In horse breeding, the goal is often to produce individuals with desirable traits such as athleticism, conformation, temperament, and specific skills, like high speed. Breeders may carefully choose pairings based on the bloodlines and genetic backgrounds of the horses involved.

Certain crosses may be valued for producing horses with a combination of strengths, and breeders may aim to preserve or enhance these traits through selective breeding.  It’s essential to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each horse’s pedigree, considering factors like performance records, lineage, and any hereditary conditions.

While the term “crosses of gold,” is a touch over used, I believe the strategic selection of breeding pairs is a fundamental aspect of horse breeding aimed at producing high-quality offspring.

The breeders of Lot 54 in APG’s Gold Coast Sale Trev & Louise O’Reilly thankfully have a great understanding of the above.

American Ideal is a truly wonderful sire over an extended period. In 2023 his 2YOs again dominated where he finished 3rd on the premiership table.

As the O’Reilly’s totally understand, American Ideal’s ability to lift families and enhance the traits are exceptional, particularly when used over Adios line Broodmare Sires.

Some Aus/NZ examples are:

Never before have the opportunities for new owners/investors in harness racing been better. The 84 pacing lots will be the only horses eligible to compete for the two APG Race Series Finals (1 x Fillies 1 X Colts) – worth $100,000 each.

Additionally, there is a QBred Incentive Scheme that continues to reward participants who invest in eligible horses. It sees the first-win bonus set at $14,000 at any age (regardless of how many interstate wins they may have had), as well as a further $7,500 cash bonus for their first Queensland win in a subsequent season and the new $3,000 bonus for a third win in subsequent seasons other than the first two.

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