351Alta Christiano NZFalcons Gem NZFillyKarnup Racing Pty LtdSOLD$28,000L O'Connor
352Betting Line USAGenerally Outspoken NZColtKTC BLOODSTOCKKJF Charles and KTC BloodstockSOLD$25,000R Bell
353Betterthancheddar USAGaetana NicoleFillySteve JohnsonSOLD$22,000Shardon Lodge
354Shadow Play USAGaylees Delight NZColtRoss WaddellPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
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355Betting Line USAGlenferrie ClanColtKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A CharlesPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
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356A Rocknroll Dance USAGota Good LookaddaColtAdda EquineSOLD$12,000J Gray
357Sunshine Beach USAFour HeartbeatsFillyColleen LindsaySOLD$12,500T Reay
358Fly Like An EagleHas The LooksFillyAllwood StudSOLD$10,000J Hayman
359Captaintreacherous (US)Hearty Franco NZColtKTC Bloodstock as agentKevin CharlesPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
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360Sunshine Beach USAHannah IsabellaColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$27,000R Watson
361Bling It OnHighview Ebony NZFillyKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A Charles and KTC BloodstockSOLD$4,000K Harper
362Follow The StarsHemisphericalColtAllwood StudSOLD$15,000B Hamilton
363Betting Line USAHunter Victoria NZColtKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A CharlesSOLD$16,000M Wunnenberg
364A Rocknroll Dance USAHarper GraceColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$18,000Shardon Lodge
365Fly Like An EagleHonorable DaughterColtAllwood StudSOLD$20,000APG as Agent
366Auckland Reactor NZHilmore DiscoColtRoss WaddellSOLD$5,000J Gray
367Western Edition USAHindu SariColtSharon Hornsby & George BoltSOLD$4,500Bob Mellsop
368Sportswriter USAJust VisitingFillyKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A Charles and KTC BloodstockSOLD$15,000L Tabbakh
369Fly Like An EagleHugmeifuluvmeColtAllwood StudPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
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370Always B Miki USAHarriet ElisabethColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$57,500J Prentice
371Sunshine Beach USAIm For RealColtDavid Fuller & Joy ShrimptonSOLD$12,500Greg Schofield
372American Ideal USAKelty Star NZColtKTC BloodstockSOLD$12,000S Suvaljko
373Fly Like An EagleJust Like GinaFillyAllwood StudPASSED IN (reserve $8,000)
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374Western Edition USAHindu ShefaliColtSharon Hornsby & George BoltSOLD$4,000B Lynn
375Always B Miki USAHoney And JoyFillySteve JohnsonSOLD$10,000J Giumelli
376Rich And SpoiltIm Unforgettable NZFillyAdda EquineWITHDRAWN$0
377Mach Three CALeilani LomboColtKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A CharlesSOLD$30,000G Bond
378Betterthancheddar USALouise JadeFillyCopper LodgeSOLD$11,000G Cox
379Follow The StarsKin Of QueensFillyDavid BushellSOLD$7,000E Burnham
380Captaintreacherous (US)Lavra Florence NZFillyKevin & Annette CharlesK and A CharlesSOLD$44,000
381Betterthancheddar USAImogenColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$20,000L O'Connor
382Art Major USALindennys Buttercup NZFillyKTC BloodstockSOLD$17,000B Mellsop
383Bettors Delight USAKatesplace NZFillyKarnup Racing Pty LtdSOLD$35,000Walmsley Developments Pty Ltd
384Follow The StarsLillian JeffriesFillyAllwood StudSOLD$9,000I Gossage
385Sportswriter USAMaddy WhiteColtCopper LodgeSOLD$30,000A Decampo
386Racing Hill CALiving HeiFillyKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A Charles and KTC BloodstockSOLD$8,000R Lee
387Bettors Delight USAIsabella JaneColtJeneen JohnsonSOLD$70,000J Giumelli
388Follow The StarsLilyann JoyFillyAllwood StudSOLD$5,000C Feast
389Sweet Lou USAMy Killarney Miss NZFillyCopper LodgeSOLD$27,000R Huston
390Somebeachsomewhere USAMiss Madoff NZFillyKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A Charles and KTC BloodstockSOLD$42,500L Montgomery
391Always B Miki USAKaren ElizabethFillySteve JohnsonSOLD$32,500A Belton
392Follow The StarsMusic RowColtAllwood StudSOLD$30,000Freddy Taiba
393Rich And SpoiltLove In The Dark NZFillyAdda EquineWITHDRAWN$0
394Bettors Delight USAMotu Lady Cullen NZFillyKevin & Annette CharlesK and A CharlesSOLD$70,000J Prentice
395Fly Like An EagleLuvya Maddy LomboGeldingBill HayesSOLD$10,000V Vinciullo
396Sunshine Beach USAOur Cloudy Dawn NZFillyCopper LodgeSOLD$14,000D Wimbridge
397Fly Like An EagleNot Now DelilahFillyKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A Charles and KTC BloodstockPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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398Always B Miki USAOur Lady Luxury NZFillyDavid AndersonAs agent forSOLD$12,500Marc Hanover & Gordon Banks
399Always B Miki USAKendall NicoleColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$26,000K Jeavons
400Alta Christiano NZMontel NZColtKarnup Racing Pty LtdSOLD$14,000Shardon Lodge
401Betting Line USAPromising GiftFillyKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A Charles and KTC BloodstockPASSED IN (reserve $12,000)
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402Well Said USAOur Copper ArtColtCopper LodgeSOLD$30,000J Giumelli
403Rich And SpoiltMy West End Girl NZFillyAdda EquineSOLD$16,000G Bond
404Fly Like An EagleOur Lady StarlightColtAllwood StudWITHDRAWN$0
405Sweet Lou USARacy Lacy NZFillyKTC BloodstockSOLD$14,000S Zucchiatti
406Alta Christiano NZPremium CopperColtCopper LodgeSOLD$12,000Aldo Cortopassi
407Bonavista BayOur Tabletop Dancer NZColtSpurrs StudSOLD$10,000B Smith
408Sportswriter USARequestedColtKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A Charles and KTC BloodstockSOLD$4,000L Tabbakh
409Follow The StarsRighteous AnnFillyAllwood StudSOLD$8,000P Marsh
410Sunshine Beach USAPure Empathy NZFillyCopper LodgePASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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411Shadow Play USAShe Has Passion USAFillyKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A Charles and KTC BloodstockSOLD$7,000M Wunnenberg
412Fly Like An EagleSave On MeFillyAllwood StudSOLD$8,000M Cox
413A Rocknroll Dance USARiverboat Ning NZColtCopper LodgeSOLD$10,000M Beech
414Bettors Delight USARocknrollsalColtKevin & Annette CharlesK and A CharlesSOLD$40,000C Whiteoak
415Follow The StarsShe Likes GoldColtAllwood StudPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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416Alta Christiano NZShez Lockets Rocket NZFillyKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A CharlesSOLD$20,000K Tuckey
417American Ideal USAShes InnocentColtDebra LewisSOLD$30,000L Montgomery
418Racing Hill CAShez Saul GoodColtKTC BloodstockSOLD$11,000D Margaretic
419Follow The StarsShes All GoldColtAllwood StudWITHDRAWN$0
420Alta Christiano NZSmart By Design NZFillyKarnup Racing Pty LtdSOLD$56,000J Prentice
421Follow The StarsSierra GemFillyAdda EquineSOLD$8,500K Watson
422Captaintreacherous (US)Sokys Courage NZFillyKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A CharlesPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
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423Modern Art USASoho DiazFillyWestover PASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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424Follow The StarsSupreme RoyaltyColtAllwood StudSOLD$7,000H Herbert
425Art Major USAThe Boulevard NZFillyKarnup Racing Pty LtdSOLD$40,000K Hiera
426Somebeachsomewhere USASounds BettorFillyKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A CharlesSOLD$42,000J Giumelli
427Betting Line USAStars AlignedFillyBill HayesSOLD$17,000S Pottier
428Fly Like An EagleTeen Queen LomboFillyAllwood StudSOLD$17,500B Hamilton
429Sportswriter USATiffany TwistedColtColleen LindsaySOLD$25,000Team Bond Pty Ltd
430Four Starzzz Shark CAThats The Spirit NZColtKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A Charles and KTC BloodstockSOLD$27,000G Elliott
431Always B Miki USATopless Beach GirlColtCopper LodgeWITHDRAWN$0
432Fly Like An EagleUrban GraffitiColtShane QuadrioSOLD$6,000K Young
433Pet Rock USATheladyisabomb NZFillyKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A Charles and KTC BloodstockPASSED IN (reserve $14,000)
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434Alta Christiano NZTwisted ArtFillyColleen LindsaySOLD$25,000C McNaughton
435Alta Christiano NZUnder The TowerColtRoss WaddellSOLD$14,000S Zucchiatti
436Fly Like An EagleWhat A Card NZColtShane QuadrioWITHDRAWN$0
437Rock N Roll Heaven USAWhere Dreams GrowFillyKTC BloodstockSOLD$14,500Beau Hardinge
438Sunshine Beach USAWinter Strike NZColtKarnup Racing Pty LtdSOLD$32,000J Prentice
439Fly Like An EagleA Drop Of MoetColtAllwood StudSOLD$11,000S Wiscombe
440Sportswriter USAAce Of Cards NZFillyKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A Charles and KTC BloodstockPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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441Racing Hill CAAdda Rising StarFillyAdda EquineSOLD$8,000K Hiera
442Always B Miki USAAll American DreamFillyPatrician ParkSOLD$26,000J Hayman
443A Rocknroll Dance USAAll About PinkFillyKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A Charles and KTC BloodstockPASSED IN (reserve $12,000)
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444Heston Blue Chip USAAllthewaytothebankGeldingBill HayesSOLD$10,000G Rigoli
445Fly Like An EagleArkareenaColtAllwood StudSOLD$57,500A Belton
446Sunshine Beach USAAnother Cover Lover NZColtKarnup Racing Pty LtdSOLD$40,000Walmsley Developments Pty Ltd
447Rich And SpoiltArconite NZFillyAdda EquineWITHDRAWN$0
448Fly Like An EagleArkndeliverColtAllwood StudSOLD$23,000T Howlett
449Highview Tommy NZArt ForceGeldingRoss WaddellSOLD$6,500T Reay
450Sunshine Beach USABaby She RocksFillyTemuka ParkSOLD$10,000G Cox
451P Forty Seven USABeautiful DayColtSpurrs StudWITHDRAWN$0
452Sweet Lou USABrush With CourageFillyKTC BloodstockSOLD$58,000Shardon Lodge
453Fly Like An EagleArtistic GlowColtAllwood StudPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
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454Sweet Lou USABettor WhitbyColtCopper LodgeSOLD$40,000L O'Connor
455Alta Christiano NZBettors GemColtKarnup Racing Pty LtdSOLD$70,000K Jeavons
456Betterthancheddar USABootscootngirlColtTemuka ParkSOLD$24,000R Jones
457A Rocknroll Dance USABoys LieColtDebra LewisSOLD$20,000Shardon Lodge
458Sunshine Beach USACleopatraColtKTC BLOODSTOCKKJF Charles and KTC BloodstockSOLD$13,000D Simmonds
459Hurrikane Kingcole USABrave AttemptFillyPatrician ParkSOLD$4,000K Young
460Follow The StarsBeauteous MaximusColtAllwood StudSOLD$8,000L O'Connor
461Follow The StarsCall Me ParisFillyBill HayesSOLD$15,000S Quadrio
462Follow The StarsDouble E NZFillyKTC Bloodstock as agentK and A Charles and KTC BloodstockSOLD$7,000S McDonald
463Sportswriter USACentrefold AngelColtColleen LindsaySOLD$29,000C Woodworth
464Sunshine Beach USACall Me KinkyColtPatrician ParkSOLD$9,000M Liddelton
465Follow The StarsCasual FlingColtAllwood StudSOLD$12,000D Miller
466Betting Line USAChemical RomanceFillySteve JohnsonSOLD$30,000Shardon Lodge
467Renaissance ManClassy And SmartFillyRoss WaddellSOLD$7,000R Cummins
468Advance Attack NZEastern JetColtWestover SOLD$5,000L Lapworth
469Western Edition USAEmbrace Me WhitbyFillySharon Hornsby & George BoltSOLD$5,000T Sheehy
470Follow The StarsElite AngelFillyOBOY01 Patrick O'BoylePASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
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