It’s with great excitement and pleasure that we announce the time has come for 212 lots to now take centre stage.

It certainly helps that The 2022 APG NATIONAL MIXED SALE has such a high level of representation of the leading sires, broodmare sires and elite families from both the northern & southern hemispheres – you’ll see them all catalogued in this sale.

Below is a table of the astonishing weanlings that we believe are the strongest we have ever had and expect be finding a new home on Sunday:

Lot Category Sex Sire Dam
1 Weanling Filly Bettors Delight USA Localize
2 Weanling Colt Downbytheseaside USA Maggie Mine
3 Weanling Filly Art Major USA Holme Safely
4 Weanling Filly American Ideal USA Weona Badgirl
5 Weanling Filly American Ideal USA Halcyon Franco NZ
6 Weanling Filly Hes Watching USA New York Fashion
7 Weanling Filly Rock N Roll World USA Ears Are Burning
8 Weanling Colt McWicked USA Guilty Pleasure
9 Weanling Filly Dream Vacation (US) Regal Aspirant NZ
10 Weanling Filly Volstead USA Lime And Lemonade
11 Weanling Colt Mcwicked USA Heavenly Hiraani
12 Weanling Colt Soho Tribeca Soho Uptown Girl
13 Weanling Filly A Rocknroll Dance USA Irish Luck NZ
14 Weanling Filly Soho Tribeca Cut Above NZ
15 Weanling Colt Luck Be Withyou (US) Talking Irish
16 Weanling Filly Rock N Roll World USA Dana Dynasty NZ
17 Weanling Filly Tintin In America NZ Redbank Lisamaree
18 Weanling Filly Wishing Stone (US) Diedre Deville
19 Weanling Colt Warrawee Needy CA Miraculous Luck
20 Weanling Colt For A Reason Elizabeth Street
21 Weanling Filly Betting Line USA Grahams Legacy
22 Weanling Colt A Rocknroll Dance USA Just Lola
23 Weanling Filly Smiling Shard NZ Fromtheotherside
24 Weanling Filly Sportswriter USA Mossdale Gabby NZ
25 Weanling Filly Betting Line USA Best Of Wine
26 Weanling Filly Tintin In America NZ Roxie Romance NZ
27 Weanling Colt Majestic Son CA Le Chabanais
28 Weanling Colt What The Hill CA Amelia Darling
29 Weanling Filly A Rocknroll Dance USA Electric Cat
30 Weanling Colt Sportswriter USA Trunkey Belle
31 Weanling Filly A Rocknroll Dance USA Gone Walkabout
32 Weanling Colt Majestic Son CA Purple Lantana
33 Weanling Colt Artiscape USA No Dalliance
34 Weanling Filly For A Reason Dont Fall For Me
35 Weanling Colt Warrawee Needy CA Magenta Rose
36 Weanling Filly For A Reason Allfourtheladies
37 Weanling Filly Speeding Spur NZ Tiabamba
38 Weanling Filly Smiling Shard NZ Trish Bromac
39 Weanling Filly Soho Tribeca Ima Miss Molly
40 Weanling Filly Soho Tribeca Majordreams
41 Weanling Colt Metropolitan USA Denzel Prada
42 Weanling Colt Vincent Diamond Stride
43 Weanling Filly Mr Feelgood USA Strategic Miss
44 Weanling Filly Metropolitan USA Vari Perfect
45 Weanling Filly Art Major USA Thug Rose NZ




Definition of low-hanging fruit

The obvious or easy things that can be most readily done or dealt with in achieving success or making progress toward an objective.

The above could be the correct way to explain the incredible  opportunities on offer in lots 46 through to 82

46 Yearling Filly Unnamed Bettors Delight USA Miss Lonnie (NZ)
47 Yearling Filly Unnamed A Rocknroll Dance USA Electric Cat
48 Two Year Old Colt My Ultimate Jacko Art Major USA Colada Belle
49 Two Year Old Colt Someones Watching Hes Watching USA Somethings Fishy
50 Racehorse Colt Unnamed Cardigan Boko Swe Poet Laureate
51 Two Year Old Filly Unnamed Pet Rock USA Mcarlian
52 Two Year Old Filly April In Paris NZ Art Major USA Joannes A Delight NZ
53 Two Year Old Filly Unnamed Flying Jaguar Cabillo Gris
54 Two Year Old Filly Foxi Five Tintin In America NZ Three Jewels
55 Broodmare Filly Unnamed Huntsville USA Delwyns Daughter
56 Two Year Old Filly Our Ultimate Pauly Changeover NZ Once Bitten
57 Two Year Old Filly Our Ultimate Betty Hurrikane Kingcole USA Rocknroll Annie
58 Two Year Old Colt My Ultimate Jimbo Hurrikane Kingcole USA Beaudiene Flame NZ
59 Racehorse Filly Choir Queen Artv Major USA Colleens Medley NZ
60 Racehorse Gelding Unnamed Betting Line USA Three Queens
61 Racehorse Filly Rockabilly Babe Rocknroll Hanover USA Parfait Bromac NZ
62 Racehorse Gelding Unnamed Betting Line USA Princess Fiona NZ
63 Racehorse Gelding Goodtime Cracker Sweet Lou USA Cracker Three NZ
64 Racehorse Filly Our Ultimate Ruby Four starzzz Shark CA Leto
65 Racehorse Filly Bets On Millie Betting Line USA Ilikemillie
66 Racehorse Filly Goodtime Halo Sportwriter USA Goodtime Marjie
67 Racehorse Filly Pink Parade A Rocknroll Dance USA All About Pink
68 Racehorse Filly Cherri Valins Shadow Play USA Boundtobemad
69 Racehorse Filly Betonbetty Art Major USA Betapic
70 Racehorse Gelding Unnamed Sportswriter USA Lasnicks Lass
71 Racehorse Filly Super Sally Shadow Play USA Currynroses
72 Racehorse Filly Heart Of Sahara Betting Line USA Sahara Miss
73 Racehorse Filly Blazenfire Betterthancheddar USA Nonni Sheffield
74 Racehorse Gelding My Ultimate Eddie Art Major USA Lauramegan NZ
75 Racehorse Gelding My Ultimate Levi Betting Line USA Victree Bonita
76 Racehorse Filly Unnamed Sportswriter USA All Eyes On Me
77 Racehorse Mare Unnamed Somebeachsomewhere USA Classic Life
78 Racehorse Mare Chicago Nights Art Major USA Led Suitcase
79 Racehorse Gelding Always In Command Always A Virgin USA Cry Of Command
80 Racehorse Mare Run And Hide Shadow Play USA Lettuceggscape
81 Racehorse Gelding Young Conqueror NZ Mach Three CA Ballroom Babe NZ
82 Racehorse Gelding Sirletic Rocknroll Hanover USA Indigo Breeze NZ



No one takes the selling of broodmares more seriously than the team at APG.  It’s this service that clearly sets Australian Pacing Gold apart from its rivals.
So many of our vendors understand the principle that the best way for people to bid with confidence is to set little or no reserves and let the market set their true value.
Below is a table of the impressive broodmares available and those who are seriously looking for a new home on Sunday:

83 Broodmare Canstar NZ Bettors Delight USA Starlet Lavra NZ
84 Broodmare Alashell Mcardle USA Saabette
85 Broodmare Free Rolling Roll With Joe USA Princess Fiona NZ
86 Broodmare Problem Maker Western Ideal (US) Thorninmyside
87 Broodmare Rocking NZ Rocknroll Hanover USA Megandy NZ
88 Broodmare Miss Labretta Artiscape USA Labretta Franco NZ
89 Broodmare Manhattan Montana NZ Bettors Delight USA Radiant Guest NZ
90 Broodmare Kendall Nicole Rocknroll Hanover USA At Melrose Place NZ
91 Broodmare Lauramegan NZ Tinted Cloud USA Sensitive Poplar NZ
92 Broodmare Presidential Night Presidential Ball USA Nightline
93 Broodmare Our Ultimate Mary Always A Virgin USA Empty Promises
94 Broodmare Lindennys Buttercup NZ Elsu NZ Talent Hanover USA
95 Broodmare Styxler NZ Christian Cullen NZ Silk And Satin NZ
96 Broodmare Kellieann Marie Art Major USA Chemical Romance
97 Broodmare Once Bitten Four Starzzz Shark USA Kotare Ash NZ
98 Broodmare Motu Living Doll NZ Live Or Die USA Tentative (NZ)
99 Broodmare Millwood Ivy NZ Bettors Delight USA Millwood Minisota NZ
100 Broodmare Spirit Of Fun Mcardle USA Should Be Red
101 Broodmare Courageous Annie NZ Courage Under Fire NZ Cyclone Lady NZ
102 Broodmare Tinted Pearl Tinted Cloud USA Black Pearl
103 Broodmare Starburst Girl Art Major USA Celebrity Ball
104 Broodmare Strawbs Interact NZ In The Pocket USA Interact (NZ)
105 Broodmare Transparency Rules Live Or Die USA Juwarra Bay
106 Broodmare Eyewitness Somebeachsomewhere USA Espeshlimade Lombo
107 Broodmare Our Ultimate Hanna Rocknroll Hanover USA Pin Up Pony NZ
108 Broodmare Lillylane Lombo Mandingo Jackie One
109 Broodmare Ballare Art Major USA She Bites
110 Broodmare Dancing Joroco Brioso Hanover USA Priscilla Presley NZ
111 Broodmare Takeiteasyonme NZ Elsu NZ Come Away With Me (NZ)
112 Broodmare Koori Art Art Major USA Indigenous
113 Broodmare Weona Badgirl Badlands Hanover USA Weona Sassy
114 Broodmare Redbank Lisamaree Art Major USA Lettucesomewhere
115 Broodmare Imogen Sutter Hanover USA Jane Elouise
116 Broodmare Rebby NZ Artiscape USA Tina Jaccka NZ
117 Broodmare Supa Winona Sportswriter USA Letsgocassi
118 Broodmare Sunday Rose Holmes Hanover USA Donnas Partner
119 Broodmare Goodtime Rumur Shadyshark Hanover USA Graces Beach
120 Broodmare Saint Theory Allamerican Ingot USA Royal Identity
121 Broodmare No Dalliance Pacific Fella USA Provocative
122 Broodmare Kool Kelly Majestic Son CA Whitney Grace NZ
123 Broodmare My Little Comet Great Success USA Brite N Lucky NZ
124 Broodmare Only Whisper NZ Bettors Delight USA Hint (NZ)
125 Broodmare Queens Vacation Dream Vacation (US) Queens Rhapsody NZ
126 Broodmare Our Planet Princess NZ Elsu NZ Soky’s Lass NZ
127 Broodmare Goodtime Gypsy Rock N Roll Heaven USA Graces Beach
128 Broodmare Special Ball NZ Presidential Ball USA Pleasant Franco NZ
129 Broodmare Maori Queen Bacardi Lindy USA Yankee Princess
130 Broodmare Princess Fiona NZ Mcardle USA Ice Princess (NZ)
131 Broodmare Star Of Jordaine NZ Armbro Invasion USA Jasmond (NZ)
132 Broodmare Harlequin Bromac NZ Mach Three CA Honky Tonk Bromac NZ
133 Broodmare Ima Miss Molly Pacific Fella USA Ima Blue Bell
134 Broodmare Cut Above NZ Gotta Go Cullen NZ Freedom Reigns (NZ)
135 Broodmare Proud Trick Falcon Seelster USA Proud Star NZ
136 Broodmare Torridon Safely Kept USA Lauder Lass
137 Broodmare Antrim Bromac NZ Falcon Seelster USA Arma Class (NZ)
138 Broodmare Lime And Lemonade Bacardi Lindy USA Gay Galleon NZ
139 Broodmare Electric Cat Metropolitan USA Calico Cat
140 Broodmare Rosa Mach Mach Three CA Rosalind
141 Broodmare Oy Ve Bromac NZ Red River Hanover USA Oh Please USA
142 Broodmare Maudieinfullbloom Somebeachsomewhere USA Lucky Elsie
143 Broodmare Call Me Kinky Armbro Operative USA Pleasedontstop
144 Broodmare Goodtime Mia Four Starzzz Shark CA Illustrator
145 Broodmare Harmony Bromac NZ Artsplace (US) Happy Franco NZ
146 Broodmare Vari Perfect Armbro Variable CA Landoras Gift NZ
147 Broodmare Trish Bromac Artistic Fella USA Tanabi
148 Broodmare Life On The Line Life Sign USA Walkin The Line USA
149 Broodmare Nickle Miss Grinfromeartoear USA Lets Go Baby
150 Broodmare Hayley Franco NZ Holmes Hanover USA Heather Franco (NZ)
151 Broodmare Summerline NZ Sundon USA Summer Pride (NZ)
152 Broodmare Amelia Darling Kadabra (US) Africa NZ
153 Broodmare Nimbosa Armbro Operative USA Balboa Lady
154 Broodmare Colada Belle Presidential Ball USA Colada Hanover
155 Broodmare Maggie Mine Art Major USA Magic In Motion
156 Broodmare Somefoosomewhere Somebeachsomewhere USA Beris Holmes NZ
157 Broodmare Hunter Victoria NZ Christian Cullen NZ Magnificent Yield (NZ)
158 Broodmare Tallaras Bettor Bettors Delight USA Glenferrie Miss
159 Broodmare Mallory Art Major USA Hannah Isabella
160 Broodmare Isti Bettors Delight USA Shes Our Angel
161 Broodmare Mollys Secret American Ideal USA My Names Molly
162 Broodmare Tara Toplady NZ Bettors Delight USA Perfect Passion (NZ)
163 Broodmare Dolly Dagger NZ Real Desire USA Matter Of Fact (NZ)
164 Broodmare Dazzling Delight Bettors Delight USA Roses In Paris
165 Broodmare Beilharz Art Major USA Heaven
166 Broodmare Cullen Reign Christian Cullen NZ The Midnight Reign NZ
167 Broodmare Lifes Expression Life Sign USA Expression NZ
168 Broodmare Fiona Rocks Rocknroll Hanover USA Princess Fiona NZ
169 Broodmare C C Chevron NZ Art Major USA C C Lobell (NZ)
170 Broodmare Brontes Delight Bettors Delight USA Bronte Jones
171 Broodmare Our Kinda Art Art Major USA The Kindly One
172 Broodmare San Sophia USA Artsplace (US) Emory Girl (US)
173 Broodmare Halcyon Franco NZ Mcardle USA Huntress Hanover USA
174 Broodmare Vanesselmont Art Major USA Our Vanessa
175 Broodmare Roxie Romance NZ Island Fantasy USA Nothin But A Dreamer NZ
176 Broodmare Mcarlian Mcardle USA Kirlian
177 Broodmare Ears Are Burning Grinfromeartoear USA Into The Fire NZ
178 Broodmare Mayhappen Life Sign USA Avonali
179 Broodmare My Lady Posh Cr Commando USA Kano Idol
180 Broodmare Misty Graywood Great Success USA Misty Gift
181 Broodmare Smile At Me Smiling Shard NZ Ce Pe Ar
182 Broodmare Bold Trump Trump Casino USA Karamea Yellowbird
183 Broodmare Allthewaytothebank Rich And Spoilt Miss Scoot Along
184 Broodmare Grin On The Beach Grinfromeartoear USA Beach Madam USA
185 Broodmare Burston Holme Holmes Hanover USA Catch A Bouquet
186 Broodmare Nonni Sheffield Mach Three CA Sheffields Strike
187 Broodmare Our Independence Andover Hall (US) My Missindependent
188 Broodmare My Pacific Rainbow Pacific Fella USA Able Sharon
189 Broodmare Living Hei Live Or Die USA Bali Hei NZ
190 Broodmare Idolatry Angus Hall (US) Kano Idol
191 Broodmare Susuwe NZ Dream Vacation (US) Vein Of Gold (NZ)
192 Broodmare Jasper Lane Village Jasper USA Sussex Lane
193 Broodmare Hilmore Disco Major In Art USA Dalmore Disco
194 Broodmare Pacific Jaccka NZ Live Or Die USA Passport Jaccka NZ
195 Broodmare Champagne Comedy Modern Art USA Champagne Dash NZ
196 Broodmare Brylin Crescent NZ Brylin Boyz USA Another Starlet NZ
197 Broodmare Heavenly Smile Rock N Roll Heaven USA Laugh Out Loud
198 Broodmare La Bousta Last Sunset NZ Free Rider
199 Broodmare Surfing Royal Royal Mattjesty USA Surfing Queen
200 Broodmare Ce Pe Ar Pacific Fella USA Suspicious Eyes
201 Broodmare Coffee Bay Live Or Die USA Unspoiled
202 Broodmare Salliwood NZ Armbro Oliver CA Millwood Salli (NZ)
203 Broodmare Gracie Marae Angus Hall (US) My Missindependent
204 Broodmare Kano Classic Classic Adam USA Kano Tonia
205 Broodmare Kept A Corka Safely Kept USA Uncork NZ
206 Broodmare Jamaka Run Modern Art USA Bonnie Bonnie
207 Broodmare Art On The Beach Jennas Beach Boy USA Mont Marte
208 Broodmare Caracas Life Sign USA Medea Me
209 Broodmare Unnamed Sir Galvinator My Summertime Girl NZ
210 Broodmare Anna Blue Santanna Blue Chip USA Polo One
211 Broodmare Girls Rule Lotsa Clout USA Girl In A Million
212 Unnamed Yankee Rockstar Electrical Storm


See further information on all of these amazing lots above at:


Online Auction Commences – 2pm AEST, Wednesday, 27th July 2022

Bidding Closes  From 5pm AEST, Sunday, 31st  July 2022


Lots are initially set-up to close at 1 minute intervals (e.g. Lot 1 will close at 5pm, Lot 2 will close at 5:01pm, etc.)

However, the “closing time” on any individual lot will extend for a further 5 minutes each time someone places a bid on that particular lot during the final 5 minutes of bidding from the time when the bid was placed).

When a bid is received in the final five minutes, it extends the closing time only for the particular Lot that received the bid.  Therefore, if someone placed a bid on Lot 1 at 4:59pm on the final day, the closing time for Lot 1 would extend to 5:04pm.  However, the closing time for Lot 2 would remain 5:01pm unless it too received a last minute bid.


Bidder Registration will open soon.  The Bidding Registration Process requires you to:

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