Owning a star APG eligible horse can be the most exhilarating and thrilling experience of a lifetime. Here are some factors that contribute to the excitement of owning a top-tier harness racing star:

A star pacer often brings prestige and recognition to its owner. Winning major APG races and G1 championships can elevate the owner’s status in the harness racing community and even beyond. The horse becomes a symbol of success and achievement.

Successful horses can generate substantial financial rewards for their owners. Prizes from prestigious races, breeding rights, and potential endorsement deals can contribute to a significant return on investment. The financial stakes involved in top-level horse racing can add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation.

Horse racing is not just a business for many owners; it’s a passion. Watching a horse that you own compete at the highest levels of the sport can be an incredibly emotional and fulfilling experience. The thrill of the race and the sense of pride in your horse’s performance can be unmatched.

The harness racing world is highly competitive and owning a star horse means being part of that intense competition. Rivalries between owners, trainers, and horses can add drama and excitement to the sport, making each race a thrilling spectacle.

Owning a horse involves collaboration with a team of professionals, including trainers, drivers, and stable staff. The shared goal of achieving success in races creates a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. The ups and downs of the racing season can strengthen the bonds between the owner and the rest of the team.

APG owners of star horses often have unique and exclusive experiences. This may include access to premium events, VIP treatment at tracks all over Australia, and the opportunity to be directly involved in the decision-making process regarding the horse’s training and racing schedule.

A star standardbred has the potential to leave a lasting legacy. Successful horses can become breeding stallions or broodmares, passing on their exceptional genes to future generations. Building a legacy in the horse racing world adds a sense of permanence to the thrill of ownership.

It’s important to note a star racehorse can be incredibly rewarding, and it starts with selecting the best yearlings.

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