeme GourleySOLD$10,000T Farrugia
154Art Major USAUltimate Cc NZColtDurham ParkSOLD$30,000C Frisby
155Art Major USAAimee SheffieldColtDenis pangrazioSOLD$9,000Shelly Barnes Harness Racing Stables
156Art Major USAAlmihataFillyJohn McKenzie & Cary AnticevicSOLD$25,000M Purdon
157Bettors Delight USAAlta Calypso NZColtColin MooreSOLD$70,000S Higgs
158Art Major USAAll MystiqueFillyAlabar BloodstockSOLD$25,000Montana Park
159Somebeachsomewhere USAWithout GuileColtCarl ReinehrSOLD$20,000A Dunn
160American Ideal USAUnique DesireColtDurham ParkSOLD$26,000R Watson
161Bettors Delight USAAriveeColtGlenn & Chris Taylor & Russell & Judith EdenSOLD$45,000M Purdon
162Captaintreacherous (US)Always A TargetColtFrank McGrath BloodstockSOLD$70,000D Moran
163Art Major USAArctic Fire NZColtHarshell Investments P/LSOLD$21,000K Parry
164Rock N Roll Heaven USAArt ShadowFillyBob TuddenhamPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
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165Somebeachsomewhere USAArterial WayFillyAtworthy Park & AssociatesSOLD$20,000Cullendale Equine Servies
166A Rocknroll Dance USAArticulate CastleFillyCastle Family Pty LtdCANCELLED$0
167Bettors Delight USAArtistic Dash NZFillyTim Neven, Melissa Beal PASSED IN (reserve $45,000)
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168Captaintreacherous (US)Artistic GalColtGalthorn FarmSOLD$60,000R Cluse
169Rock N Roll Heaven USAArtistic PleasureFillyPepper Tree Farm and ClientsEureka Standardbreds Unit Trust No 6PASSED IN (reserve $50,000)
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170Bettors Delight USAAshlees BabeColtDaniel CordinaSOLD$51,000Matthew Craven Racing
171Pet Rock USAAtlarakFillySusan MaineSOLD$8,000C Attard
172Rock N Roll Heaven USAArty Chick NZFillyBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$22,500J McCarthy
173Mach Three CAAs It Is In HeavenFillyAlabar BloodstockSOLD$12,500A DeCampo
174Somebeachsomewhere USABaracks AngelColtKen & Brent TaylorPASSED IN (reserve $17,000)
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175Mach Three CABarely LegalFillyNixon BloodstockSOLD$10,000D Parish
176Captaintreacherous (US)Behappysam NZColtJessica FrancisSOLD$82,500T Bunning
177A Rocknroll Dance USABeauty SecretFillyB J Cameron C W CameronSOLD$20,000R Moore
178Somebeachsomewhere USABelief Is BettorColtOakbank EstateSOLD$15,000A Iaria
179Mach Three CABella JoyColtPepper Tree Farm and ClientsBazley Racing Syndicate & PTF Breeding and RacingSOLD$26,000Goodtime Breeding
180Bettors Delight USABollinger Baby NZFillyPinaroo ParkPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
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181Art Major USABettor Give It NZFillyNixon BloodstockSOLD$25,000Go Racing Syndicate
182Somebeachsomewhere USABeilharzFillyHarshell Investments P/LWITHDRAWN$0
183Rock N Roll Heaven USABig Girl GrinFillyH and N SuperfundSOLD$15,000G Baker
184Art Major USABirds Can Sing USAFillyAlabar BloodstockSOLD$40,000Anthony Carey
185Western Terror USABlue SeelsterColtBN & MJ Gourley & VL McFarlaneSOLD$16,000B Thompson
186Bettors Delight USABella AuroraColtFoxwell, Sievers, Kelsall & KellySOLD$52,500A Stewart
187Art Major USABondi MissFillyDaniel CordinaSOLD$30,000R Moore
188A Rocknroll Dance USABonton LadyFillyGarry & Melva GrahamPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
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189Bettors Delight USABreeze On BronskiColtPinaroo ParkSOLD$60,000C Dalgety
190Mach Three CABridge PlayerColtJohn EichhornPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
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191Bettors Delight USABronte JonesFillyRoss ConwaySOLD$28,000Matthew Craven Racing
192Art Major USABennies DaughterColtBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$60,000APG as agent
193Bettors Delight USAChalondraFillyR & D Micallef & M & D GraceSOLD$30,000R Bell
194Artspeak USAChloe SheffieldColtStaffordshire ParkSOLD$20,000J Laker
195Art Major USAChrissy Styx NZColtH and N SuperfundSOLD$15,000C Frisby
196Bettors Delight USAClancy RoseFillyDannie & Tanya McKinnonPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
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197Somebeachsomewhere USAChampagne Dreams NZColtBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$70,000Matthew Craven Racing
198Art Major USAClassic MalibuColtSandra & Peter BryantSOLD$56,000Montana Park
199Western Terror USAClassy Dream NZFillyA Mcdonough PASSED IN (reserve $8,000)
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200A Rocknroll Dance USAConfettiFillyColin & Loretta DuncanSOLD$8,000A Lombardi
201Well Said USACool MachristaColtGarry & Kay CoghillSOLD$25,000M Driscoll
202Somebeachsomewhere USACharissa TeeColtBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$30,000D Moran
203American Ideal USACyclone DoraFillyFusinato BloodstockSOLD$22,000Spunky Syndicate
204Somebeachsomewhere USADelight In Decree NZFillyAtworthy Park & AssociatesSOLD$35,000J Baker
205Bettors Delight USADistant MemoryColtDenis & Jo HoweSOLD$67,500J Pace
206Somebeachsomewhere USADreams Of HeavenColtS WegmannSOLD$95,000APG as Agent
207Bettors Delight USACoppagoodone NZColtBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$60,000APG as agent
208A Rocknroll Dance USADuel CastleFillyNorthwood bloodstockWITHDRAWN$0
209Somebeachsomewhere USAEye Like CandyColtGlenn & Chris Taylor & Russell & Judith EdenSOLD$35,000M Lang
210Western Terror USAFaithful GabbyColtMelissa MainePASSED IN (reserve $18,000)
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211Shadow Play USAFlamingo Rose NZColtIan DouglasSOLD$8,000K Von Duve
212American Ideal USAEaston All Action NZColtBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
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213Four Starzzz Shark CAForest CharmColtStaffordshire ParkSOLD$12,000D Mullan
214Captaintreacherous (US)Forever AfterFillyDamian Wilson PASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
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215Artspeak USAFrances LomboColtDunroamin StandardbredsSOLD$17,000G Lucas
216Bettors Delight USAGiveusachance NZFillyJessica FrancisSOLD$19,000John McCarthy
217Art Major USAFlair For LifeColtHarshell Investments P/LSOLD$31,000M Muscat
218Captaintreacherous (US)Glenferrie Alexis NZColtFusinato BloodstockSOLD$30,000T Butt
219Bettors Delight USAGlenferrie Diva NZFillyAlabar BloodstockSOLD$70,000C Dalgety
220Roll With Joe USAGorgeous Guest NZColtRegal Farm & ClientsWITHDRAWN$0
221Art Major USAHawiian Hottie USAFillyDurham ParkSOLD$120,000Chaulaus Investments
222Bettors Delight USAFlying Mcpocket NZColtAdam WilkinsonWITHDRAWN$0
223Falcon Seelster USAHayley Franco NZColtKen & Diane TrewSOLD$8,000S Pellegrino
224Art Major USAHere Comes ZoeColtKevin ClarkPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
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225Art Major USAHeavenly BreadColtElite Bloodstock Pty Ltd & Weona Standardbreds PtySOLD$15,000K Prentice
226Pet Rock USAHoldthatdreamFillyEdenvale Horse FarmPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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227Bettors Delight USAFon DesignColtHarshell Investments P/LSOLD$20,000J McCarthy
228Art Major USAHotinthecitytonite NZFillyAtworthy Park & AssociatesSOLD$40,000Montana Park
229Somebeachsomewhere USAIdeal Priority USAColtDurham ParkSOLD$130,000T Hogan
230Art Major USAIllawong KathFillyMartin & Kaye HartnettPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
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231Well Said USAIm SmoulderingColtHomestead FarmPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
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232Mach Three CAFormidable MissFillyBenstud Standardbreds & ClientsSOLD$30,000R Morris
233American Ideal USAIm Elsa NZColtPinaroo ParkSOLD$25,000T Hannon
234Four Starzzz Shark CAIllustratorFDurham ParkSOLD$22,500Goodtime Breeding
235Somebeachsomewhere USAIllawong Sister Styx NZFillyMartin & Kaye HartnettPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
Make an Offer
236Captaintreacherous (US)Its Girl PowerFillyJessica FrancisSOLD$24,000C Clohesy
237Bettors Delight USAJasmine SheffieldFillyStaffordshire ParkPASSED IN (reserve $18,000)
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238Hes Watching USAIndigenousFillyHomestead FarmPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
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239Rock N Roll Heaven USAJazzamColtFusinato BloodstockSOLD$24,000K Hawkins
240Heston Blue Chip USAJ K Luckbealady USAColtRhiannon ParkSOLD$32,000D Padberg
241Art Major USAJennas Highview NZColtNixon BloodstockSOLD$16,000Brendan Nicholls
242Somebeachsomewhere USAJo LouleonieColtRay SellwoodSOLD$15,000G Punch
243Hes Watching USAJodi Lindenny NZFillyRegal Farm & ClientsWITHDRAWN$0
244Art Major USAKapalua BeachFillyCarl ReinehrPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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245Well Said USAKateesharColtKevin ClarkSOLD$20,000Tumby Park Pty Ltd
246Artspeak USAKeep Watching MeColtGalthorn FarmSOLD$10,000D Moran
247Four Starzzz Shark CAKeepers DaughterColtDurham ParkSOLD$16,000J Justice
248American Ideal USAKirrilee JoyColtPepper Tree Farm and ClientsBazley Racing Syndicate & PTF Breeding and RacingSOLD$12,000Murray River Cattle Co
249Rock N Roll Heaven USAKool ClementineFillyGarry & Kay CoghillWITHDRAWN$0
250Rock N Roll Heaven USAKoori ArtColtHomestead FarmWITHDRAWN$0
251Western Terror USALady JusticeFillyH B Bourke BloodstockSOLD$4,000P McQuade
252Grinfromeartoear USAMidnight SapphireFillyJeremy BushSOLD$4,000M Munro
253Betterthancheddar USAMach Miss Montoya NZColtRegal Farm & ClientsWITHDRAWN$0
254Major In Art USAMacray RivoliFillyMacray LodgeSOLD$7,000C Frisby
255Pet Rock USAThe Peace Rose NZColtSOLD$16,000C Howlett
256Roll With Joe USAMy BeemaFillyGarry & Kay CoghillPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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257Grinfromeartoear USAArtistic WingsColtBarry Robinson & PartnersPASSED IN (reserve $4,000)
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258Grinfromeartoear USAMacray RosewoodColtMacray LodgePASSED IN (reserve $4,000)
Make an Offer
259Western Terror USANimbosaFillyH B Bourke BloodstockPASSED IN (reserve $4,000)
Make an Offer
260Shadow Play USAPresidential DriveFillyRhiannon Park D J & S B PooleSOLD$6,000B Dunn
261Heston Blue Chip USAValdivieso NZColtGalthorn FarmSOLD$10,000B Ingram
262Artistic Fella USASibling RivalryFillyJ M PangrazioSOLD$5,000L Formosa
263Modern Art USASileni NZFillyIan DouglasSOLD$8,500Brian Bradley
264Hurrikane Kingcole USATennison DriveFillyKevin EastmanPASSED IN (reserve $7,000)
Make an Offer
265Hes Watching USACharm Thee NZColtBarry Robinson & PartnersSOLD$10,500B Dooley
266Major In Art USAMacray TempestColtMacray LodgeSOLD$4,000J Turnbull
267Heston Blue Chip USAThe White OpalColtD, R,K,K GoodwinPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
Make an Offer
268Roll With Joe USAVixen HanoverFillyGalthorn FarmWITHDRAWN$0
269Shadow Play USAWestern ArtFillyRegal Farm & ClientsWITHDRAWN$0
270Modern Art USAFitnfancyColtHelen HeadSOLD$10,500J Laker
271A Rocknroll Dance USAAbercrombie JessFillyLyndon TurnerWITHDRAWN$0
272A Rocknroll Dance USAChenilleFillyColin & Loretta DuncanPASSED IN (reserve $7,000)
Make an Offer
273Hes Watching USAEden Bromac NZFillyLyndon TurnerSOLD$7,000Brad Costello
274Artspeak USAGolden IllusionFillyKen & Diane TrewPASSED IN (reserve $8,000)
Make an Offer
275Grinfromeartoear USAJubilee WaltzFillyBarry Robinson & PartnersPASSED IN (reserve $4,000)
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