401Fly Like An EagleOur Lady StarlightFillyAllwood StudSOLD$20,000J Hayman
402Huntsville USAParty DateFillyWhitbyfalls Pacing StudSOLD$40,000K Hiera
403Huntsville USARacy Lacy NZFillyKTC BloodstockSOLD$14,000L Tabbakh
404Follow The StarsSelkie NZGeldingAllwood StudPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
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405Fly Like An EagleReturn To TexasFillyTemuka Park SOLD$34,000Swandoo Harness Racing Pty Ltd
406American Ideal USAPrix De WhitbyFillyWhitbyfalls Pacing StudSOLD$38,000Shardon Lodge
407Fly Like An EagleShades Of ArtColtAllwood StudSOLD$8,000M Blakemore
408Highview Tommy NZSecret DragonColtCopper LodgeSOLD$12,000L Nelligan
409Bonavista BaySheez Da BombFillySpurrs StudSOLD$10,000Graham Cox
410Fly Like An EagleShes All GoldFillyAllwood StudSOLD$17,000B Hamilton
411Huntsville USASmiling AngelColtAdda EquineWITHDRAWN$0
412Bonavista BayShonteleesharFillySpurrs StudSOLD$10,000B Howlett
413Follow The StarsShe Likes GoldColtAllwood StudPASSED IN (reserve $10,000)
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414Captaintreacherous (US)Sounds BettorFillyKTC Bloodstock As Agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$22,000D Margaretic
415Follow The StarsSister MadonnaFillyAllwood StudSOLD$9,000B Mckerrow
416Betting Line USATerrifyingColtWhitbyfalls Pacing StudSOLD$12,500D Kinninmont
417Foreclosure (NZ)Terra Into The West NZFillyKTC BloodstockSOLD$15,000Moomba Standardbreds
418Follow The StarsStride To ThemaxFillyAllwood StudSOLD$10,000J Paikos
419Huntsville USATopless Beach GirlColtCopper LodgeSOLD$45,000Red Field Pacing
420Captaintreacherous (US)Thats The Spirit NZFillyKTC Bloodstock As Agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$30,000Terry & Kerry Keenan
421Captaintreacherous (US)Whitbys Blue IrisColtWhitbyfalls Pacing StudSOLD$45,000C Plabou & Partners
422P Forty Seven USAWhite Water BayFillySpurrs StudSOLD$4,000J Suvaljko
423Control The Moment (US)Where Dreams GrowFillyKTC BloodstockSOLD$10,000R Nafranec
424Sweet Lou USAYmbro CocoColtDavid Fuller & Joy ShrimptonPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
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425Betting Line USAZerina WhitbyColtWhitbyfalls Pacing StudSOLD$23,000Shardon Lodge
426Rock N Roll Heaven USAAdaptabilityColtAllwood StudSOLD$20,000D Padberg
427Foreclosure (NZ)All About PinkFillyKTC Bloodstock As Agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$15,000K Watson
428Pet Rock USAAllthewaytothebankGeldingBill HayesSOLD$7,000G Rigoli
429Follow The StarsArkndeliverColtAllwood StudPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
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430VincentAnna Faye NZColtKarnup RacingSOLD$40,000M Brennan
431Sunshine Beach USAApache DelightColtCopper LodgeSOLD$12,000G Schofield
432Follow The StarsArtistic TouchFillyAllwood StudPASSED IN (reserve $8,000)
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433VincentAuctioneers ElsuFillyRoss WaddellSOLD$31,000Five Twenty Equine Breeding
434Sweet Lou USABenjor Maddy LomboColtCopper LodgeSOLD$55,000A De Campo
435Control The Moment (US)Betshes PreciousColtKTC BloodstockSOLD$22,000S De Campo
436Fly Like An EagleBignightoutB.Allwood StudSOLD$14,000D McLean
437Hurrikane Kingcole USABurn The BoysFillyPatrician ParkSOLD$11,000Angelo Russo
438Fly Like An EagleCall Me ParisFillyBill HayesPASSED IN (reserve $25,000)
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439Betting Line USAChemical RomanceColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$50,000Shardon Lodge
440Control The Moment (US)CleopatraFillyKTC BloodstockSOLD$12,000Moomba Standardbreds
441Betting Line USACool AddaColtCopper LodgeSOLD$30,000A De Campo
442Always B Miki USACoopers Beach NZColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$50,000J Prentice
443Art Major USACourage On Fire NZColtKTC Bloodstock As Agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$40,000J Prentice
444Follow The StarsCullen ClassColtAllwood StudWITHDRAWN$0
445Sunshine Beach USADontgetmeruffledColtCopper LodgeSOLD$25,000Kyle Jeavons
446Foreclosure (NZ)Double E NZColtKTC Bloodstock As Agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$12,000P Murphy
447Art Major USAElite AngelColtPatrick O'BoyleSOLD$52,500N Morrone
448Advance Attack NZEastern JetColtWestoverSOLD$27,500J Fagg
449Sweet Lou USAEndless JourneyColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$75,000J Prentice
450Betting Line USAFirth Of TayColtAllwood Stud As Agent for David AndersonSOLD$20,000R Olivieri
451Rich And SpoiltFront Paige AddaColtAdda EquineSOLD$50,000Swandoo Harness Racing Pty Ltd
452Foreclosure (NZ)Generally Outspoken NZColtKTC BloodstockSOLD$20,000M Beech
453Huntsville USAGabriella RocksColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$45,000Shardon Lodge
454Hurrikane Kingcole USAGaylees Delight NZFillyRoss WaddellSOLD$15,000P Anderson
455Follow The StarsHeaven And HellColtAllwood StudSOLD$14,000L Harper
456Sweet Lou USAGlenferrie ClanColtKTC Bloodstock As Agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$34,000Marc Hanover & Gordon Banks
457Sweet Lou USAHarriet ElisabethColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$25,000M Young
458Follow The StarsHemisphericalFillyAllwood StudSOLD$17,000S Quadrio
459Sweet Lou USAHere For The MoneyFillyKTC Bloodstock As Agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$80,000G Richards
460Hes Watching USAI Am SpecialFillyPatrician ParkSOLD$20,000D Miller
461Always B Miki USAIm For RealColtDavid Fuller & Joy ShrimptonSOLD$23,000A Beckett
462American Ideal USAHunter Victoria NZColtKTC Bloodstock As Agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$25,000D Costello
463Bonavista BayIn The Magic DenColtSpurrs StudSOLD$5,000Michelle Blanke
464Fly Like An EagleJust Like JessColtAllwood StudSOLD$15,000S Quadrio
465Control The Moment (US)Just VisitingColtKTC Bloodstock As Agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$18,000K Prentice
466Bonavista BayJet BlueFillySpurrs StudSOLD$4,000G Cox
467Follow The StarsJust RemarkableColtAllwood StudSOLD$4,000D Simmonds
468Control The Moment (US)KeepsgettingbettorFillyKTC Bloodstock As Agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$8,000L Lapworth
469Renaissance ManKanata QueenFillyJohn RogersJohn & Giselle RogersPASSED IN (reserve $12,000)
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470Huntsville USAKaren ElizabethColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$40,000K Jeavons
471Downbytheseaside USAKiwi Rose USAFillyKTC Bloodstock As Agent for K & A CharlesK & A CharlesSOLD$48,000A De Campo
472Shadow Play USAKeep GrinningColtWestoverSOLD$8,000Angelo Russo
473Huntsville USAKristina AdeleColtSteve JohnsonWITHDRAWN$0
474Sweet Lou USAKotare Ash NZFillyKTC Bloodstock As Agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$20,000C Peterson
475Follow The StarsLady BhutanColtAllwood StudSOLD$25,000J Hayman
476Captaintreacherous (US)Lavra Florence NZColtKTC Bloodstock As Agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$130,000G Hall (Snr)
477Bonavista BayLady Glamazon NZColtSpurrs StudSOLD$5,000Michelle Blanke
478Follow The StarsLillian JeffriesColtAllwood StudSOLD$18,000L Harper
479American Ideal USALeilani LomboFillyKTC Bloodstock As Agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$30,000M Brennan
480Follow The StarsLorinda BayFillyAllwood StudSOLD$23,000M Young
481Sweet Lou USALola MaeColtSteve JohnsonSOLD$20,000C Wallrodt
482Art Major USALilianna Beauty USAColtKTC Bloodstock As Agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$30,000Bloxsome & Jones, Peter & Ray
483Fly Like An EagleLucky StrideColtAllwood StudSOLD$21,000P Bloxsome
484American Ideal USALottie BelleFillySteve JohnsonWITHDRAWN$0
485Foreclosure (NZ)Lindennys Buttercup NZColtKTC BloodstockSOLD$14,000K Prentice
486VincentLouise JadeColtCopper LodgeSOLD$20,000K Gibellini
487Follow The StarsLuvatipple BeejayColtAllwood StudSOLD$8,000D Schofield
488Captaintreacherous (US)Luck Has ItColtKTC Bloodstock As Agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$29,000T Erceg
489Sunshine Beach USAMajor Cover LoverFillyKarnup RacingWITHDRAWN$0
490Follow The StarsMaia Maguire NZColtAllwood StudPASSED IN (reserve $16,000)
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491American Ideal USALughnasadh NZFillyKTC BloodstockSOLD$65,000Swandoo Harness Racing Pty Ltd
492Bonavista BayMaybe A CorkaColtWalliabup FarmsPASSED IN (reserve $12,000)
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493Fly Like An EagleMillwood Daisy NZColtAllwood StudSolid Gold StandardbredsSOLD$47,500L O'Connor
494Sunshine Beach USAMajor FlirtFillyKarnup RacingSOLD$32,000D Padberg
495Bonavista BayMillion MoreFillySpurrs StudSOLD$12,000Scott Long
496Follow The StarsMoney Time MillyColtAllwood StudSOLD$8,000C Comito
497A Rocknroll Dance USAMiss Worthy WhitbyColtWhitbyfalls Pacing StudSOLD$65,000L O'Connor
498Renaissance ManMy Mississippi Rose NZFillyReece KapteinSOLD$10,000T Stone
499Fly Like An EagleNightwatch LadyFillyAllwood StudSOLD$15,000B Simeon
500Captaintreacherous (US)My Samantha Jane NZFillyAdda EquineSOLD$38,000G Richards
501Fly Like An EagleNot Now DelilahColtKTC Bloodstock As Agent for K & A CharlesSOLD$42,000Gary Hall Jnr
502Follow The StarsNoneshallpassColtAllwood StudSOLD$10,000P Anderson
503Foreclosure (NZ)Cap In HandColtKTC Bloodstock for S & N DicksonSOLD$16,000K Warwick
683Art Major USAMio ChristisimoFillyReibey FarmSOLD$75,000Walmsley Developments Pty Ltd
708American Ideal USAPriceless GemColtReibey FarmSOLD$52,500G Hall (Snr)