It’s truly incredible that the 2021 APG NATIONAL MIXED SALE can harness so much positive energy and passion. This will go a long way towards confirming the real excitement about the sport moving forward.

Significant harness racing participants, leaders and keen followers will be blown away by the strength of the bidding and levels of interest in this event that’s due to start at 10am tomorrow and close Sunday at 5pm.

The previous record of $4.5 Million dollars in bidding credit requests is set to be smashed at the current rate on bidding approvals being processed. This amazing event is a “must to go” in the calendar. It promises to offer some intriguing viewing come this weekend.

While this may come as a little surprise to some, it’s certainly no surprise to the hard-working friendly team at APG. The team is headed up by David Boydell and he has a clear understanding that the true hero’s so far are the wonderful consignors that have put their faith in APG and this remarkable concept. APG, along with a large percentage of consignors, believe the best way forward with this format is to set “very achievable” or “no reserves” and let the market determine their real value.

It’s a formula that will hit the mark over the weekend and will see lots fly passed their reserves, hit their reserves or be only one bid away from their reserves early on. A leading female buyer in the sport based in Queensland told us today, “it’s a sale that’s got me so enthusiastic about the sport of harness racing again because most vendors are being more than fair”.

An example of this is the Yirribee Stud which was established in 1985 by Rod Woodhouse and the late Ian Walsh. It was officially opened in 1986. Yirribee now celebrates over 30 years in the breeding industry. Now headed up by Rod Woodhouse and his partner, Dianne Sutherland, Yirribee Stud has entrusted the team at APG to handle a reduction in the studs numbers, now entered in the 2021 APG NATIONAL MIXED SALE . We really appreciate Rod, Dianne and all those owners that have supported this very exciting event over the last 4 years.

Lot 31 Unnamed Weanling Team Spirit NZ Million Dollar Cam USA Filly N64
Lot 32 Unnamed Weanling La Promesse Lennytheshark Filly N117
Lot 136 Ultra Trendy Lombo Misty Maiden Pacific Fella USA Mare N2 Positive Million Dollar Cam USA
Lot 137 La Promesse Promise Grinfromeartoear USA Mare N117 Positive Renaissance Man
Lot 138 Lombos Gift Bridal Gift Lombo Pocket Watch Mare U304 Positive Lazarus NZ
Lot 139 Grants Gift Heavenly Holmes Always A Virgin USA Mare N45 Positive Lazarus NZ
Lot 140 Eternal Miss Eternal Love Brioso Hanover USA Mare U34 Positive Tintin In America NZ
Lot 141 Sweet Lizze Lou Elizabeth Kelly Sweet Lou USA Mare A4 Positive Lazarus NZ
Lot 187 Team Spirit NZ Gentility (NZ) Badlands Hanover USA Mare N227 Empty


This is the last call for people that want to guarantee bidding approvals will be processed in time for this most exciting harness racing event seen in years.

No guarantees can be given for the processing of applications received after 3.30pm tomorrow. The 2021 APG NATIONAL MIXED SALE has been a talking point all week within the industry and its positive impact on the sport will be seen well into the future.

The time has come for all wishing to join in the excitement and fun to click the link above and be a part of an event that harness racing can be proud of.

Please phone Linda Graham – 0428 955 998 or e-mail her at and she’ll be pleased to assist you with your online enquiries.